Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Cutie Rod Eyeliners | Quick Review

4 August 2016

I'm totally late on the Sailor Moon bandwagon but I just couldn't help but want to review this gorgeous collection! Moon Prism power make up is gorgeous and c'mon who never liked Sailor Moon when they were little? Sailor Moon is the best!

I've seen these eyeliners and other pieces from the collection such as the power, lip balms and fragrance out already but I just haven't gotten round to buying them.

Instead I picked these up over at the Manchester Comicon that was held just last Sunday. I went crazy and bought the three! Including other goodies too. It was such a good day!

I really love the packaging. It's like a mixture of seriousness because its make up targeted at young women and yet it still has this childlike vibe. It reminds me of toys I would buy when I was little sealed up in this form. But thats japan for you! They like to create cute things and present them in unique ways. 

I showed my mother these and she raised her brow then said "Sailor Moon!" so even she remembers! She found them really fascinating and was surprised there was even eyeliners let alone other make up pieces. I admire how each packaging is different- so they're far from boring. So cute!

Also each eyeliner has a totally separate rod too which is awesome because its like how each member from the saga had their own separator! It really does make you feel like you're one of them when you're applying your eyeliner!

Such a totally wonderful feeling! 

I didn't realize it at the time but I didn't notice how the moon rod was actually an eye pencil version and not another liquid eyeliner. It's okay though! But I barely ever use pencil because it smudges so much, it's messy and you have to sharpen the down. This eyeliner is too gorgeous to sharpen so I probably will never really use this apart from decoration at the most. 

The other two are liquid eyeliners and are lovely to apply. They're sharp tipped and great for doing your cat eyed make up! They're very fine so it makes it easy to draw thin lines and master the shape properly. If you're like me and find it tricky to use a thicker liner then this is probably more ideal for you. 

One thing about these eyeliners is that they draw incredibly quickly from what I've noticed so you do not have to worry too much about smudges. When you're experimenting with them do keep some baby wipes or tissue near by so you can practice if its your first time using liquid eyeliner. 

Plus! These eyeliners are waterproof which is brilliant so on a rainy day try not to worry too much. With some matte setting spray and this on you won't have to panic about your make up coming off. This eyeliner will last you hours! 

Swatches: Liquid eyeliner - Left & Pencil eyeliner - Right

If you are interested in purchasing you can easily find the Creer Beaute Sailor Moon eyeliners and other similar anime themed make up over on Ebay for as little as £10 or over on Yesstyle which I highly recommend as they have everything on there. Totally reliable and great service!


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