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15 September 2016

Right, so it's that time of year again!

Summer passed by so quickly didn't it? (But then again... did we really have a summer here in the UK? ha ha!).

Which means its Autumn, which therefore means classes starting up again and that means adorable stationary is a total must for your upcoming studies. I know there is probably tons of other blogs out there who have better varieties of stationary they've found or bought. But I just thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites I've picked up recently.

So I'll show you what I've got on the go!

Both these A5 Notebooks are from Homesense and the brand is 'American Crafts' but knowing Homesense they're linked to T.K.Max who always get in items from different brands and sell them off half the price. 

They were £4.99 each which is a bargain because whenever I see these gorgeous notebooks with pretty quotes on them, you know that typical Blogger type of notebook/planner? They're always ridiculously expensive. I had to grab these instantly before they flew of the shelves and plus just how cute are they? Pink and spots! They're fully lined inside and the quality is brilliant.

That adorable pom pom pen you see there is from a online store called Blippo (I highly recommend you check them out cuties!) and its brilliant. The tip is sharp, fine and maybe its just me but I find my writing is always clearer with a pen like this rather than your regular biro. Plus its inky too! Now I can doodle take notes much easily, perfectly in lectures... 

It isn't really part of my stationary haul but I bought that little white pumpkin from Homesense too while I purchased these notebooks. Its actually lets out fragrance! Its vanilla and cinnamon, mmmm! It was only £4.99 too. I just thought it would be a nice touch on my desk and to get me into that Autumnal mood! 

Now my ten year old self would appalled me for getting back into the habit of buying markers and high lighter. I think I spent half my childhood collecting stationary... I used to always go to Paperchase or WHSmith for cute rubbers, pens and pencils. Even China town where I would hoard Hello Kitty stationary like a mad child! 

But as you get older it begins to wear off and that happened during my GCSE years. I no longer even had a pencil case or anything apart from a pen, I was really lazy and even just remembering to bring a pencil to class was hard work for me. Now I feel more organised and you begin to realise just how important all this is for your studies, it really can make a difference. From underlining, highlighting lecture notes, stapling those important pieces of paper together ect. 

I found these interesting little marker pens on Ebay and they are by Papermania. I thought they were just what I needed, bold, simple and pretty. Great quality and they will also come in handy for birthday and Christmas cards since I like to spice things up a bit when writing notes inside. Just for a finishing touch! 

If you're looking for some good metallics then these are for you. They hold a nice firm tip, they don't dry out easily and are just gorgeous. 

Now aside from the odd Pumpkin spice latte I bought this adorable speckled A4 folder from Home Bargains for just 79p! I couldn't bare leaving it behind. Its gorgeous baby pink stripes with white ones and rose gold specks! 

I thought it would come in useful for all the piles of paper I get off my tutors - you know those notes to help you pass? Yeah. Shame I dislike lugging folders around but whats got to be done must be done. Well... at least its pretty.

Lastly Primark are doing their own little selection of stationary too. They have a rose gold collection, a Toki Doki one and this really pastel, pretty lilac one by Gabriella

At first I was going to buy the rose gold collection but since my entire room is almost rose gold I just changed my mind and opted for Gabriella's instead. I'm glad I did to be honest, my picks match nicely and Gabriella's is just so girly and gorgeous. It would be a crime not to buy it!

There is even a little tiny notepad of 'list goals' which I thought was great! I may not use this for university since I like to jot down my ideas and everything I need inside my notebooks. But the supermarket or even just blog ideas I have. It doesn't always have to relate to studies at the end of the day. Stationary can be used for anything thats about to happen for you. Even the clips are just so... Awww! 

Yeah, so there you have it. These are my current stationary picks for this term and if you lovelies reading have any questions then please ask! What do you think? I'm alway so happy to hear your thoughts! 



  1. I always love cute stationary! Those pens are really nice. I could see myself doing lots of DIY projects with them :)

    1. Its great isn't it?! Oh really? You should invest lovely! They will come in really handy and help you lots! Plus just think how gorgeous things will be! :) xxx

  2. That notebook though <3 so dreamy!

    1. Thank you! Its adorable isn't it?! Ehe thanks for commenting doll xxx

  3. Stationary is my favourite thing to buy haha! Actually quite gutted that I've finished uni because I don't have to buy any this year! I work at homesense and every shift I have to force myself to walk away from the notebooks because I'd end up buying every one!
    - Clare |


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