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4 October 2016

Im loving Charlotte Tilbury a lot lately, I tend to skip from brand to brand a lot because it takes me ages to properly find a brand that I like enough to stick with that has decent good quality products. That includes gorgeous packaging because I like my cosmetics to look cute... duh? Popularity doesn't matter to me so much as not every well known brand has products suited for everyone and they aren't always the best. Trust me. 

I've done the paid for a lipstick, concealer or nail varnish for over thirty quid and thought "You know what... it's not even all that good." before regretting why I ever even bought it, wept and started snapping pictures of it to flog on Depop or Ebay. Since you can't really give cosmetics back can you? Eek. 

But with Charlotte Tilbury it lives up to my expectations. It ticks all of the boxes for me, it pretty (rose gold though!) and well it's past my own little personal quality control pen. Its for me. I'll shut up now, I tend to just ramble on with myself. Ah well... 

For those of you interested, have heard of Charlotte Tilbury or just need a nice mascara that does the job. I mean in this day and age there is so many mascaras out there with so many brushes, its an endless choice and its all down to preference at the end. I'll just make this review quick and just sum this item up as: Good. 

The Legendary Lashes mascara certainly lives up to its standards. The brush is excellent if you want that full big bushy volume. I know not all girls tend to like that and prefer a more natural, dimmed down lash. I just love slapping it on and having big beautiful lashes! 

This type of brush is my favourite as its nothing overly weird, I'll be honest sometimes I go into Boots and look at the mascaras, open one up and knit my brow at the sight of some of the brushes. I've never seen some of them those before while this Legendary Lash is just the typical traditional mascara brush. 

Complaints I must make are that it smudges too easily. Gah. I mean I don't mind getting an ear bud and damping it to get off the smudge marks underneath my eye but it can be a bit of a pain in the morning when Im rushing for the train to university... 

However the trick is to simply layer. I have found if you do layers and allow it to dry, build up your volume that way and that way it will appear lash bat-eyelash like and the formula giving you a much bolder but fuller appearance. But I will not be using this on my bottom lashes anymore due to smudging.

The pigment in this mascara is brilliant though. Its black alright. 

It does have quite an overpowering scent too. I don't mind that too much and I know some do. Still I do think that too much scent can be a bit annoying, I put this on my eyes and question what exactly am I applying on myself. I do wish it was mellowed down in terms of its scent. 

I have read some more reviews about this item while most being negative, while you cannot please everyone, I think this product is worth the buy but just do your research before purchasing or have a look at this product in the store to test if its really right for you. I had a small tester of this mascara and I liked it enough to purchase the actual large version. 

I heard it has lasted others longer and thats what I look for in a good mascara. So I look forward to continue using this product for my everyday make up. Money well spent I think. 

So far are any of you impressed or not so much?

Do any of you reading already own any Charlotte Tilbury products? If so or if not, would you purchase this product? Please let me know! Its always interesting to hear your thoughts! 



  1. Ooh this sounds amazing! I'm currently revamping my makeup and switching to cruelty-free products, and I think charlotte tilbury are cruelty-free which is amazing! Might just keep an eye out for this mascara as it's super pretty. Thanks for the review!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. Im glad you liked the review doll! Yes and ooh! Yes Charlotte Tilbury is an animal cruelty free company which is brilliant :) ! Yes please do! xxx Thank you so much

  2. I've never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury but the packaging looks so incredibly pretty! I love your photos too :)


    1. Oh you should doll! They are incredibly good and well worth the cash! Thank you! xxx

  3. Looks incredible.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog www.rochellefox.com.au and my latest VLOG

  4. I've never tried this mascara! I really love extreme black mascara though, it really does make a difference!
    Kathy x

    1. Oh you sure doll! You wont regret it! :) Its really good value for money! xxxx


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