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13 October 2016

Its time for another beauty post! Yes, eventually I will write something other than just products. Thats all I seem to ever write about these days. Sorry if things seem a bit repetitive! 

But I couldn't help but share what pamper products I've been absolutely loving as of late. First I want to share this relatively new brand called Oh k! Maybe some of you reading have heard of it. If not then Oh K! Is a Korean beauty line and their products are so cute. You know me, I can't stay away from cute things!

If any of you know Korean brands already then you might be familiar with the brand "Tony Moly" by any chance? If so, you'll know where I'm heading with this. Yeah, I couldn't help but think Oh K!'s products were quite similar, a bit too similar actually to the brand Tony Moly.

The packaging... the panda packaging more or less. They have other products too, these are simply just hand cream and face masks. But in Tony Moly's brand there is a panda dream pot eye cream and the panda looks so much like this one. It's crazy! Not everything is the same though.

This brand is far more cutesy and concentrates remotely on pretty animal and cute face themed items. Tony Moly does a range of cute products but they have a formal side to their line swell.

Since I've just started using it. Im impressed so far! The hand cream was a bit pricey for what I would usually pay but its brilliant for this time of year. Especially hopping from train to train during university and my hands get to bitter with the cold! 

The face masks are so good, they smell really nice too and love how they are infused with coconut water! One of my all time favourite facial moisturisers. Shame you only get three in a pack though... they're too lovely! Very penetrating and good value for money I would say.

If any of you are interested in where I bought these reading you can find the Oh K! brand over at Urban Outfitters, Toyshop, Debenhams, New Look and Accessorize. 

I thought I would give the Zoella "Hungry Hands' hand cream a whirl since I keep seeing it on Instagram and have heard some good things about her new products. 

This hand cream was only £5, it can be bought from Superdrug online or in-store and I would say its worth the money but its just like any other hand cream. Nothing special but smells like gingerbread. Its nice though and would make a cute gift. Still pleased I invested in this though! I think I have a hand cream obsession... 

This is the first Zoella Christmas item I have ever tried up to now, so far I'm impressed and pleased with her items. I have also invested in a diffuser from her Lifestyle collection but I can't say that its very strong for the price I paid. I can just about smell it. I think I will honestly just stick to her cosmetics if anything. 

Also yes... yes I did jump on the Lush Halloween and Christmas bandwagon Im afraid. Why? I just couldn't help myself okay! Im not going to go into great detail about each bath bomb since there is simply so many other hauls on blogs and Youtube about them. 

But they did have new additions this year such as this gorgeous orange sparkly star bath bomb! It is called "The Magic Of Christmas" which smells like citrus with a dash of cinnamon. Its properties are to boost the circulation and penetrate your skin causing it be much more smoother, softer and refreshed.

It sounds great, delicious and I definitely recommend purchasing it for someone who adores Lush this Christmas! You wont regret it. Honestly - they're bound to love it. 

Monster Ball is such a cute bath bomb and probably my favourite because of the sweet scent it held and the water. The water was unicorn vomit... it was lilac, pink, blue, yellow. It was sparkly too! The whole bath left me in awe. Its very

Pumpkin spice is a new addition this year too. I saw this one on an American Instagrammer's feed. I kept checking the store's site just to see whether they were here in the UK yet and when they were I popped in to Lush where I just splurged on everything. It smells like a pumpkin spiced latte but in solid form and non edible.

Autumn Leaf I believe is also new. Ive yet to use this one but I've seen the way it leaves your bath and its like a dissolvable bag of starbursts! Even smells like them too - its sweet scented with a dash of spice. Lovely! I can't wait to use this one.

The new "Shoot For The Stars" bath bomb a.k.a the big blue beast with gold stars all over it is now one of my favourites. Its just so pretty, I loved it right away when I first saw it I just had to have it. 

It has the scent of honey, packed with Brazilian orange oil, coconut cream and also organic cocoa butter. I haven't used this one yet but I can only imagine from the ingredients I've read about it that its going to be incredible.

I bet the bath water is going to be like a combination of the Bora Bora blue sea and space combined. Its going to be a dream, I think I will save this one for Christmas eve. Its just got that Christmassy magical vibe! Its probably the stars doing more than anything... I can't wait!

So what do you think of my pamper product favourites so far? Have you got any particular beauty products you're absolutely over the moon with at the moment? If so, please let me know!



  1. The Fibre facemask is super cute!
    Kathy x

  2. Its really good hun! :) xxx


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