Is Rimmel London's Fresher Skin Foundation A Hit Or Miss?

25 September 2016

Now you've probably seen the new Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation floating around in magazines, on the telly and at the bus stop on the glass billboards lately. Maybe its caught your eye or maybe you thought "meh just another beauty product" and yeah that's exactly what I thought too. 

So I was wandering around in Boots the other day and I decided to just give it a go. It was there right beside me as I was browsing at mascaras and I just looked for my tone, threw it into my little basket and paid up.

I already use Maybelline's foundation "Fit me' and I've never actually tried one from Rimmel London before, so I suppose there is a first time for everything. I gave it a try last week and was surprised to find that its rather decent. It's been a full week of using this product now and I can say that I will continue to use it. 

The Fresher Skin foundation isn't very oily, its a very light and creamy solution. Easy to apply without leaving you cake-faced and leaves you looking shinier. Not super shiny but there is a substantial amount that gives you a nice glow. 

The coverage is decent but quite sheer so I suggest you use a bronzer or powder to help strengthen the finishing look. 

I will say that its quite runny too when you begin to apply this so you will need to blend in quite well which can be time consuming. Some of my other foundations are much more stodgier and I don't have to take as much time doing the blending process. Its a bit of a pain but I do still think this product is worth every penny. 

It's cheap enough, tiny handbag sized, it does the job and leaves your skin breathable free of build up when taking it off.

I think this product would be quite handy for those after a natural look or coverage at school despite the rules of no make up. I do understand some girls are in dire need of it due to confidence issues and other reasons. So I recommend this by a mile. You will not be disappointed girlies!

(Before blending)

(After Blending)

This product is available at all your local drugstores from Boots, Superdrug and large supermarkets in their cosmetic sections. Also available online too. 

The Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation is only £7.49 so if you haven't already please give it a shot! 

It's such a hit you can't not buy it!


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