LARME Magazine Issue #22

25 May 2016

I was very pleased to receive the twenty second issue of Larme magazine today. Usually it takes a little longer to arrive here in the UK for me but this time things were speedy! All the better, I couldn't wait to read this issue. 

So after the gym and all the little errands I ran today I settled down this morning having a good read. Since it's the summer issue there is plenty of new pieces already in store from various brands such as EAT ME (Masuwaka Tsubasa's clothing line), Ehyphen World Gallery Bon Bon, Bubbles Tokyo and MILK. 

They are coordinated wonderfully as usual on each of the models and I was mostly taken by the "Love Summer Dress" scene where the models effortlessly wore floaty sheer pieces. I found that particular shot very dreamy with a slight Virgin Suicides vibe. 

I have said this before and I will say it again: Larme magazine is more of an art book in my eyes. I know there is a separate magazine called "Larme mook" where it is entirely based on pretty pictures of the models in dreamy backgrounds and overall just beautiful photography. But even the main issue is too precious to simply chuck away. Not after all the effort that has gone into it! 

The swimsuits are to die for... I am especially loving the one Nakamura Risa is wearing! It suits her dark dolly look she is flaunting at the moment. I think I would settle mostly for just the cute white two-piece bikini instead though! It's more me I think.

This issue has a whole section almost like another mini magazine inside based on diet and exercise. I found that very useful as I myself am currently trying to get in shape. So it is helpful the readers who are either wanting to loose weight, lead a healthier lifestyle or are generally just curious about what the models regimes are. 

There is other bits and pieces too about breast, bums and foot care. Larme beautifully displays the products and pretty scenes from the models. I love how it is always combined together to create such lovely layouts. If only British magazines catered to my age group did the same thing... 

Again there is plenty of hair and make up tutorials added into the magazine, I love the four looks called "Sweet Crystal Make-up". They're really pretty! Rose Quartz is my favourite from them. Recently I just love pink so that is probably why it stands out the most to me! I can't wait to try this style. 

The hairstyles had my heart in this issue. There is one style featuring the model Nana Koto where her hair is a crown braid with ribbon embedded through her braids and gorgeous lilac flower clips applied to finish. It is so gorgeous! I have always adored crown braids or halo braids? (they all have different names!) but my hair is still growing out so until then I must wait until I can try this style. It will be the first one of my list! 

Also the issue took notice of short hair aswell! I loved this because there is still a lot of things you can do with short hair when experimenting. I am glad Larme included bobs and fixed up some very cute styles for readers who have short hair. 

There is some really sweet accessories in this issue too. It makes me want to go back into crafting and making jewellery! Plus this issue has totally reminded me I need to buy some new glasses... (I keep forgetting! Shhh) 

To finish I cannot wait until my next cheat day comes because the Larme recipe section has been naughty and batched up a load of delicious looking breads! All of them look so tasty and lovely!

I fell in love with the mini animal bread with the bear, dog and rabbit! I seriously need to try making them. I have been making tons of cakes recently so I think making some cute looking bread will be a whole new thing for me! I don't think I've made bread since... primary school! So I can't wait. 


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