Five Nice Little Ways To Spend Halloween Alone

30 October 2016

So you're not doing anything for Halloween? That's alright, neither am I. 

This year I just have nothing planned or anything my friends are going to I was not invited or I was invited but me being me I do not want to intrude. 

Plus I am just not feeling the dressing up game at all this year. But that's okay and if you feel left out of the Halloween frenzy then not to worry your little self! I know I'm not! 

1.  So the trick is to not worry or stop wondering what others are doing for Halloween because that will just make you feel down and miserable. Just concentrate on yourself, carry on and chill. 

2. Treat yourself! Well, duh Halloween is for treats (besides getting tricked! watch out for that doorbell...) and spoiling yourself rotten with complete junk. 

Its become the darker version of Christmas the UK is slowly starting to make an effort for because in previous years I haven't seen Halloween as celebrated here as it is in America. 

So get to the shops or ask your partner, parents or someone to grab a pile of your favourite choccies, crisps, drinks and food. Gorge out and enjoy yourself with a horror movie marathon! 

3. Run a nice bath, Halloween doesn't always have to revolve around getting hammered on a night out or at a party as an adult. You can spend the evening taking your time, replenishing and relaxing. 

There is plenty of stores out doing Halloween specials this time of year and if you are like me, love Lush then I am sure you have already invested in the Autumn/Halloween specials! 

4. If you are not into scary movies or up to watching films have a look around on Youtube at different make up tutorials. Whether they're spooky costume ideas or just a regular on the town chic look!

I know it sounds a bit silly as if you are reverting back to being little again but give your self a little beauty treatment and play around with your make up. See if you can mimic a nice look you like! 

5. There is always the old traditional thing of curling up with a good book if you're into reading. Books, comic or fan fiction which ever as its completely up to you. Also if you haven't already then get yourself a pumpkin! 

Pumpkin carving is a lot of fun - just remember to be very careful and watch your fingers! There is plenty of good designs to copy on Google and Pinterest or just make one up yourself! 

There is so many ways to spend Halloween by yourself because at the end of it all its just another day. Its all just for fun anyway. 

I hope this post has helped some others who aren't doing anything wild for the holiday. You're not alone and do please have a lovely Halloween! 



  1. I love your pictures! And those pumpkins are gorgeous. I'll be spending this Halloween in watching scary films and eating lots of junk, so this post reassured me that I'm not the only one! Happy Halloween!

    Sharni X

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a night in :) A nice bath and watching sounds perfect for a relaxing night.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


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