Summer Travel Wishlist

17 June 2016

Isn't it great that summer is finally here? One thing I love about summer is the lovely bits they have out, it's all part of the fun. Well maybe not for everyone. But it's nice!

Even though we don't have the best of summers here in the UK it's still fun to shop around and even better if you're actually going away (unlike myself who isn't going away until next year... boo!). So I thought I'll make a little wish list of all the gorgeous new things I've seen just for something to do rather than sitting around bored this weekend.

1. Tropical Print Flip-Flops

These lovely flip-flops from Accessorise are so cute! They would be perfect for wearing around the pool and strolling along to the beach if I were going away somewhere nice and hot. Usually I would always wear really bland flip-flops in just either black or white because it was simpler and I though it was less childish in my teens weirdly enough. But now I just want to splurge in tons of colour, look vibrant while I'm away and stand out! 

2. "I'm outta here" Passport Cover 

How cute is this passport cover? I do currently have one already but it's worn and old now. I love the pastel pink and gold type! It's so girly and fun! Plus I bet it would be so funny to flaunt your passport at the control when you're boarding and then flip the cover bit showing the "I'm outta here!". That would be hilarious! (I'm super cheesy!). 

3. Ted Baker Pink Shopper bag

Ted Baker has grown on me these past few months and before then I hadn't given them much of a second thought. But now that I've started blogging, I'm seeing more of the label and the items are very pretty. I'm a bit gutted I haven't looked into this brand earlier! But I do love this bag, it's perfect for trotting around the markets (I do love a good bargain!) and the beach with all my gear in. Pink and a bow too! I'm absolutely taken with it. 

4. "Shhhh...' Boux Avenue Sleeping Mask

I was actually in Boux Avenue the other day as you do and I saw this cute mask hanging up. I picked it up with an "Awwww" but I never bought it sadly. Isn't it shic? Reminds me oddly enough of vintage barbie dolls. Maybe it's the pink trim and satin. Very handy for using at the pool to block out the sun when you're tanning your tummy!

5. Miu Miu Glitter Pink Sunglasses

I absolutely love these sunnies! Aren't they pretty? I've seen a few of my favourite Japanese models flaunting them this summer and I've been ever so jelly! It's a bummer they're pricey as hell though. But the pink and the glitter... gorgeous! They're quite chic and have this retro flare I love about them. 

6. Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Fragrance 

Such a lovely fragrance! Have you ever smelt it? I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs perfume  ranges anyway. I don't actually have this one but it's dreamy and summer comes with sweet scents! This one is very light, somewhat fruity and a bit floral which does the trick I think.

7. Trouva's Brass Pineapple Tumbler 

I probably wouldn't actually buy this but I just thought a brass pineapple as a tumbler was an awesome idea. It screams summer! It's so cool! Imagine lounging around there on your sun bed with that in hand filled with a nice cocktail? It would be brilliant! 

8. Barry M's Coco Lip Oil 

I do want try these. They're a new addition to the Barry M range and there is another flavour available in berry. I just personally prefer coconut (I use coconut oil on everything! It's so moisturising and very good for you!). So I thought it would be good just to bang on my lips to keep them hydrated and shimmery on my travels. 

If anyone reading this has enjoyed my travel wish list then please share what you would have on yours! 

I'm always interested (and nosey!) to know what other people need when they go away! 


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