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3 April 2016

So if any of you reading this are Too Faced fans then you probably know and have heard the hype regarding the newest addition to their collection being the "Sweet Peach" eye shadow palette which was released this year on the 17th March 2016. It is the fourth palette to be released by Too Faced along side the other three; Semi-sweet paletteChocolate bar and Chocolate Bon Bon

Now these palettes were gone in almost the blink of an eye. I was lucky enough to snag one! I have heard that the palette may be coming into Debenhams possibly April or May. It isn't for sure as of yet. But if and when it does I definitely recommend you all snatch this palette up! 

I ordered this from the website and was a giddy child when I opened up the package. It arrived safely and carefully wrapped. I could actually smell the peachy scent as I opened the box, I do think it is a lot stronger than the past palettes such as the Semi-sweet chocolate, Chocolate bar and the Bon Bon palette. I find this palette smells not so much peachy, it's more bubblegum and strawberries which reminds me of strawberry hubba-bubba. But when applied there is no lingering scent. 

As always the packaging design is so adorable! I love how Too Faced always manages to create a fun but serious touch to their designs. Their products are always good quality, still they pull of cute vibes and know what appeals to their audience. The gradient colours on the box fit the palette perfectly and that sweet little cartoon peach inside just makes my day!

Now as for the eye shadows, I have individually swatched each of them and tried them out on myself just to test. Now the Too Faced formula within the eye shadows mostly needs a primer for any sign of pigmentation, being able to blend and last. I heard there is a couple of duds in this palette which apparently wasn't a surprise to other buyers/bloggers. Even so I will explain and give my word about each of the shades below. 

White peach | Nectar | Peaches 'N Cream | Luscious | Cobbler | Georgia 

White peach: is the light cream shade with a warm and faint yellow undertone. Very good pigmentation, I could use this one every single day. It's soft, very natural and smooth. It's great for blending too. Lasts around five to six hours for me.

Nectar: a hollow light yellow, golden warm undertone is packed in and a bold sheen. Great pigmentation, good to even out and blending. This shade is very neutral, I plan on adding it into my everyday make up routine more often.This shade lasts over six hours. 

Peaches 'N Cream: a gorgeous yellowish peach shade with a delicate silk finish. Lovely to apply, it's soft and easy to blend. It lasts around six to seven hours. Very good.

Luscious: being a brassy brown with supple undertones and a slightly metallic tint. It's quite smooth and excellent to blend with. It lasted longer than five hours. 

Cobbler: a lovely foxy brown, has some warm undertone and a shiny aftermath. Very good to blend, gentle and smooth. Again perfect for an everyday natural look. 

Georgia: such a nice orangey warm shade and very chalky. It is slightly sheer, a bit dry and poor to blend out sadly. Would need something bolder underneath.

Just peachy | Candied Peach | Caramelized | Bless her heart | Bellini | Puree 

Just Peachy: very medium, pretty pink with warm undertones and a bronze, shimmery finish. Dusty texture and easily wears off. 

Candied Peached: somewhat muted, orangey and has a mixture of pink added to it. Quite glittery, powdery and tricky to blend out. Definitely needs a primer and better base.

Caramelized: it is such a gorgeous summery bronze shade with a nice shine. Very good pigmentation, it is strong and great to blend. Easy to use and add on the skin. It lasts around seven hours. 

Bless her heart: average tone within the dark green hue, has a slight warm glow and some hint of brown thrown in. Pigmentation is good, only a little bit dusty and is good to even out on the skin. Lasts over five hours.

Bellini: this shade is a delicious peach pink, quite coppery and has a hint of gold. Lovely to blend, soft texture and smooth. Lasts over six hours.

Puree: is a chocolate-caramel light brown, sunny and warm tones with a drop of red. I found testing this that is is quite powdery and not so easy to apply. I will have to see in the future how long this will last so I am certain. 

Tempting | Peach Pit | Summer Yum | Charmed, I'm sure | Delectable | Talk derby to me

Tempting: is quite the darkest brown on the palette, holds some warmness in its undertone and is a powerful treasure within its pigmentation. It's very strong, dense and a buttery texture to work with. 

Peach Pit: I found this reddish chocolatey shade to have a nice shimmery finish. Great pigmentation but difficult to even. 

Summer Yum: reddish brown, holds bronze undertones and a smooth effect. Very dry, powdery and okay for blending. Would need either a primer or a better base for it to diffuse. Average at best.

Charmed, I'm sure: this is a medium dark brown, warm and subtle. I find it is rather soft and has this lovely matte finish. It's okay to blend with as the substance is more powdery, it would be ideal to use a primer when tackling this shade. It isn't weak but lasts around five hours. 

Delectable: It has a somewhat warm undertone and a silky feel. Dry, chalky texture and it wasn't easy to blend out with unfortunately on bare skin. Would need possibly a primer, good base to diffuse it. 

Talk derby to me: is a deliciously dark shade, holds some purple in that black satin shade and a cheeky hint of glitter. Bold, good pigmentation, a little bit dry and powdery. It's best used built up to achieve that fuller appearance. Lasts around six to seven hours at the most.


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  1. Ugh, I want this palette so bad! It looks so awesome and works with colors I will actually use!

    S .x


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