New Mac Lipstick Investments | Retro, Studded Kisses & Captive

30 May 2016

L-R: MAC Captive, Retro & Studded Kisses

Swatches: MAC Captive, Retro & Studded Kisses

Above: wearing Mac's Retro lipstick

Okay now I am aware that these shades have probably been out for ages now. I get it and I am tad bit late! But recently I haven't actually bought any Mac lipsticks in such a long time. The ones I do own have been worn and loved to death so I thought I would invest in some new shades for this summer! 

I can't really pull off bright purples or pinks, I mean I have tried them in the past but I felt like a clown wearing them. So I instead I always go for more neutral-warm colours which suit my complexion better. I was standing around in the Mac lipstick section for absolutely ages trying to find the perfect colours, I ended up picking picking out Mac's Retro, Studded Kisses and Captive in the end. 

Captive: It is slightly lighter than the Studded Kisses shade and is probably more of a pinkish purple than the other two which come across more red than pink. I always love the smell of Mac lipsticks they always smell like chocolate! 

The texture of this one is very creamy and it lasts for probably around two hours before needing to reapply as it stains a fair amount. I can't say I am the biggest fan of this shade because again I felt it was just too bright for me. 

Studded Kisses: I do love this lipstick because it I find it screams confidence whenever I wear it. I have a thing for deep delicious red lipsticks, they make me feel powerful and happier. I really do think it compliments my skin tone and dark hair. I know it is silly but I think it's important that a product can make you feel good about yourself! 

The pigmentation of this one is matte and it's brilliant, it lasted me over two hours and again the texture is extremely smooth with a lovely velvet touch. I will say this colour is very similar to Mac's Diva. 

Retro: Now this is my absolute favourite out of all the Mac lipsticks I have bought! It is fairly identical to Mac's Brick-o-la but I would say Retro is a tone darker. Retro lipstick is a unique color and a beautiful, versatile neutral for medium to tan skin tones. 

It is quite a reddish brown tone with a hint of peach. It's matte with a creamy texture also it has a glossy finish. Retro is very moisturising and it has great pigmentation as it lasts just over two hours aswell. I would definitely recommend this lipstick for caramel and milky tea skinned ladies such as myself because it's perfect for your everyday look.  

Have any of you lovelies invested in any Mac lipsticks recently? If so please share! 



  1. I love the look of Retro :) however all of these are just my sorts of shades, and I don't own any of them haha

    Jasmine xx

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