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7 August 2016

It's probably taken me absolutely ages to conquer up the urge to make a post about my desk area. I've had a handful of people from my Tumblr and Instagram ask me to make one also a room tour but I will save that for another day! 

Reason? My vanity area needs a clean up and to be properly organised.  because at the moment I'm not too happy with it. However I am very happy with my desk space right now! 

This will probably change in the next coming months because I am always changing things around and moving my wall around. It never stays the same. 

My desk area is inspired by other wonderful bloggers such as Milkbubbletea and Jessica-Naomi whom I have been a fan of for years now. Her older pictures from around 2010 in her old bedroom always blew my mind and she pushed me to try new things. Listen to records for a change instead of my iPod or try crafting and creating things- read a book about animals. Her photography is so beautiful I urge anybody reading this to go check out Jessica's blog. Everything is beautiful alas Milkbubbletea too her pictures are always stunning!

I'm a big fan of the colour white (also this summer I am crazily obsessed with copper/rose gold it's so gorgeous and the perfect colour to stand out against all the white in my room... my mother always complains I should have a bit more colour!). I just think that it makes the room appear more fresh, cleaner and brighter. Although it can be a pain in the bum when it comes to cleaning because any marks show up and you really do have to give everything a good scrub. 

I just love the haziness of having a white room it makes me feel more at peace when I wake up, strangely enough it really cheers me up. This room is actually my aunt's old bedroom and I've kept her floral patterned white wall paper (it's since had a lick of paint don't you worry!). 

It just reminds me of her and my childhood I guess. I haven't got the heart to change it. I probably won't either.

Also did I mention? I've got a terrible, terrible big obsession with French Bulldogs. The little money bank of one on my desk shelf is a Frenchie and I got that from Dunelm. I couldn't leave it! I always see a lot of French Bulldog items in homeware stores- it's hard because I try not too buy too many of them... gah! 

I am a big fan of mounted butterflies. I never used to be only until around six years ago when I first was given the white frame of them from an old friend who no longer wanted them anymore. After that I have just enjoyed collecting them and also antlers. I plan on getting my collection bigger at some point and my goal is to get that whole wall covered in more butterflies! 

A friend of mine recommended the movie "Daises' and mounted butterflies were featured there too in the character's home. It's an interesting and very artsy movie. I think that may have boosted up my passion for the little things! As long as they're not from anywhere dodgy and purposely killed though. 

They do take away the boringness of my plain white walls and deliver beauty. My mother always walks in shaking her head and says "it's like a bloody museum in here!" which always makes me laugh. I think they scare her a bit! 

Not that my was intention of course (ha ha!)

Here we have my lovely new lamp I purchased from ClasOhlson although I found it a bit annoying how each piece of this lamp came separately. I just found that part tricky having to find everything in the shop then figure out how it goes together... I had to get this though. The colour... the style! It's so funky and unique! It's no doubt the favourite item on my desk. I find it very retro actually it's got a bit of a 70's quirk to it. Maybe? Or is it the 80's... 

I picked up this rose gold pineapple candle from Primark for just £3.50! I actually got the silver version too but it doesnt smell as nice. This one is kiwi, pineapple and lime flavoured! It smells divine when its lit! But I haven't been lighting it that much simply because its too nice to use up! 

The antlers jewellery dish is from Paperchase I got it over a year ago though so I don't think they may have it in store anymore. But what I didn't realise after I bought it and finally got it home is that the end of one of the antlers is broken! I didn't even see it!

Gutted... it's still pretty cute though right? I don't even use it for putting earrings in. It's more or less just for decoration! I've got a huge love for antlers and you can probably tell via my wall with the roe deer antlers featured. All are roadkill from around forty years ago- I bought them off Ebay. Thats all I know about them incase anyone is wondering!

I just find antlers so beautiful.

These adorable paintings are by Japanese artist Kaoru Hasegawa who is rising up in popularity on Instagram for their lovely portraits of cute doll-like girls slightly influenced by manga culture and are beautifully well done in acrylic paint. I adore Hasegawa's works! They're all at a reasonable price two in packs you can purchase. 

I wanted to add something slightly anime themed in my bedroom without going over the top. My thirteen year old self would have had Hello kitty, Sailor Moon and Inuyasha all over the place. But now I've definitely toned it down- those years were fun but now they're gone!

The adorable pink smiling pot has a fake plant inside of it and I purchased it along side with the copper fake plant from New Look. Seriously... get down to New look if you're struggling with bedroom decor because they have some wonderful new bits and bobs in at the moment! 

All for reasonably cheap prices too. Both plant pots cost me £4.99! They're so worth it though.

Beside them is a handmade post card by another artist from Japan called Nemu Plait. I picked it up and some of their stickers from Comicon the other week! I instantly though it would be very cute for my desk and a break from prints for a change. 

My next favourite piece is this antique style bronze clock from Matalan. Again yet another bronze item! You're probably bored to death of seeing it now.  I have always loved old fashioned pieces so I thought this would be a nice addition for my lonely shelf. Honestly... it's the last shelf I have left in my room now since I took the others down. The antlers there needed some company and so I settled for this. 

Also the geometrical candle holder again I bought it from New Look but over a year ago. I think I will definitely keep it up there though now! I never realised how well suited it among antlers and the clock puts the cherry on the cake! 


I'm really glad to have completed this space and have certain items compact together which contain all my interests. Sometimes its just nice to have a variety of different things and bringing everything all in one. So I am very pleased!

For my dear readers have you recently changed around a room in your home or found that one perfect item for your space too? If so please share! I'm always happy to hear! 



  1. I love your deskspace, it's so pretty and inspiring! I love all of the details and how you arranged everything :) Thanks for sharing! x

    Andrea from pastelsandlemonpie.blogspot.fr

    1. Thank you sweetie! :) Means a lot! x

  2. Your deskspace is totally gorgeous! It has such a romantic, mori girl style feel about it with the antique pieces and elements of nature :D the Japanese art works are so cute as well! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah! You know Mori kei too?! Ahah vaguely inspired but I wanted to combine kawaii with minimalism while trying to make it mesh with a blogger feel? :) xxx

  3. Your deskspace is super beautiful: you have great taste! ^__^ I adore your butterfly collection so much, did you end up watching Daisies (the film)..? ;>

    1. Thank you nunu! :) Yes I did! It was so good! x


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