My Christmas Wishlist

27 November 2016

We all want things for Christmas there is no lie about that. But surely its okay to purely just want something rather than actually needing it right? 

Its the time for giving and as much fun as it is to receive its nice to give someone a gift just to see the that gleam of happiness light up in their eyes. 

Its such a nice feeling and when you get what you want in return or a total surprise its always nice too.

I dont really like asking for presents now compared to when I was little... back when it was okay to be adamant and pester your parents to death about how much you really want the new Animal Hospital play set or Polly Pocket. But when I reached adulthood I stopped asking and focused more so on giving nice gifts.

But... it's always since to receive a little something in return though right? 

So for those reading have you all got anything in particular you want for Christmas this year? Share with me! I'm always happy to hear.



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