LARME Magazine Issue #20

17 February 2016

So, I've finally gotten a spare moment to create a quick post about the latest edition of Larme Magazine issue 20. Which was available in the stores over in Japan last month on the 17th January. I would have made a post sooner but I only just received it due to long shipping and such. But that's okay! 

I'm quite gutted really because Valentines day is well and truly over now, most of the issue revolves around Valentines day and cute little looks/tutorials and recipes too. It's fine though because they will always come in handy for next year just incase. 

Everything in this issue is so pretty! I've picked out my favourite pages for this post (I love the whole damn magazine if truth be told ha ha!) and there is some good inspiration here. I can't wait to try the hair tutorials once my hair gets to a good length. 

Also I'm pleased to see the release of Risa Nakamura's collaboration with E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon towards the end. It came out a couple of days ago already and instantly, everything was sold out. 

However they do sell the latest range over on Fashion Walker too. If you're like me and live out of Japan then you can easily use Tenso which is a bit like Taobao and use that shopping service to purchase your items, you have to sign up and tell the agents what you want. There is plenty of resources online to give you guidance using Tenso. I've heard it's very good and helpful!

I absolutely adore the new range from EHWGBB and in the future I hope to purchase a few items from there, as it would be my very first time owning anything by that brand. 

Still what irritates me slightly is things such as sweaters and cardigans which can be expensive... you can easily pick those up anywhere. Maybe that's just me though. But I think it's mostly the brand people are paying for and that's fair enough! I just like the usual pieces the best, the unique bits and bobs I can't find over here in the UK. Plus it's fun to experiment with the Larme style! So I can't wait to give it a go.

Now all I need is lots of pretty lace and ribbon! Oh and maybe lots of chocolate... I want to try that chocolate cake recipe! 


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