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6 October 2016

Hello! Ah... its been a while since I did a monthly favourite post. I didn't do one last month simply because there wasn't anything good going on in my life and I had not an awful lot to post about. So now I do!  Anyway just a few of the things that have been happening... 

1. How could I not throw in a good Lush snapshot of the wonderfully new Autumn and Winter pieces? I went a bit crazy this year. I haven't really bought that many bath bombs from Lush before (I know... I know!) but this year I decided to go all out and actually bother trying some of the new products. 

Plus the previous products that have been coming out during Autumn and Winter before. Ive had snow fairy, the pink bubble bar and flower bath bomb before but it was such a treat to try the Autumn products! How cute is that pumpkin though? 

I never want to use the bath bombs... they're so pretty! Its a shame to use them. They're super moisturising though, I ended up using the new monster ball bath bomb and not only did it turn the bath water into unicorn vomit. It was so lovely on my skin, glittery and it left me feeling so soft! Im so going to buy another one next year! I want to use the sparkly pumpkin next! 

2. The Disney store... I'm such a big kid. Yeah, I'm guilty of going in there regularly and buying the mugs. Either as presents or dare I say myself? I can't help it! I just love Disney. I went in the other day and I saw all the pretty Christmas ornaments out already! Aren't they gorgeous? I wish I had my own little Christmas tree where I could just fill it ups with these... 

3. As its getting colder day by day I had to invest in a new winter coat. This one is from Miss Selfridge! It fits the Larme kei fashion vibe perfectly and its so snug! I love the pretty faux fur collar, I feel so girly and precious wearing it! It comes with a lovely belt too to keep you all tucked in during those frosty days! I can't wait to properly wear it come Bon Fire night and Christmas! 

4. University is harder this year... Im a few weeks in my second year now. So much work to do, its piling and piling up. Im trying to do so much during spare time but when I finish university its time for work and by the time Im trying to get more done, thats after tea and things like washing ect. Its almost time for bed... I really need to organise better and just learn not to stress. Ill get there eventually I suppose. 

But other than that my modules for this year are good, they're not boring like they were in the first year and they're actually getting us to produce outcomes for live briefs which is always a plus. More opportunities for us! 


  1. That lush photo though! I need to do a Lush shop soon :) New follower by the way, loving your blog :)
    Kathy x

    1. Thats so sweet of you! :) You really do ahahaha its so worth it! Thank you doll xxxx


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