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30 October 2016

Ah Autumn, it's finally here. 

Now I don't know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing for some of you but for me its most certainly a good thing. I mean who doesn't love deliciously hot brewed cappuccinos or hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows, long knitted scarfs when you're waiting for your train on cold mornings and pretty colourful crisp leaves. Its such a beautiful season and to start it off, a new mac lippy is always best. 

I've already invested in some pretty autumn themed lipsticks from Mac and have gave them a try since I took the first snapchat. I couldn't wait to wear them!

So my picks were this gorgeous brownish auburn red colour called "Mocha'. Quite the relevant name since I suppose its supposed to give off that coffee chocolate appeal. Its quite similar to another shade have called 'Retro' only expect that is a lot more red whereas Mocha is more brown. 

The other colour I have is 'O'. Just 'O' and oh boy, do I love this colour! Its such a gorgeous colour which even though it looks darker in person. Its actually a lot lighter and shimmery when its on. Its lovely because frost has come right back in this season and with the brown, that 90s shimmer, I think its such a great combo. It'd look great on paired with a velvet slip dress and a lace ruffle shirt underneath! 

As for pigment when it comes to the shade 'Mocha' I think its very dominant. It isn't a sheer colour and masks your lips fully. The texture is smooth, creamy and lies perfectly over my lips. Its very velvety and moist. It lasts up to around an hour and half before maybe needing to apply more. 

The lipstick 'O' is probably slightly more translucent but still quite dominant. I would say its only a little bit thin. So a couple of layers is needed to properly mask your lips. Again its quite creamy, a nice solid smooth and doesn't feel bitty due to having traces of shimmer in it. It lasts around an hour. 

Swatches: Mocha (Left) & 'O' (Right) 

I would recommend these lipsticks to those out there who are pondering over what colour to get next in their mac collection or just generally are looking for that nice shade for Autumn. Its back to university, college and life since summer is now done with. So I can understand, everyone wants to look their dandiest! 

Both lipsticks retail for £15.50 and can be purchased online, Selfridges or The House Of Fraser. 

Are any of you looking for that perfect shade this Autumn? If so, let me know what you have your heart set on! 


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