January Beauty Treats

It's the new year and that calls for some new beauty bits for a skin care update which I am in dire need of lately because my skin hasn't been the best at all. 

I keep breaking out and it's becoming such a pain so I've decided that my skin care routine may need switching around. Skin can often need a change from the same products so I've been trying other things and deciding which suits me best over the past couple of weeks. 

  • Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser

At the beginning I was finding this cleanser to be a hit and miss because I found this to be quite weak when it comes to getting all of the make up completely off the face. I usually still have to use around four to five cotton pads with micellar water to get the rest off my make up off after using this.

Unlike other cleansers though usually they move the dirt around the face but Glossier's milky jelly cleanser does get it straight off and it's very refreshing to use in the morning when washing my face. 

  • Origins Rose Clay Mask
I've been dying to try this mask for ages and I finally decided to have a little splurge on the gorgeous rose clay mask from Origins. It's such a lovely product with a beautiful scent. It doesn't irritate my skin, it brightens, and totally smooths and softens my skin. My skin feels completely rejuvenated after I use it. I can't say enough about how great this mask it.

  • Lush's Celestial Facial Moisturiser  
For those who may be easily affected by thicker moisturisers I do not recommend you try the Lush Celestial moisturiser as it is incredibly stodgy and can easily bring you out in blemishes plus a handful of clogged pores. It's a brilliant moisturiser alone and you only need a tiny amount due to it being so thick. 

I find my skin stays hydrated and soft for hours on end during my days off from make up. It smells so dreamy with a creamy soft oat scent! It's gives off such a very fresh and crisp sensation once you've applied it. 

  • Urban Outfitters "Macaron Rose" Fragrance 
I've been wanting to the Gourmand eep scents (exclusive to Urban Outfitters) for ages while the other scents such as Lait De Coco, Citron Glace, Rose Enfume, Ambre Etoile, The Matcha, Menthe Maroc, Cot Des Palmes, Sel Ocean and Pistachio Brûlée ect are just as lovely I hands down choose Macaron Rose over them. 

It's such a subtle fresh, clean and soft scent with hints of vanilla. It's so lovely to just throw on before leaving the house!

  • Dior Lip Glow in "Pink" 
Another gorgeous purchase from Dior which I have been dying to try for ages and ages.It turns a very sheer minimal pink on me, just enough to brighten my face but nothing more. It does last a while after being applied which is good. 

The packaging is gorgeous but for the price I think it is slightly steep because I do feel like this is just an overpriced lip balm really. I'm not disappointed but it isn't anything special in my opinion. I still love popping it on regardless though!

Have you bought anything within the new year too?


Want To Know What I'm Currently Lusting Over? January Wishlist

With the New Year comes new bits and bobs in all our favourite shops but because it's January usually it's a month when most of us are pretty broke until pay day since we splurged like crazy over Christmas (guilty!). 

I've got my eye on a fair few things I've seen that have only just come out and I'm going crazy over them because just how cute... A girl needs pretty things in her life okay! So here is what I'm currently fawning over: 

1. How gorgeous is this pretty pink coat from Dorothy Perkins though? It's so adorable and I have started to invest more colour into my wardrobe nowadays. I'm tired of wearing dark dull colours because although I still have a passion for black but I get fed up of having literally too much black or greys in my wardrobe nowadays. 

All the tops, coats and shoes I've recently bought have been in nudes, pinks or lighter greys. I really want this coat! It looks so cheerful and bright which is perfect for the next couple of months and it looks super cosy too.

2. Lush has finally released its new Valentines day collection out and with it comes the beautiful new bath bomb collection too. 

I have had the white version of this particular bath bomb which was stunning (not so much when the flower buds and petals get clogged up in your drain) but the water is scented so subtle with a gentle scent which leaves your skin extremely moisturised. I'm hoping this will be the same but except with pink bath water instead! How cute! 

3. I literally squealed when I saw these! These gorgeous boots from H&M in camel with the scallop edges remind me so much of Chloe's version! These are much cheaper and a nicer colour than the Chloe tan version too. I had to throw them in my bag though - they're already on the way to me as I'm typing this but for £29.99 what a bargain! Stock up for the spring ladies!

4. I love Diptyque already but their new beautiful collection for this season is outstanding. Their new pretty candle in "Rose delight" looks an absolute dream. I bet it smells so heavenly! I haven't got a Diptyque store me so I can't really go and have a look myself but I bet these are amazing. 

5. The price is a bit much but of course Dior isn't exactly cheap. I've been wanting to give their Dior Creme De Rose smooth plumping lip balm a try though for while now. I wonder if it's as creamy and lovely as it look though? I have read a few reviews and so far most are impressed at the quality. Cute!

6. For Christmas I got a beautiful charm Pandora charm bracelet off my mother and lately I have been looking at the beads I can start adding on to it. Everyone else in my family have Pandora charm bracelets apart from me (shocking!) but I wasn't sure I ever really wanted one but now I think I'm so besotted with it I can't wait to get some charms now. 

The new Pandora collection for Valentines day has caught my eye and so has this lovely little key charm too! It would make such a sweet gift for this upcoming Valentines day!

7. I've been loving Topshop lately and it is funny because I never used to shop there that often years ago, now I can't stop! I've fallen in love with this pretty white top but look at the sleeves! It's a beautiful hollow laced material which would look stunning on when the weather warms up a bit!

8. Charlotte Tilsbury - oh god she and her make up are a dream. Everything she brings out is always so stunning, amazing and fabulous quality in my opinion. 

But when I saw the new Brightening Youth Glow primer it caught my eye immediately and I really, really want to try it. I have only heard good things about it as of yet so It'll be interesting just to have a try! 

Have you got your eye on anything right now too? 


New Year New Me?


It's finally here, gosh where has the year gone? It's literally flown by. I'm quite glad if I am truly honest because last year wasn't the best of years for me at all.

I'm never really... a New Years type of person? Usually I don't care much for it because while everyone makes all their resolutions and gives up in the next three weks with what they said they'd do (also me haha!) I just never give new year much credit. To me a year is a year. 

But this year I am glad it's new, a blank slate completely untouched and to get things moving after what I went through last year. It's been difficult trying hold in all my emotional and partly negative feelings but all I can do is move forward. 

It's the only way to go about things, we can't dwell in the past. So here it's to the new! Here's to happiness and a fresh start.

This year will be a fairly busy one for me because I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks so I'm in dire need of new beautiful homeware gear for my new bedroom including some pretty furniture. I'm booting my current bed because the panels underneath have collapsed, it's been hell sleeping on it for the past god knows how many months and my back is knackered from it. 

My wardrobe is falling apart and my cabinets are incredibly old too so it's time to invest in some new furniture. I've already got my eye on some beautiful units from Dunelm, also a brand new bed with a lovely white frame from Ikea. 

I'm still keeping my beloved white theme the same because I have always thought white furniture is so fresh looking and really pretty. So there is that to look forward too... not too sure about the building part (luckily my mother's husband is giving me a hand - or maybe just building them hehe). 

Tokyo is soon on the agenda, four months to go until I leave for two whole weeks! It's super exciting and in October I will properly apply for the JET scheme (Japanese Education Teaching program) where I could perhaps work there for a year or so. 

I'm still having a good think about this choice though because it's a massive one and I'm hoping I like Japan when I go - if I like it enough I'll consider it. 

There is graduation coming up soon too! I'm looking forward to finally just getting out of university, I'm so tired of it and I'll be honest by saying I haven't enjoyed my last year at all. It's been problematic, I've felt so lonely and I barely go in anymore. 

Some people say it's a waste but at the end of the day it's my decision and everything is online anyway... I'm happy to just move on really to the next stage in my life. New things are to come and it's exciting, a little scary but it wouldn't be living if it wasn't. 

But just like everyone else I do have some goals I want to make for myself too:

  • Finally get my diet back to normal (I swear it isn't normal to live off mince pies, hot chocolate and Terry's chocolate orange for a fortnight....)
  • Get my sleeping pattern sorted - It hasn't been normal for months now due to a lot of stress and many other things so I need to get it right.
  • Start swimming again! I'm lucky enough to be moving house where there is the swimming baths I used to go to when I was in primary school!
  • Save money - It's so difficult but I love stuff...
  • Leave toxic relationships - I've had to say 'ta ta' to a fair few people in 2017 and while it hurt like mad I know in the end it was worth it.
  • Be happy - the most important thing for everyone and ourselves

What are your goals for 2018? 


Lets get Christmassy! Top 20 ways to get festive

Christmas is just around the corner isn't it? Gosh... it really is. Perhaps you aren't feeling it that much this year? If not though I have some fabulous little tips to get you into the swing of the fellow fine Christmas spirt! 

1. Watch Christmas films! How can you not? The telly is usually packed with Christmas films during December. So grab yourself a mince pie or some cheeky chocolate, get a cuppa and pop your feet up in your comfiest. 

If you're sick of the usual Christmas films like The Grinch, Home Alone, Elf which are shown time and time again then get Channel 5 on! There is some good, heartwarming Christmas films on there and those are just as good!

2. Get baking! Whether it's batching up some home made mince pies or gingerbread men it'll keep you busy and there are so many delicious recipes online for tasty Christmas treats! Recently I made some gingerbread men and it was fun more to make them more than anything I found. It's a stress reliever for me since this time of the year can be so hectic. 

3. Pop a santa hat on or a pair of reindeer antlers! 

4. Make Christmas decorations! You could make, snowflakes, paper chains, origami, paper hats and much more! Some of them are quite difficult, so if you need some guidance on how to make these things, you can search on YouTube for tutorials.

5. Start wrapping! If you haven't already, Christmas is coming so it's best you get the wrapping paper out, ribbons, any bows and start it! it I always find it to be a bit of a faff but to make it more fun stick on some Christmas tunes and have a little happy jig while you doing it. 

6.  Get the Christmas tree up and decorated if you haven't already! 

7. Visit the Christmas markets! They're only ever here once a year and they're fun to go for the food if not anything else. I do love them German spicy hot dogs and a cheeky baileys hot chocolate!

8.  Buy Christmas sweaters for your pets! My dog has around 4-5 different Christmas sweaters and even she loves them!

9. Go ice-skating! 

10. Throw a Christmas party or have a Christmas sleepover with some gal pals! Try to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while, it will certainly put a festive smile on theirs and your face.

11.  Drive around and look at Christmas lights. It's so peerfect for a (free!) romantic date.  Enjoy how beautiful your neighbourhood looks all lit up at night, and argue about whether white lights or colored bulbs are prettier.  

12.  Do a secret santa with some friends! If you're stuck I have popped together a gift guide and these may come in handy here in this post!

13. Get tickets and bob to the theatre! I used to always love going there as a child to see The Nutcracker, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast on the way up to Christmas. It always made things so much more fun and enjoyable! 

14. Donate old clothes and give back to the community. It's that time of year and although there is already so many adverts hammering us to give money on the TV there is people we don't see out on the streets so to help them during this time would be amazing. 

15. Make some ornaments! I've yet to actually try this but I will be doing at some point because I personally think creating your own ornaments has much more of a homely feel to it and it's just fun to craft in general anyway. 

16. Curl up all cosy and grab a good book!

17. Catch up and have the family round! There is nothing more lovely than spending time with loved ones at Christmas so make the most of it. 

18. Get some Christmas cards sent - even have a go at making your own!

19.  Buy a giant tin of Celebrations/Quality Street/Miniature Heroes and just keep them next to the sofa, like a blanket. Eat at least 3 every time you sit down. 

20. Invest in a deliciously scented Christmassy candle and have that light around the house for these cold chilly evenings!