Primark // Mini Rose Gold Homeware Haul

4 June 2016

Recently Primark has been packing the shelves in their homeware department with lots of lovely new pretty treats! Since it's practically summer now in the UK (finally!) they have started to bring in the summery bits and bobs for your home! But I suppose certain items will be just fine all year round too. 

Still I couldn't help myself when I saw these goodies though. Rose gold! It's such a gorgeous colour and perfect for this season to brighten up my bedroom since it's mostly just white, white and white? It definitely does cheer the place up! 

Plus the more I have seen rose gold coloured items on other blogs the more I've grown to love the colour. I did like it to begin with but just not as much until now... 

Cushions - £3 (each)

When I saw these pillows I thought they would look so perfect next to my current ones which are white with gold circle patterns on them and my white heart cushion (these were also from Primark too!). Also I have this obsession with just keeping everything white in my room. I like how fresh and uplifting it is to wake up to in the morning. 

Maybe it's a little bit sad that the only duvet covers I buy now are white but I've grown to prefer it. But at least these rose gold cushions bring a little life into the room! 

They were so cheap too, I couldn't resist leaving them there. There was also another style of rose gold themed cushions, those were longer and had this cracked design effect on them which was cool! 

Hangers: £3 

More rose gold! The hangers were just there as I was queuing up actually. I just threw them into my basket without a care in the world... isn't it great when you do that?! 

I already have a white hanging rail and previously my hangers were just plain boring wooden ones. So these ones are such a treat! They're really fancy looking actually because whenever I see hangers like this it is always in places such as Debenhams or on a pricy website where they're already sold out. If you are looking for some funky hangers then Primark is the place to be! 

Big candle: £3.50 

Now... I was hesitant to buy another Primark candle simply because the last one I bought smelled gorgeous before I lit it and when I had the thing burning I couldn't smell a thing. But then again it was a small jar one so possibly that may have been the case. This scent "Pink Grapefruit" is quite strong, it's bigger too so I am hoping that this will live up to my expectations.

Also I love the packaging, if any of you reading this have been into Primark recently and saw the candles you may have noticed that they're all really quirky and have some gorgeous designs! But I do hope this one will be strong enough this time. Then again it's only £3.50... I suppose you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

Organiser: £4

Oh my goodness. I was over the moon when I found this organiser because I have been eyeing them up online over on cheap places such as Aliexpress and Ebay for weeks now. I'm glad I found this when I did because shipping from China takes longer and plus online they were a bit more pricier than this one from Primark. 

It's great because my make up drawer is a absolute mess at the moment. I have blushers all over the place, my brushes scattered everywhere and such. This will do the job! I'll probably invest in a couple more for stationary too. So if you are looking for an organiser then... Primarni! Cheap and cheerful.

Copper candles: £3.50

I thought these were really unusual! I've never seen copper candles before? They're really pretty. It's a shame these don't have any scent though. 

Still I just thought they would be good for decoration and some snapshots on Instagram. My mother was a little hesitant about me buying these... I'm 22 and she still doesn't trust me around candles anymore (that's a story for another time)! 

Are any of you changing around your bedroom/house too? If you're struggling and looking for budget items then just bob over to Primark. You won't be disappointed! 



  1. The colour scheme and style of your photos is lovely! :) xx

    1. Aw thank you very much! I am glad you like them :) x

  2. This pillow are beautiful and I love all candles from Primark!!

    Mishelle xx

  3. I love the pillows, but I already own too many! Thanks for the info on the hangers, I adore them, and I will deffo be getting some! x


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