LARME Magazine Issue #23

3 August 2016

I'm so pleased to have received the latest copy of Larme magazine! Isn't the cover gorgeous? I think this issue, #16 and probably #8 are my favourite covers up to now. They're always so incredibly dreamy and gorgeous. 

I managed to settle down after work in bed with this issue and do my best with my terribly poor Japanese. Most of the time I just tend to admire the scenery and lovely outfits if I'm being truthful. This issue begins with summer styles using the main models in the magazine showing their refreshed looks and outfits they've been using. Mai Shiraishi looks absolutely gorgeous with the cute triple heart barrette she flaunts and I'm loving all the tulle skirts this year too. She compliments the tulle look wonderfully. 

Monaca Nishi has her own pages filled with her favourite foods, pieces and jewellery. I really love the little doodles Larme features around the pages in this issue. On her page there is these two drawn hands and actual photographs of nails. I just thought it was really artsy! 

I really like the Virgin Suicide reenactment they did for this issue. There is only the three girls they've used instead of five from the original movie. But it was quite cute- I can't say it's one of my favourite movies if anything I only ever liked the prom dress Lux wore and the unusual bedroom that the girls and fixed with pretty nooks and crannies on their walls. I'm pretty certain Rookie magazine did a spin off of The Virgin Suicides too.

It is such a hazy but yet bitter sweet movie with such deep emotions and gives off such a lonely vibe. In a weird sense a beautiful one too. I remember the first time I ever watched it and I was left with so many questions. It leaves you hanging on to the memories of those girls. I just found it very sad. I can see why it's appealing to Larme magazine though. I would like to see more similar movies in a series of shots done in the future as well. 

I adore the outfits such as the use of a heart bag, sandals and peplum skirt with corsets down the back or sides. Before I got into Larme fashion I never realised how decent sandals with lace or fluff could look so good with socks and tight skirts at all. I had no clue- I would never have even dreamed about pairing them up together in a million years! Im loving the black thick chunky sandals models such as Risa Nakamura and Mai Sakamoto are wearing in their summer outfits. They've inspired me to try this look too!

I love the hair section (its in form of a mini magazine inside the center of the issue) and features the models sporting different hairstyles. You have to pick your favourite and I picked the one Maihee (Mai Sakamoto) wore. I love her long wispy hair and I like how they're in pigtail bunches with a slight twist at the top of them. Very cute. Plus she's one of my favourites! 

The pages in pink and blue with the models either sat on top of a two tier cake or wearing a giant hat were very sweet. They are very scrapbookish with different medias applied on top of each other alas the models embedded in. I love this because its giving me ideas for my upcoming year in university so I might be able to take some ideas for my own work and try to work in abstract form for a change. Larme always helps!

The "Pussy Cat Make Up" was no doubt my favourite section in the entire magazine. It's sooooooo cute! I love it! I love the doodles, the step by step and pictures... everything is puuurfect! (No pun intended ha ha!). They show different looks under the names such as "Munchkin", "Scottish Fold', "Toyger", "Russian Blue" and "Bengal" just to give each make up style a bit more personality. 

Though I will say the make up looks are similar to looks we have seen before in this magazine but its always nice to experiment and create new little projects for the magazine. Scottish fold was my favourite! I love how lavender it is even though I never have tried purple or lavender make up I find it really appealing. Maybe I'll invest in some lavender coloured lipstick I could try blending...

Loving the outfit pages with the sheer lace and off shoulder pieces. I haven't been shopping that much this summer but I have managed to grab a pink off shoulder top (I wore it in one of my selfies) and its similar to the ones here in this issue. Now I have some inspiration to help me match it properly. I really like the culottes- I know that the new EHWG Bon Bon range is going to be doing culotte style trousers which is nice. I used to wear them when I was a lot younger but in denim so it just makes me think back to being little if anything. Plus they're quite funky when done right!

The "Whats in my bag" pages are always so interesting. I love being nosey and raiding things Risa has purchased. She always has such good pickings! Especially those Miu Miu sunglasses... 

The pages of the models Risa Watanabe and Mai Watanabe are gorgeous. They're in a forest in lovely ruffled pieces in pink and white shown staring into the camera as if they're being watched. The mist effect gives it such a ghostly feel and really enhances the whole scene to look so haunting. 

I noticed in the Larme culture section towards the end they added Maegamimami's art work in the Illustration panel! I love their work! If you haven't heard of them before I highly suggest checking it out. Everything is rather simple but thats the beauty of Mami's work. I'm sure if you're in the Larme community you've probably seen it floating around numerous amounts of times anyway.

Just to finish I had to add in the snippets of ReeRosee's art work too with the cute illustrations of girls she does in each issue, usually they're always dressed in adorable vintage outfits. I don't know if its just me... but they always remind me of Marnie from the Studio Ghibli movie "When Marnie Was There" if you've seen the concept art for that movie maybe you'll see where Im coming from. Of course... I can't forget the cute little comic either just for you lovelies to enjoy. 

Thank you for reading!


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