Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum! The New Ariana Grande Fragrance

17 September 2016

Do we have any Grande fans here by any chance? If so, then perhaps you already know about the new perfume 'Sweet Like Candy' Ariana Grande recently released. 

I know what some of you reading may already be thinking... "Blah! Celebrity perfumes are tacky" and yes sometimes I will agree with you. Some of them are a bit poor and the scents are quite repetitive, most smelling like overpriced febreze. Quite true I guess. 

This scent? Well its not that much different but it does have a hint of a little bit of something else which bumps it up on the scale slightly. Its not the most amazing fragrance I've ever bought but it definitely ticks all the pretty boxes.

With pom poms being in right now, I know Ariana's last perfume 'Ari' was similar within appearance but instead of an all baby pink bottle and pom pom it was the white pom pom with a clear bottle. It is just as gorgeous but I do think 'Sweet Like Candy' is much better. 

This fragrance is a combination of marshmallows, sweeties and fruit. I would say possibly blackberries with Jasmine combined with an undertone of vanilla too. 

It isn't an overpowering scent either which is good because some perfumes are enough to make you want to pass out. Its just subtle, light and nice. It lasts for approximately around two hours I would say - it doesn't last too long. 

I still think its worth buying though. I mean how can you not resist the cuteness of it? Its fluffy and pink! But you'll certainly draw in compliments and have them talking. 

It's such a clean scent you're guaranteed to be left feeling all lovely and fresh throughout the may or evening. 

I'm seriously digging the packaging! I adore the lace bunny ears Ariana is flaunting and all that warped text (inner geeky Graphic designer side of me spurting out... apologies!) is so pretty, amazingly put together. I love how its all so sweet and simple yet sexy at the same time. It really puts out Ariana's quirky cutie personality! 

For celebrity perfume I do think it was a bit pricey but then again it is still fairly new. I wish it did hold longer but unfortunately it just doesn't. 

Still... if you're like me, a sucker for pretty bottles and pink. What do you reckon... worth buying? Interested? Please let me know! I'm alway happy to hear your thoughts.



  1. I love Ari and this looks so cute <3 I need to go smell this!!

    1. You do?! Its lovely isn't it?! :) Please do sweetie! xxx

  2. I'm a sucker for cute bottles when it comes to perfume, if it smells good also then that's a bonus. Might have to pick this up <3

    1. Me too.... its terrible but it can't be helped aha! You should :) x


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