Etude House: Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

3 May 2016

Recently the South Korean beauty and cosmetic line Etude House have released the newest addition of their potions and lotions which is the Bubble Tea sleeping pack. I saw this advertised on Tumblr probably around a month ago and I was so super excited! The thought of bubble tea as a product made me squeak especially when I saw the pictures of each of the items too. They are so adorable. 

There is three different flavours available which is: Black tea, strawberry and green tea. The one I chose was black tea simply because green tea was sold out by the time I got a chance to buy it. So I went for the black tea instead also because it looked really creamy reminding me of a delicious latte and I read the benefits in the description so I thought I made a good choice. 

Now I have used this product around three times now and the results have been great so far. I have noticed in the mornings that my skin feels fresher after a good shower getting off all the gel on my face. Also my skin appears to be brighter and clearer. I think better results will show as time goes on though. So far so good. 

How to apply

1. Using the spatula, add the cream and 1-2 bubbles onto the palm.

2. Gently motion the bubbles with the spatula onto the palm and rub with the fingers to mix the bubbles and pack.

3. Apply on skin in a massaging motion to promote absorption into skin.

4. Leave it on overnight, and then wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.

The black tea flavour is very nourishing, it apparently improves the elasticity of the skin and finishes giving you baby soft skin with a tender glow. While the others such as green tea helps with pores and excessive sebum. Strawberry apparently stops dryness and promotes more moisture. 

So far I am very pleased with the black tea flavour of this product and hopefully I will invest in the others just to try those too (plus just for the cuteness)! These sleeping packs are absolutely perfect for any Bubble tea lovers or in general anyone who is simply just curious and wants to give it a go! Trust me you will not be disappointed. 

They're available over on the official Etude House website here or also on Ebay for various prices. 



  1. This looks really nice, i am definitely going to try it for sure :) great review!! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x


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