LARME Magazine Issue #19

3 December 2015

Recently I have been getting too invested into this Japanese fashion style called "Larme" or "Sweet girly" style. It's basically a combination of adorable, vintage and elegance or just the "kawaii  vintage" is how I like to simply put it.

But lately it's growing on me more and more to the point where I just want to dress up like the cute models in the magazines and take lots of pretty pictures. 

This issue is the second one I've bought up to now and I know this style has been ongoing for a couple of years now, it's quite recent and differs a lot from other similar styles such as "Fairy kei" and "Dolly kei" which are totally different things. Yet they're easily mixed up somehow. Thankfully though Larme magazine distinguishes the differences by giving their readers ideas of how to dress this way, where the buy the clothes and give off good styling tips for make up and hair. So I do think buying Larme is beneficial if you are only just getting into the trend.

Plus each issue is like an art book. Absolutely gorgeous, the pictures always feel like they're fairy tales and give off such magical vibes. They're beautiful. 

I just wanted to share this issue and I've popped down some of my favourite pages from this month's issue, including the lovely Nakamura Risa doing her usual thing and being fabulous! 

Hopefully it's somewhat a help to someone out there interested in Larme. Each copy is bought off of Ebay and the issues are released on the 17th of every month. 


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