Luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows

30 August 2016

If you are a fan of Charlotte Tilbury then you are in for a real treat! 

So recently Charlotte Tilbury has released their new Legendary Brow brushes, now before anything else aren't they super stunning?! If you have read my previous entires on this blog then you know already that I have a terrible obsession with gold (or Rose gold). I know the entire Charlotte Tilbury line colour scheme is gold but that's besides the point... 

I had to order this product directly online since my local Selfridges hasn't got these in stock yet alas the Legendary lashes either. They come out in stores September apparently so if you are eager then order online. 

The Legendary Brow series vary in colours due to different hair colour. I ordered the darkest brow which is called "Cara" while there is others called "Brigitte", "Linda " and one in clear too. What I love about the Tilbury range is the little quick videos they have for each product and also they use women of different ethnicities so it helps a lot to show what products suit you. It makes the range appear so modern and diverse. It makes me so pleased!

Now as for the application I found it fairly simple and the brush with its tiny bristles was very fitting. I have used brow products before which go from pencils plus those little nubs you twirl up and down in pencil form. 

Those have been alright but I feel using an actual micro-fine brush that coats my brows perfectly, the small brush ensures every hair is coated with colour so I think this product much more fitting. This my first time using a brush for my brows and I don't think I will ever be going back to pencil now!

Also I found that this product makes my brows more slick and defined - in a natural way since my eyebrows are a bit thin but only slightly. So this brush isn't very overbearing and it won't give you those thick heavy brows you see on social media either. It isn't a heavy product. 

Legendary Brows brushes mainly just great for the everyday where you want to add some character to your make up but not over the top. This product is a great way to tame my brows and fill in any bare small patches. It also holds the brow quite well throughout the day too. 

The ingredients for the shade gel are enriched with elasticising wax and Vitamin E helping you apply easily. Legendary brows is ideal for thin, light and patchy. I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for that beloved brow product despite there is a great deal of them knocking around these days. Its worth the money and I think once you use it you won't go back!

Are any of you Charlotte Tilbury fans? If so, do you think you might invest in this product too? Let me know please I'm always interested to hear! 


Shade: Cara (suited for darker hair)


  1. First, I want to say that as a blogger, your pictures are goals! Especially your product shots. You're also a great writer. I do have a question though, I particularly like the straight Korean brow. My eyebrows are pretty thick, so pencils make it look overwhelming. Do you think this product would suit my taste?

    Here's my blog for some pictures of me for reference:

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you so much for your kind words lovely and I see your blog is also blooming very beautifully too. I'm glad you like my writing and pictures (I'm trying ehehe!).

      Ah... I have fine but shapely brows so this words to fill in the patchy areas. If yours are thick I suggest this product would work but depending on how thick you want your brows to look, I say maybe use only a small dosage and not too much. It will curve and enhance your brows. This product isn't very heavy anyway unless you add tons to your brows, forcing it. But its very smooth I find it and defines well.

      I understand what you mean about pencils... Ive tried and trust me. Never again! But I would say look around at other brow products just incase. Continue to view some tutorials and read more reviews before buying this one . If none fit the bill then I would recommend CT's Legendary Lash and also the Legendary CT mascara is amazing too! xo

      Thanks for reviewing!



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