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17 November 2016

Whether these are new or not I am not totally sure... but all I can say is that I am in love! As we all know NYX is already popular with their Lip Lingerie line which offers good full coverage, matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and now with this lid collection being quite the opposite. 

They are lightweight, creamy shadows with a pearlescent tint. These are literally just lip glosses for your eyelids giving you and pretty glittery eye lids and they last all day - all day. I've been using these for approximately a month now and they don't wear off easily. 

The NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tints are a fabulous for those groggy dark mornings where I can just whack these beauties on during my tedious long train journeys to university and back. 

At £6.00 each they really are wonderful because it saves the messy powdery spillage I would usually get with eyeshadows and clogging up my make up bags. They're pretty much a lifesaver and I cannot stop using them either! I've bounced from my powdered eyeshadows to these and back again. I can't stop.

NYX Lingerie Lid Tint range is fairly large, the colour scheme is neutral and there is a meer few striking colours in the group such as burgundy and bright pink. I would say the formula for these tints is very light, sheer and a bit velvety too. 

They give you a lovely soft swish of colour and shine over your lids not leaving you with any transparent, heavy shadow either. I tend to add some on my lids and gently blend it with my little finger or use a small brush.  

(L-R): Sweet Cloud, Bronze Mirage, Whimsy and Rose Pearl

Currently there is 12 shades at the ready: 

  • Sweet Cloud: Rose gold
  • Rose Pearl: Pale pink
  • Evening Spell: Deep burgundy
  • Gold Standard: Rich gold
  • Night Glow: Taupe shimmer
  • White Lace Romance: Pearly white
  • Whimsy: Mid-tone pink
  • New Romance: Copper pink
  • Morning Sky: Jade green
  • Fame & Fortune: Silver 
  • Nude To Me: Nude beige
  • Bronze Mirage: Golden bronze

My choices were (L-R): Whimsy, Sweet Cloud, Bronze Mirage and Rose Pearl

Despite testing all of the colours out in the store I decided to stick to colours which would compliment my complexion more rather than go too wild. 

I like to play it safe with my colour scheme where I can keep things neutral but have a bit of sparkle on a day to day basis to balance it out. I'm really happy with my choices as all the colours are gorgeous!

Next time I think I may invest in the other two colours White Lace Romance and New Romance. Those two were going in my shopping basket too at the time when I got these but I decided to buy four just to try them out to see whether I liked them or not. Now that I know I do I will definitely be buying more... as always NYX never disappoints me. 

I watched then blended them here quite heavily so you can see more of the color and tone, but they definitely even out more when blending on the eyelid. They are able to be layered to build intensity, however I must remind you that to let them dry and set in-between layers for five minutes if you’re going to do so, otherwise they will get blotchy.
You can blend shades together for a tad more dimension, but me being me I prefer a more simple look with these just one shade blended out on my lid joined with some black winged eyeliner and mascara. It’s  all very simple,  cute and takes only a few seconds.
However the formula for these tints are not waterproof (unlike many other shimmery eyeshadows are), but I found it held up fine throughout the day without a problem. I didn’t experience any creases or fading and they come off easily with micellar water.

They are all very wonderful products and I do highly recommend you to try these if you are interested or if you've been eyeing them up on your travels. Even if it is just one honestly try them because you will not be disheartened. 

What do you think so far of these NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tints? Any good? Please let me know! 



  1. I haven't tried these but I also haven't tried eyeshadows like this either. They look so easy to use though!
    Kathy x

    1. They are super easy peasy! great for the morning rush! x

  2. These are so pretty, I've never heard of them before!

  3. i love the nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks and the eye tints look so good. i haven't seen them in store yet but i hope they will launch soon.


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