OH MY GOD! Do you like Snow Fairy? Then Guess What...

7 November 2016

Lush have done us a very good deed this year by releasing a gorgeous new Snow fairy body conditioner! There is never a year that goes by where Snow fairy is now in abundance.

Its probably become a beauty blogger yearly favourite by now and this sickeningly but beautiful scent along with the others 'Honey I washed The Kids' and 'Candy Mountain' has covered near enough possibly ever format and continues to expand on a year by year basis. 

Its so gorgeous and it smells even better than the Snow Fairy shower gel by a mile. Sure the tub doesn't look the part but its what is inside that counts (literally!).

I mean how can you say no to such a pretty glittery pink swirl solution that smells like heavenly bubblegum sweeties inside? I should can't! 

It retails for £13.95 for 225g and of course is vegan friendly. 

Inside the tub the pink pretty solution is very thick and creamy reminding you of a candy shop. All of the candyflosses, pick n' mix and lollipops combined would not top this scent I can assure you (its that sweet!). 

Compared to the shower gel, this conditioner has a delicious aroma and smells like all the candy on the planet melted and baked into a wonderful seasonal treat just for you.

The ingredients listed indicate that with the use of candy floss water shows me that Lush have gone to their further extent on creating one of the most overpowering, strong and dominating sweet scents that Snow Fairy could ever possibly have.

This stuff is powerful and I have used this conditioner in the morning before getting ready for university, going about my day and coming home where I still smell like it. The new Snow Fairy body conditioner is so very strong, it really does last all day and does not easily fade. 

This conditioner is extremely good for your skin too. There is plenty of avocado butter, mango butter and a tint of cherry infusion too added into the mixture. So if you are a sweet tooth its definitely ideal to meet your needs. 

As Avocado butter is packed full of natural good oils - rich enough that they not only soothe and strengthen the skin, but offers a deep condition that other oils can't. The mango butter inside makes the skin softer and helps repairing the skin as well.

The cherry infusion not only adds a layer of sweetness but helps to elevate the wonderful, sweet candy aroma, but also works on cleaning the pores so you can enjoy soft, smooth beautiful skin.

I do not find this conditioner very greasy, although some may do but I find that all the oils and butters work quick enough to absorb into the skin within 20 minutes at the most. Its a great product for treating yourself to weekly after a long hard day or just your regular pamper day (or everyday if you are like me!). 

To be fair I was not expect this product to be this enjoyable at first, I was shown it in the shop and my interest was captured but not enough for me to want to buy it. 

So I went back to Lush to purchase just the Snow Fairy gel alone and I thought I might just give the conditioner a try. I am so glad I bought it as it really does help soften and nourish my skin to the best of its abilities.

I did not expect the Snow Fairy body conditioner to be this good. I am surprised by it and yet not so surprised as Lush always bring out wonderful products. 

What an absolute treat!

Have any of you reading bought the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and if so what are your thoughts? If any of you are going to buy it or are thinking of buying then you will not be displeased! 



  1. can't wait to pick this up!! Snow fairy is my FAVE! x


    1. It smells AMAZING. Honestly just pick it up and have a good whiff... truly dreamy!

  2. I swear every other post I read features Lush products. I need to go to the mall ASAP lol. This body conditioner sounds sooo good. I've never actually tried a body conditioner before and this seems like the perfect first one to try :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Its much more stronger than the Snow fairy gel by miles... its powerful this stuff. Yeah! Lush has stepped up their game this year ehehe xxxx

  3. I'm so glad they made this! Looks and sounds so nice
    Kathy x

    1. Awwww ehe! Me too! :) you have to try it hun x

  4. While I'm not the biggest fan of Snow Fairy, I do LOVE the body conditioners! They're so lovely!

    Sharni // www.agirlandgrey.com


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