Spring Homeware Wishlist 2016

2 April 2016

1. Pink dusty antique stool |  2. Gold photo frame | 3. Stag head | 4. Brass spotlight lamp | 5. White throw | 6. Baylis & Harding candle | 7. Copper tray | 8. Marie cat mug 

Finally! It's Spring at last which means new beginnings, beautiful flowers on the trees, fresh cut grass, better weather (not so much the North of the UK!) and new goodies in the shops. 

Now I don't exactly have my own place as of yet but my bedroom is probably the most homey part of my house. So because I'm never out of here I like to make it look nice and surround myself with things I love. 

Recently I have done a big clear out meaning that I have gotten rid of a lot of old things I no longer want, sold them and now I am in search of new pieces to decorate my walls as they're looking very bare at the moment. 

So firstly I am after a new lamp, I know the one I have picked out is actually a floor lamp but you are able to find smaller versions of these spotlight lamps. I just thought it would be a nice little antique looking piece for my desk. I think it stands out, given that it's a spotlight too it should be better and brighter. I am really picky with lamps for some reason, I have had around three before my last one broke. I always like to have something unusual to brighten up my bedroom. I think I may have to invest in one of these though.

I chose a nice gold bold frame for my bland white walls which used to be buttered with tons of shelves a few years ago. I went through a phase of collecting nooks and crannys from charity shops, all these old ornaments of deers and kittens. I still love that type of thing but I feel that it doesn't suit what I want anymore. 

Also these copper baskets are quite popular at the moment! I have noticed a few bloggers using them for their perfumes, which is a blessing for me because I have so many perfumes and no space in my drawer left. The copper colour is gorgeous, it's similar to rose gold and I find it interesting how this wire basket as been used. It's so simple yet it'd make a great make up and perfumer holder. I never would have thought! 

Baylis and Harding is lovely, that scent "Peach, Rose and Vanilla" is a dream. I smelt it the other day over in Debenhams and fell in love! 

The dusky pink stool is a complete treasure. It's so elegant but subtle meaning that it can really make up a room. I would be happy to have that under my vanity table any day!

I have always admired stag heads, I find antlers beautiful in general anyway. I like how this particular piece is in white too and would match my room perfectly! 

Also... a Disney mug of sweet little Marie from the Aristocats? Because why not! 

If any of you are interested in these items I have linked them already to each store they are from. 

Anyway enough about me! Do you have any specific favourite pieces this Spring?


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