L'oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask | Yay or nay?

17 July 2016

For all of you other beauty bloggers out there reading this you've probably already seen the L'oreal pure clay masks advertised on telly. Right? You know the usual telling us ladies how wonderful the products are - big smiles and fresh dewy skin as the aftermath. Now I'm a lover of face masks myself and take pride in keeping my skin clear. So this particular product caught my eye and I thought lets just give it a go, so what its like. 

I had a nosey online on the Boots website and I read up on each of the masks since there is three. We have this one the Purity, then Detox which is the black mask and Glow is the red. 

All of three of them have different properties so while Purity accomplishes it by leaving the skin fresher, purified and gentler. Detox clings to the skin to draw out any impurities and cleanses deeply into the pores. Glow is made up from three pure clays and includes red algae extract which will help brighten the skin. Its texture is beaded, creamy and will exfoliate well. 

Now after doing research I wanted the Detox originally due to having such oily skin naturally and I always tend to have really filled pores too (I hate it so much!). I buy a lot of charcoal based nose strips from Korean cosmetic brands too simply because they're really, really good I find. But I wanted to give the mask from L'oreal a try. I couldn't order online because they were sold out near me and when I went to Boots the Detox mask was gone there too. Every shelf I went to - sold out.

So I went with my second choice and decided to give the purity one a try. Infact I was going to buy both the Detox and Purity masks but I left with just the one. Its okay as I can always give it a try at a later date when they have more in. 

Now as for the purity mask I've gave it a try twice this past week and so far it's been really good. The box does recommend you apply it 2-3 times a week which I have been doing. All you need is just a thin layer, avoiding the mouth and eyes of course since this stuff tries like concrete. 

Trust me - it dries rock solid. At one point when I first applied it I hated the feeling as I usually buy my face masks from Korean suppliers where they're in pouches and you slip the mask on your face like an actual mask or Lush where it doesn't dry as firmly. So this was a real shocker to me! I wasn't expecting clay masks to be so... tight! 

The second attempt I did using this mask wasn't as surprising and now I'm used to it. I actually quite like how firm it is because I know it's doing its job, I can feel it sink deeply into my face and work its wonders. It does as its supposed to as well because I feel that my skin has had a good treatment, I like how silky it leaves my face and clearer. After having washing the mask off I apply just a thin layer of coconut oil just for that extra bit of moisture. The product does claim that it doesn't dry the skin out but I always add a cream or oil afterwards just to help prevent any dryness since I always find that my skin does feel slightly dry after washing it off. 

I think it's quite good value for £5 from L'oreal. So from me it's an absolute yay!

If you want just a cheap and cheerful face mask to help out your skin for whatever the purpose then I definitely recommend you pick up this product. It's nice and small enough to take away on holiday too for that beauty boost while you're mooching around on your hotel bed before heading out. 

What are your thoughts on the L'oreal clay masks so far? Which one would you choose? Let me know! 



  1. This isn't a product that would normally catch my attention, but after reading your post I might try it out in the future! I enjoy masks, especially when they dry rock hard! Hehe! Beautiful pictures, as always! xoxo

  2. Awwww! Well its very good, you do see differences afterwards and if you do come across it I do advice you invest if you're after something to help your skin. Thank you very much for the kind review x


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