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5 November 2016

Blimey! Well October went by fast enough didn't it? 

Which is great of course. Now that we have Halloween and Bon fire night out of the way we are officially on the route to Christmas! I don't know if that is a good or bad thing for some but for me I am probably semi-excited. I like the build up to Christmas but I cannot say I am a big Christmas fan anymore. The stress and angry shoppers are partly but Christmas wore off me years ago I think. 

Its okay and I prefer the two week break than I do fussing over presents and food. Still its nice to just be with your family and chill out. Thats my perfect Christmas: relaxing. I sound really boring but thats honestly how I am. At least all the good cheesy Christmas films and tasty good saves us Christmas-haters I guess? ha ha!

1. I love taking pictures of all my little breakfast/snack set ups and you can check them out on my Instagram! I used to always see food set ups back on Myspace icon websites and Piczo sites back in the day! I used to think "I wish I could do stuff like that" but I had no idea how to go about or anything unlike now where there is so much more inspiration. I just hope I inspire other people too! 

Plus how cute are those baby pumpkins? Apparently they're squashes... in my eyes they're little pumpkins! They were only 40 pence each in Tesco and I couldn't be a bad pumpkin mama leaving the pair behind. I've got an obsession with collecting Disney mugs too, I have so many and in that picture is my Snow White one. 

I was discussing this with my friend yesterday in class and she even admitted to owning so many that when she leaves home, she will just have a kitchen shelf dedicated to all her Disney mugs. I can't lie and say I won't because I will probably have one too ha ha!

Its just such a nice time of year to get festive and snuggle with up a good brew! Have any of you reading got a favourite hot drink? I love a good Cappuccino! Its my favourite coffee. I love how strong and creamy it is at the same time. But recently I am loving Costa Coffee's new selection of Christmas drinks! Their black forest hot chocolate is to DIE for. 

2. Another reason to love Autumn? The leaves! All the bright splashes of colours and crispiness they hold. It always makes me think back to being at primary school for some reason - probably because I used to play in the leaves and the long walk holding my mother's hand as I stamped around in all the leaves on the way there. 

I tend to remember that more than high school or college days. I just find this season to be peaceful in all its gloominess. 

3. Oh! So the other week I got sent a lovely package from my friend in Japan. We have been pen pals for over six years now and strangely enough we met on Tumblr. 

Its so funny as I was still learning Japanese back then (properly) and I saw the Japanese strawberry meiji milk reblog on my dashboard and I used to just follow anyone back then who liked cute things ect.

 So I asked this girl and for some reason I assumed she was British because of all the British things she reblogged.

I asked what shop she got the strawberry milk from because I really wanted to try the meiji version. I laughed when she said "Its from Lawson convenience store" and Lawson is a convenience store chain over there for those who don't know. It was funny because she loves British things!

So we got talking, always messaging each other every day and she asked if I wanted to become her pen pal! That was six years ago and even now we still send cards/gifts to each other. I plan to meet her in June 2017 and I can't wait to finally see her in person! 

Now I can't help but thank Meiji's strawberry milk otherwise I would have never made such a sweet and kind friend. 

4. I bought these Lingerie eye shadow tints from NYX the other day and I wasn't really expecting them to be that great. I just thought I would give them a go and I liked their colours. They are amazing! I love how they just glide on like lip glosses and blend so easily. 

They dry pretty fast too which is a bonus leaving no creases either! I am so surprised. I think I will go back and get some more! I definitely recommend these to anyone who is in a rush every morning getting ready and just needs to quickly slap on some make up before their train/bus because these will save you. I promise!



  1. No matter what they're officially called, in my eyes those little mini squashes are pumpkins :D That's so cool that you have an internet pen pal! She's so sweet to send you that packaging. The NYX lid lingerie tints look so pretty, I'm currently wearing a lip lingerie ;)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Same here aha! They're just little orange squishes...

      Yes we keep in touch even now and will meet next year lovely :)

      Well get yourself the eye version cos those are just as good!!! xxxx


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