The Rise Of Flower Jelly Lipsticks! Quick Review + Thoughts

3 August 2016

Maybe some of you have seen the uproar of flower jelly lipsticks or lip glosses (they are a mesh of both it seems!) on the internet recently. These adorable flower embedded lipsticks have become drastically popular online as they are very cute but extremely unique. Until now I've never seen a flower inside of any lip glosses or lipsticks... flower shaped or maybe an imprint but never actually placed there inside! 

Apparently these lovely lippies originally come from a beauty brand called Kailijumei based over in China. They come in a clear lipstick which is infused with jelly, the original ones hold gold speckles inside and a tiny flower. They have taken social media especially Instagram by a storm and have sold out as quick as Kylie Jenner's lip kits. Wow!

However there is many dupe versions going - not as if that is anything new of course. But I ended up just buying a couple off of Ebay and they do the job. They're all pretty much very similar anyway from all the other brands producing them but the originals do retail for around $30. Whereas the version I bought was only £2 for each lipstick. Cheap and cheerful! 

The formula is very good and slick precisely why I thought they were lip glosses at first because they have that slippery feel on your lips. Despite each of these lipsticks being in a clear orange and pale pink they both have the same colour when applied. I saw literally no difference at all and the swatches show that. 

They are extremely moisturising and give your lips a shiny glossy coat which lasts for around an hour before needing to reapply. I found that they do enhance the colour of your lips slightly making them a tad pinker but really I just think they are pretty lip glosses in lipstick form really.

I love how most of these lipsticks are always in rose gold or gold cases. I just think it adds to their prettiness making them more appealing. They're so unusual but in a good way and I think they deserve to stand out!

Gorgeous though! I do recommend buying these since they're cheap enough and you can just throw them into your handbag and apply throughout the day for that bit of shine! 

You can find these flower jelly lipsticks available on Ebay, Depop, Alibaba and also Aliexpress. 

What are your thoughts on these unusual lipsticks? Will you be purchasing any? Id love to know your thoughts!


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