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17 May 2016

1. So it's almost summer! The spring weather over here in the UK has been a funny one. One day I have my heating on and the next week I'm sunning myself in the park with a Starbucks frap with my friends enjoying the weather with the pretty blossoms on all the trees. Such a shame it can't be like this all the time!

2. Thunderegg here in Manchester do some of the most cute and quirky products! It's like a wonderland when you go into their shop. They rage from Lazy Oaf pieces to vintage kitsch jewellery and then to very casual bits and bobs. If you ever come up here definitely check out Thunderegg!

3. Recently I have gotten into the habit of cooking more often and I was shopping around in Marks & Sparks when I came across chocolate sponge mix. 

I thought I would just give it a go... I was never any good at baking cakes as a kid to be honest. I had some of those Ready, Steady cook products and the Poundland fairy bun sets but they never worked! So I was surprised when this chocolate cake came out looking lovely, smelling great and I got to work on the frosting! I will be making another very, very soon I hope. 

4. Finally I have managed to invest in an Apple mac after my laptop died on me. It's a good investment for my university work as I do Graphic design. Very pleased! Plus I have been having a huge clean in my bedroom and I am currently looking for some inspo just to cheer up my awfully bare walls. 

I don't want to over do it and I want to try keeping the room very hazy looking with a minimalist touch. I guess I will just have to keep shopping around really... But I am pleased to have gotten rid of things I no longer need anymore! A good tidy can always lift your spirits!


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