YSL Mon Paris Fragrance (30ml) Review

20 June 2016

"Mon Paris is "about vertigo, love that makes you lose your senses"

"Mon Paris is billed as a 'modern interpretation of a love full of intensity and dedication' 

So once I heard about YSL releasing this new fragrance Mon Paris I was immediately intrigued and I knew I had to try it. The design drew me in because right now I'm ecstatic for the colours pink and black (You can never have too much pink!) and I adore the cute little black bow featured aswell! It really gives the bottle such a feminine and very delicate appeal. 

The packaging design, as you know me and my graphic design, I love the design. The background is very minimal and abstract while the gold brings everything to life. It's chic and simple which is enough. Although it does remind me of fragrances by Victoria Secret quite a lot but maybe it's due to the bow... hmm. 

I did order a tester just to try out since I couldn't find this fragrance near me in store just yet. It came at a small price and goodness I was hooked! 

The scent is rather fruity with a touch of floral chypre I would say. The notes range from orange, a bit of strawberry, peony and raspberry. I would also say it's slightly musky too but not as strong as the scent of the fruits which are a lot more overpowering than musk and floral notes. 

Also I have some done research and for those who have already tried this they compared it to previous releases Black Opium and Dior's Poison Girl. I have had a whiff of Black Opium on my travels when I've been shopping, I find the two a bit similar. This one is more fruity while Black Opium I think is more sweet due to it's warm vanilla and coffee tones. 

This is my first fragrance from YSL actually and so far I'm very pleased I purchased this as I usually try sticking to brands I'm more familiar with. Once in a while I tend to wander off on a little perfume parade buying different ones just to try to expand my collection. 

I love wearing fragrance everyday, it's just nice and I love spraying it on my scarves during the winter! It's something I picked up from my aunt (she's also perfume mad!). Always smell good on the run! Plus I find it's no fun just keeping them all stashed up unused and unloved! 

YSL Mon Paris is available in 30 also 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum.

This fragrance goes for £47 on the official YSL website here but I ordered mine for £39 here from Landy's Chemist. 



  1. I've heard so much about this perfume :-) It is definitely the big release for the year!

    1. It's gorgeous! Please have a sniff if you see it in stores! Worth it :) Thanks doll xxx

  2. This perfume sounds so lovely, the packaging is beautiful too xx


    1. Yes! It's wonderful! I know right?! It's so pretty :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Awww thank you and I'll check it out xxx

  4. I went to Dillard's today picked this out of all! I am pleased.

  5. I went to Dillard's today picked this out of all! I am pleased.

    1. Im so glad you managed to pick it up! enjoy xo


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