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30 June 2016

So recently I made a little purchase from this lovely online shop called JillyJilly which is a recent business formed in 2014 who create a bunch of handmade pretty goods. These range from jewellery, stationary, personalised possessions such as mugs, prints and badges. 

I've been seeing Jillyjilly designs a lot on Instagram lately by some of the other bloggers I follow and so I've had my eye on this store for a while now. I kept thinking "Yes-no-hmm-but everything is so cute!" and in the end I just gave in. 

I bought one of the popular personalised mugs simply because I have no mug with my name on and as a child going to places like Blackpool, Brighton or anywhere with those gift shops that do the personalised drink bottles, cups and bowls I could never- ever find one with my name on. It's just too rare a name! Therefore I was honoured to buy such a sweet little mug with my initial and name gorgeously wrote underneath! 

The quality is excellent and I love the choice of designs for the personalised mugs too. There is hearts, spots, confetti and zig-zags to choose from aswell also you can pick your own colour. I just went with pink! 

I really love the type (graphic design nerd coming through!) on this mug because it's it just very natural, I find that quite personal and it is very bloggerish? If you get what I mean! The tiny flowers in water colours are so pretty! Although I do wish they would go all around the mug instead of stopping just near the handle but that's okay. It's a nice size too as I'm used to buying such huge mugs from the Disney store or Wilko where I can barely even finish my brew... this size is just enough. 

I love how my parcel arrived in such great care. It came in a cute pink parcel bag and wrapped well in bubble wrap. Inside the mug was in a box all wrapped perfectly in lilac tissue paper finished with a cute fine bow. Also I was given a contact card and a lovely handwritten thank you note (how lovely!). 

Awww.... my order even came with a bar of fizzer sweeties too! I used to love them as a kid. Everything is all so nice and well presented carefully for their customers. I think JillyJilly will go very far! I did some research on other reviews and many people are extremely pleased with their orders. So definitely. 

If you're looking for an early Christmas or birthday present idea then I recommend you visit JillyJilly over on their official store or their Etsy. As they've got so much to offer and a great deal of potential for their blooming business in the near future.



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