Current Autumn Wants!

17 October 2016

Its been so long since I did a wishlist! To be fair though there is just too many things I want this year so I've had to cut it short and not be too greedy... I've popped up all the things I want the most (sorta).

But don't we all want things? Its only normal to want, want want! Especially since its almost Christmas and all the other events pile on top before hand. But there is no harm wanting to treat your wee self every now and again...

Heart Stud Bow Frame Purse

I bought a wallet not too long ago actually but when I saw this wallet over in Accessorise I immediately fell in love.  

But to be fair I would just buy it for the sake of buying it... probably never really using it due to the fact that there is no proper card space inside and even though there is slots I feel like its not that secure. Im just super, super picky with purses and bags. Love the colour though! Its so cute. 

The White Company Pink Bed Socks 

Its getting chillier by the day now! These would be so perfect for curling up in front of the fire and just having a little snooze. Plus they're in pink which is a bonus. Ive always seen them on Instagram and Google... I'd think "How cosy do those look!" and I really want some now!

Philosophy's Pumpkin Pie

Ive searched high and low for this in my local boots, the other boots near my university and online. Could I find it? Nope. I think this is an American production sadly but I have found some over on Ebay, the shipping is a bit much though. It look so nice! I just love pumpkin.

I've got a huge pumpkin obsession actually now from eating it in soups and cake, to coffee and bath products. I have a feeling this would smell gorgeous! Shame it isn't in the stores over here in the UK though... 

Yankee Candle's White Chocolate Apple

I smelled this in the store the other day with my friend and mmmm! Does it smell good... I was going to buy it but I think I might leave this as a Christmas present (knowing my family they always get stuck what to buy me so...). 

It smells really creamy, mostly chocolately than apple. They only seem to do this scent in a large version which is annoying because I just wanted a small jar. Ah well.

Charlotte Tilbury's Beauty Advent Calendar 

Its a dream. Oh if only I had a spare £150 I could just easily blow away without a thought in the world... but sadly in this reality I haven't so Ill have to give this a hit and miss. Id have this over the chocolate calendars any day...  or would I?

Accessorise Leather Gloves 

Ive been after a new pair of gloves for some time now so I might cave in and buy these babies! They're a lovely taupe colour too which I love. I particularly like the ruffle detail too... it gives them such a nice girly sophisticated touch. 

There is the black version too but I thought these were prettier! Ive had my current gloves since year 8 from high school... no lie. I loved them so much but I think its time I threw them away in exchange from stripes to these!

To any of you lovelies reading... have you seen anything you've got your eye on at the moment? Any future Christmas presents or such? Please let me know! 



  1. Ahhh my goodness, everything is so beautiful and goes together perfectly! I'm drooling over all of your picks, especially that Yankee Candle! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Awww thanks sweetie! :) Ohhhh it smells good! Love Yankee I do ehehe x


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