Patisserie De Bain Lauches A Delicious Vanilla Scent! | Review

2 October 2016

Do we have any Patisserie lovers present by any chance? If not then I suggest you invest or just have a good sniff at these delicious products over at your local Superdrug because you are missing out! It's a national treat that definitely deserved to in your bathroom!

Patisserie De Bain are a the brain child filled with delicious bathtub treats that come from the origin brand of Rose & Co. They are a wonderful brand created by both mother and daughter. Rose & Co which is vastly expanding here in the UK only use locally sourced, good quality ingredients and expert British suppliers and manufacturers to create their products. 

Ive bought a couple of their products previously before and they have been wonderful! So I had already had high expectations when I received this set. But of course, I was yet again instantly pleased by Rose & Co given such a beautiful products. Also can I note how cute is the packaging?! Its so cute! I love the french theme cafe theme it carries, the soft pretty light colours and how the sweet scent matches perfectly.

Now the scent is vanilla for this one and its not too heavy, its sweet and light. The shower gel is a clear substance, it smells good enough to eat to be honest. If only I could... 

The Creme Patisserie body soufflĂ© is also holds a buttery vanilla aura too. The sent lasts for around two hours, its extremely moisturising and thick which is what I like. I love that in a moisturised or body cream, the runnier the less it lasts. The thicker and it penetrates the skin better, so this would be ideal for those interested in this item. Also who look for those qualities with body creams. 

This set comes with a cute little body sponge (I think thats what these are called? Im sure they have a different name haha!). Even that smells nice! Maybe its just me. But I think so!

I just want to thank the owners for sending me this product as I truly do appreciate it. It arrived all safe in a lovely big box, wrapped beautifully in that gorgeous Patisserie tissue paper. Isn't it pretty?

I love those little efforts made just to go that extra mile and put a smile on your face!

Of course the actual products in their packaging looks like this in store. Its so lovely and well put together in the design category.

Its worth every penny and would make a fantastic gift for your loved ones this Christmas or even as a secret santa at work! It would be a nice gift for somebody, man or woman. Smells good and thats all that matters in the end!

It retails over at Superdrug at the moment as a free gift when you spend over a certain amount. Until then the pricing is still to be decided and confirmed. 

What do you think about this item? Would you give it a try? Please let me know your thoughts! As always they are highly appreciated! 



  1. Recently got this one! Love the vanilla scent!

  2. I have never heard of this brand before but to be honest I am sold by the packaging alone! haha. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, it is so lovely and you seem so nice. Keep up your hard work! x

    1. Awwwww thank you so much! This put a smile on my face! :)

      Im glad you like my blog! Yes, its gorgeous isnt it?! Its all pretty and fancy! You should definitely invest lovely xxxxx

  3. The packaging is soooo lovely! First time I'm hearing about this brand but they seem great :D x

  4. Awwww! really?! Well im happy you now know! They are fab! Mmmm xxx


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