Too Faced: Chocolate Bon Bon Eye Shadow | Review

28 March 2016

I know I am extremely late on the Bon Bon bandwagon but I just so happened to receive the new Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon eye shadow palette for my birthday. I squealed when I opened this! I have been wanting it for ages but was never truly sure it would suit me and how wrong was I? So very wrong. 

This palette is one of the new and permanent eye shadow palettes launched by Too Faced in the Spring 2016 collection. Including 16 eye shadows in different sweetie hues, ranging from dark browns to pop pinks. 

Apparently this is one of the third chocolate inspired palettes to join the Too Faced chocolate themed collection. As there has previously been two more which have been released over the past two years and those are the Semi-Sweet chocolate palette and also the Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette

I cannot really find any faults with this palette because I think it is perfect. Since this is my first palette by Too Faced I am pleased that it was this one. 

The design using little hearts is very nostalgic and reminds me of a grown up version of make up you would have had when you were little! The packaging is lovely too, I love how it screams girly and delicious at the same time. 

This palette comes in a lovely pink compact with cute hearts plastering the front and opens revealing 14 heart shaped eye shadows and the other two rectangular eye shadows. All differ from matte and shimmery shades to finish. Cute candy themed names are given to each particular shade and written underneath each eye shadow. 

The eye shadows are very pigmented and excellent for blending. Plus there is many neutral shades here, ones you can use on an everyday basis. This palette does come with a little guide to help you get started on how to use the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette so not to worry. 

The quality for the ones I have used so far are brilliant, I am impressed. I will be buying more from Too Faced. They are definitely worth the money! Especially knowing I have a good palette which will not let me down now! 

Also the whole palette smells like chocolate too and it's gorgeous! People really were not lying when they said these palettes were scented!  

Available here on the official Too Faced website (£37) or here in the UK at Debenhams (£39).



  1. I've had my eye on this for a while but I just can't choose between all the Too Faced palettes. I used to collect the Urban Decay ones and I'm worried once I buy one Too Faced palette it will become another obsession for me!


    1. Oh! Well you should invest when you can my dear! They smell absolutely amazing, fab quality too! About the obsession... I'm afraid I can't help with that aha! :) xxx

  2. I haven't tried any palettes after I got the NAKED from UD, but this is too cute!♥ I might get it this month if I'm lucky...Have you seen the Sweet Peach palette? It looks really appealing since most shadows have peachy tones, I love everything with peachy tones...:D

    1. Tiffany! ♥

      You should definitely get this! It's absolutely gorgeous, smells great and lasts fairly well! Yep! I actually pre-ordered the peach palette and I am currently waiting for it to arrive (UK post takes ages!). But the ones on that thing are beautiful, perfect for caramel/golden skin tones! Cannot wait to use it! :)

      Thanks for reading xoxoxo

  3. I totally want this palette. I have so many wants and will eventually get them all because I'm a shop-a-holic, ahah!

    S .x


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