May Clothing Wishlist 2016

22 May 2016

This Spring I have seen so many things that I just cannot keep my eyes off... I'm craving pretty things so badly! I just wanted to put together a quick wish list just to share what currently has my fancy and if any of you also have similar interests with these items? 

Recently I've been interested in a lot of lace, pink girly bits and bobs. I look on Japanese fashion stores a lot and they have a huge variety of cutesy items, I cannot get enough of them though. It's too much!

I really adore the two cute tops I've picked out here. They're perfect for the warm weather this summer and would be terrific with the skirt. Especially with the sandals combined! Also the lace slip dress from New Look is gorgeous, I saw it the other day actually and some ladies said it looked like a nighty (it kinda does...) but it's still sweet and nice for when it's hot. Would look good with some black or nude heels! 

I really like sleeping masks lately... I keep seeing them on Instagram and I'll be honest by saying I would probably use it mostly for decoration because anything over my eyes while I sleep would just be annoying. The bunny purse would be nice just as a keychain and I really love the nightgown here! It's PINK. 

That's all I can say. It's pink and cute with a sexy twist. You can never have too much pink! 


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