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10 August 2016

I just thought I would do a quick post about how my month has been so far. Some bits have been good and not the best but I just thought I would share anyway!

1.  Im so glad I finally got round to visiting the Manchester Comicon! I'm a bit of a nerd and have adored the cute side of Japanese culture a.k.a anime and manga. I've loved it ever since I was a little girl to be quite honest and I'm not just saying that for the cliche "oh not another one..." because I have! It was a brilliant day out. Me and my friend saw a few performances on stage which was fun, there was plenty of places to eat too from toastie fans, to burger and hot dog stands. 

We kind of went a bit mental on the Japanese and Korean candy that was being sold at this wonderful stall called TofuCute! They have a website too if you're interested check it out! I'm so glad I also got to use my poor Japanese skills to have a chat with some of the store owners. Next year  Im definitely dressing up! Not sure who as... but it'll be something! 

2. Recently I invested in a shaker and meal shake from Cute Nutrition as I'm currently on a weight loss journey. A long time ago, I used to be a size UK 24/26. No lie I was and I dropped a lot of that weight a few years back... it's quite a sensitive subject to me because it brings back a lot of sad memories.

 But now I'm around a UK size 10/12. I'm hoping to go back to the gym come September and start the shake plan during the coming weeks. It'll be ideal for university so I don't crave during the day at that tuck shop we have downstairs... I'm so naughty! Can only give it a shot though and if it's good I'll come back with my results!

3. It's been weeks since but I recently lost my little dwarf hamster. I've only had her around a year and half but she passed away. I just woke up and found her one morning, she was fine the night before and I can't even understand why... I was very sad. She was so lovely, such a harmless little thing. I doubt I will ever buy another hamster- not after her. I just hope she knows she was very much loved if there is a heaven.

4. Ah! My mother turned forty the other week and we threw a surprise party for her. It was hilarious seeing her expression. She was very grateful and we had a good time. I'm not a fan of beer... you know the beer beer stuff. Pints.

So instead I invested in some delicious pink lady wine in mini bottles and these gorgeous fruity alcopop drinks. The one in the picture was okay... but the Malibu! Oh my goodness. Malibu, cold, rum and coconut water is the best one! If you're into all of that then I recommend trying if you're ever floating around the isles in Asda or Morrisons. You'll have a ball! 



  1. Sorry to hear about your hamster! I have my third hamster now, a Syrian, and I've had one other Syrian and a Chinese hamster before that. Their length of life does seem to fluctuate a lot so it was probably just your hamster's natural time to go. The most important thing though is that she had a good life!

    Caitlin @ Words and Other Beasts

  2. Oh no I am sorry about your hamster, that sounds so sad. :( I absolutely love hamsters (I have had two dwarfs and one syrian) but it makes me a bit sad that many of them don't seem to live so long. I am sure your hamster had a good life. <3


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