LARME Magazine Issue #24

29 September 2016

Now for the recent issue of Larme magazine I was completely mesmerised by the cover. I mean look at that? How gorgeous does Nakamura Risa look! As usual absolutely flawless and adorable. She's so great. 

I was excited as always to receive this issue prefably because its the first Autumn edition of the year and that instantly just screams cute outfits. Am I right? Opening the issue we are greeted by an Alice in Wonderland shoot. Its a combination of dark and gothic vibes which meet Alice. Last time we were given a Virgin Suicides shoot and I think I like the Alice in Wonderland one much more. 

I love Alice in Wonderland due to the weirdness of its story, its such a unique and twisted tale. I really like how Larme magazine portrays it here. 

Despite it being Alice in Wonderland themed this shoot gives us some really good outfit ideas. For example I'm loving the white ruffle neck shirt with that red skirt and I'm taking notes away. Also the images where they are holding up the rabbits head and a pair of scissors... this is why Larme is great. They aren't shy throwing in dark and gloom into their content! It's not all that gory. But that poor rabbit... it seems as if it will be late after all! 

The Marionette shoot featuring Nakamura Risa and Shiraishi Mai is gorgeous. I love their outfits! Recently I did buy a dress very similar and I've been purchasing so many blouses lately so it will be very easily to steal this look. They truly do look like little marionette dolls!

Saito Asuka's shoot is so pretty! Its good to see a bit of blue sky and sunshine on what appears to be quite a cloudy day. Autumn isn't always depressingly dark and cold. There are nice still days where the weather is just right. Her outfits are extremely cosy looking too! If I could pull it off I would wear a pair of cute knit bloomers too! 

Risa's shooting once again steals the show. Leopard print is so in right now and Im loving the beige theme too. Its a total must this season! All the pictures are lovely, I love the one where she's on that vintage bed and her wide eyes in that picture. Its so daunting, alluring and almost scary in a sense. Yet beautiful. 

I think I definitely am going to invest in some of Risa's pieces this Autumn/Winter. That corset top by Merry Jenny she wore is such a steal and if any of you reading have a chance to buy it you should!

Shiraishi Mai pulls off a number of cute looks in various outfits shown. The pink, red and white theme is interesting because usually with red being so bold. Its quite a difficult colour to achieve within Larme fashion due to the colour scheme being so minimal. Black, white, light pinks and at the most perhaps a beige or cream is thrown in. 

In Risa's first style book she has her own page of red outfits where she effortlessly pulls them off. So if you are reading this, a lover of red then I suggest you pick up a copy of her book just for that extra boost. 

The page featuring Mona with the "Urban Goth" looks is probably one of my favourites in the whole issue. As a graphic design student I like how its all put together filling in space creatively and the outfits. Im a lover of black of course. Risa's shoot with her being inside a plastic bubble reminds me of the movie "Bubble Boy" I instantly blurted out "Oh look! Bubble girl!" then I realised who it was and saw that it was Risa. Oh.

Its an unusual setting but I am sure there is a story behind it. Maybe its about a girl in her own world, her own personal bubble and Tokyo being the busy city that it is... maybe the girl is a dreamer. With Larme magazine the possibilities are endless.  The make up looks to try this issue are all mostly auburns, browns and oranges. Typical for the season of course.

Im dying to try the new Dior lip stains! I really want them. They're so pretty and I have heard they're quite the good quality. Also I have just found out about liquid eye shadow in this issue? Its like a lipgloss wand but you use it for your eye lids. I was so surprised! But I think I will just stick to powder based eye shadows if Im honest.... I guess its down to preference! 

The Halloween outfits are just great. Have you got a favourite? I love the naughty nurse outfit on Risa! It fits her perfectly. Its got that sassy sexy feeling. But I think I would just go as their version of the cute bunny from Alice in Wonderland! Its a safer option for me!

The real order sheet is so handy. I've been using that to find all the little bits and bobs seen throughout the issue and online lately. Its just a shame I live all the way in England, I've love to just be able to order normally without using an agency or getting charged ridiculous shooing and custom fees... big sigh. 

Well I think this issue was very tasteful and useful in terms of piecing together Larme themed outfits for this season. I'm very inspired and I can't find to just find that leopard dress now that Risa had on... I hope for any of you Larme lovers reading have a lovely time browsing these pieces, a good month and that you also manage to pull off adorable outfits too! 



  1. thank you for the scans <3 everything in this larme book is lovely ^__^ !


  2. Thank you so much for the comment! I truly appreciate it! Its not all the pages but just most :) I will be getting a scanner very soon! Thank you once more and Im glad you like it! xxx

  3. Thanks for the scans! Loved the Alice in Wonderland photoshoot! I really liked this issue ♥!!


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