LARME Magazine Issue #21

11 April 2016

I recently got a hold of the new issue of Larme magazine (for those reading this post who have no idea what this is about then Larme is a Japanese fashion magazine aimed towards young women which holds a mixture of themes featuring retro, cute and gothic styles). 

I found this issue very basic at the most. I noticed in this issue it was a lot more mellowed down in terms of cutesy and dolly inspired looks than previous issues. The outfits were more your everyday casual I'm-just-heading-into-town look rather than the lace and thrill we are used to seeing. Yes, it did have some minor typical Larme style traits in this issue but not as much. I do think it is nice to see a little bit of change, knowing that Larme can be flexible in the right way to maintain the style. It's always a good idea to experiment.

The hairstyles are so adorable! I love how much ribbon is being used lately, I've been seeing Larme inspired hairstyles on Instagram and Tumblr too where girls have been adding ribbon to their dos! I want to try it too but at the moment my hair is still growing out and isn't long enough yet to have what I want. 

Also I did notice that there was a piece about boyfriends added into this issue too. I am aware that some readers were not happy about that and worried if Larme magazine may turn into another average magazine with a ton of agony aunts, Q & A sections and all the same types of things regarding relationship trouble we see in ordinary magazines. I don't mind if it's minor such as just here and there in a few issues but not all the time. 

I think the beauty of Larme magazine is that it is more of a picture book with lots of beautiful photography, a ton of time and effort gone into each issue. I always look forward to seeing all the set ups and shoots in each issue. I'm not going to over-think about it though because even if it happens I will probably still end up buying the magazine anyway regardless. I'll just ignore it. 

It was very nice to see what each of the models has in their make up bags aswell. There was a page showing what they all had with these adorable illustrations of them next to their items. I think it shows a bit more of their personality and it's interesting to point out if you own anything they have too (maybe that's just me... I get excited over things like that! I'm silly haha!).

Oh! I also might have a shot at doing a Larme eye make up tutorial at some point. Recently I have been wearing a look I have taken from Larme and tweaked at myself. Too Faced's Sweet Peach palette has come in very handy for it, I must say... 

But for now. I shall await the next issue and I kind of hope they will throw in some more Larme-ish outfits. I am not saying I do not like the ones in this issue, I just want to see more actual Larme themed outfits with more lace, thrill and shimmer. Those types are my favourite! 



  1. Wao. These all seems really nice. I cant wait till you share with us more about the next issue. Great blog dear !! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Thank you! You are welcome and I will x

  2. Oh wow, didn't know you had a blog as well! I love the design, very beautiful, and yes I agree, I love how much much work the publishing company invests in each issue. The design concepts are fun to see! <3

    1. Hi there! Yes I do :)

      Thank you so so much! Your blog is very cute too. I know Larme is so wonderful, every issue is very inspiration and you can tell they put the work in to produce such wonderful imagery and outfits! x


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