Love Style Life by Garance Doré (book review)

25 January 2016

Okay so I invested in buying this wonderful book by French photographer, Illustrator and author, Garance Doré. 

Now I have seen her name pop up a few times on other blogs previously, but other than that I didn't have much of a clue about her. In her book she often comes across as a lovely, warm and funny woman. I am pleased to have gotten to know her!

She was once a struggling artist from Corsica, sharing her childhood and tells us how she dropped out of school. Eventually Doré manages to find her place in the world, becomes an online blogger and eventually finds success. 

I like how she passes down her wisdom and experiences on to her readers. Doré really does push you to strive not only for style but to be lovely, clever and unstoppable as a woman. She's very admirable. Plus I found it very motivating actually. I felt great after reading this!

Recently I have been getting more into fashion books, slowly and the more I buy them, I begin to appreciate not only beauty and fashion. But the work put into them. The layouts, type and content are equally as important. 

As a student studying graphic design I'm realizing this more often. Presentation is the key. However this book lives up to all my expectations. I'm in love with the text, type, beautiful imagery and colour scheme alone. The illustrations are so adorable too. I actually felt like this novel was more magazine than a book. 

The book offers great advice, good life lessons to take in. Also she gives you many girly tips and tricks. It's like listening to a big sister or a cool friend! 

It's a very fun, light and inspiring read. I highly recommend this to any fashion blogger or anyone who is genuinely interested! 


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