Valentino Donna EDP 50ml

14 January 2016

This was actually a Christmas present and I forgot to review it!
I first saw this in Glamour magazine which was on offer for £1. So like most young women, I just threw it into my shopping basket. During reading I saw an advert with one of those little free samples, I have heard about this perfume before and I decided to just give it a quick smell. I was in love seconds later. I had to invest.

So this fragrance is quite new to the market. Besides being a gorgeous perfume, it's a current favourite. I find it's very heavy and the type to last literally hours on end. I'd say around five at the most. Also I'm not sure if it's just me but I found that this scent has a somewhat coffee or a creamy undertone to it. Plus a small tinge of citrus and vanilla. It's a delicious mix. 

The packaging is gorgeous. I'm really into my pinks and anything pretty so it's just automatically appealing to me. I love the vintage shabby chic appearance the bottle has, it has a very classic touch. The type you would display on your vanity table or find in your grandmother's drawers! I'm very pleased with this new addition to my perfume collection. 

If you're into floral-creamy scents then I would try this out. It's worth a whiff!


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