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8 September 2016

Now for a while I've been seeing quite the hype about the latest addition of bath products on the market being Bomb Cosmetics. At first I shrugged them off with a "they're cute but ah, I don't know" and never gave the line much thought again. Then when I continued to see their products blow up on my Instagram and Twitter feeds I was suddenly roped into Bomb Cosmetics's adorable products, since then I think I've become addicted and I cannot believe I never ordered any items from them sooner. 

Some may think Bomb Cosmetics is slightly similar to Lush and thats exactly what I thought too. Bomb Cosmetics is a slightly cheaper alternative I would say, their products are much more cuter and if truth be told smell better too.

I'm not bashing Lush but I do prefer the scent of marshmallows, cake and sweet goodness as opposed to strong-overpowering-spiced something smell I can't put my name on. 

When I go to Lush unless its a specific present I'm going to buy for someone I do tend to sway to the pretty products they have there and the face masks. That's it. So Bomb Cosmetics is perfect if you're solely just after buying pink and girly bath products. 

Like Lush Bomb Cosmetics do seasonal products too. Ones for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Including gift boxes for special occasions. 

What I also like about Bomb Cosmetics is that they're also vegan friendly. Please don't do that big "here we go" sigh. I do think its important that places shouldn't test on animals. Also its nice to know that their products are handcrafted too! 

Its such a lovely personal touch, knowing your items have had that extra sprinkle of care welded into them. Call me silly but I think its very thoughtful and kind of special too. It makes one appreciate the products more.

But gosh though... aren't they adorable?!

Sweet Love Candle: 

So one of my first to buy purchases was this deliciously strawberry short cake scented candle. Its absolutely beautiful but a little smaller than I imagined (I should really learn to read sizes... but never mind I still adore it). Ive only lit it once just to try and the smell immediately set off. It lasts and lingers in the room for ages. Its just a shame that it melts so easily. But on one of the cold chilly nights that are coming up ahead, it'll be worth it. 

Journey To The Center Of The Creamer: 

This is the silver sparkly bath bomb. It's quite small in size and would sit nicely in the center of your palm. The scent is quite minty although I can whiff a hint of cocoa butter in there too. Apparently its supposed to fizz beautifully, softly melting away in the water releasing its glitter and all the goodness its been packed with. I can't wait to try it!

Little Bo Peep Mallow:

The pink one with the little light pink bow on top. This is one of my favourites and not just because its pink... well mostly because its pink. But smells super creamy like strawberries whipped together in vanilla batter. Its gorgeous and I definitely recommend this!

The Fresh Princess Of Bel Air Mallow:

Its quite similar in appearance to the Little Bo Peep Mallow but with white cream on top and a tiara. Its such a cute reference to the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air! The fragrance is a bit like the Little Bo Peep Mallow only except slightly heavier but I doubt that makes much of a difference. Its very glitter too and chalky. 

Island Tiara Bath Creamer:

The little pink bath bomb with the gorgeous pink glittery whirl on it, is precisely the same size as the Journey To The Center Of The Creamer bath bomb. Its got a much more floral-sweeter tint though and powdery feel. Less glittery than expected. 

All That Glitters Bath Bomb: 

Being the bath bomb with the three little pink, white and gold smaller bath bombs on top. Oh now this is probably my favourite out of them all! Its one of the new editions, it looks beautiful and it smells amazing. Its literally a carnival inside! Colourful, crazy but wonderfully decorated and it smells like candy floss with a hint of orange and cherry. I can't wait to use it and see the colours just disintegrate the water in my bath tub! I do wonder how it will look... its sadly so exciting! 

This is one of the big 160g bath bombs so its quite the full hand. Definitely worth buying. I mean, how can you not?! 

Little Princess Bath Blaster:

Last but not least the Little Princess Bath Blaster. The scent is a creamy mint and combines with rose oils. Also a touch of pink pepper is thrown in there too. I think this one is probably too beautiful to even use. Look at that tiara? Its so cute. I can't imagine this one being very colourful in the bath though due to all the white colouring but the oils that this bath bomb is packed with I think is going to keep my skin moisturised and smelling good. 

So if you are struggling for any last minute gifts whether its birthdays, Thanks Giving, Christmas or even Halloween. Get yourself on the Bomb Cosmetics website! Trust me you will not be disappointed. 



  1. Ooh I haven't heard of Bomb Cosmetics before but oh my gosh they're products are beautiful! I'm a huge Lush fan but I'm tempted to try this out... If only they had a physical store!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. Have you not?! You should have a look on their site! Some little stores which do kooks and crannies sell Bomb Cosmetics, you have to really venture around! Have a look on Depop and Ebay too lovely! :)

      Thanks again,

      Chey xxxx


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