Too Faced 'Grande Hotel Cafe' Christmas Edition | Review

6 November 2016

Well I can't believe its almost Christmas. In how many months? Wait... next month?! That's shocking.   This year has flown and next thing you know we are back to the wonderful winter season which means groggy dark morning, delicious treats and bundling up in cute warm clothes. 

But also collections come out and I was very pleased when I saw that Too Faced's new luxurious 2016 Christmas Edition of Grande Hotel Cafe was being released. Luckily enough I was able to pinch it from Debenhams instead of going through the process of shipping and the long wait. 

This release is much similar to last years Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Christmas edition only except the packaging is different. The palettes are quite similar but this new one is focused on sweet treats and the colours to match. 

Its gorgeous and I am absolutely pleased with this edition since I was not able to get last year's release. I think this one is nicer anyway and its more decorative with cute illustrations. The first thought I had receiving it was "wow" and I had clips of Home Alone 2 flashing in my mind ha ha! But who wouldn't want to visit New York during Christmas time? I know I would! Thankfully Too Faced has brought that to us individually. 

I was excited for this collection as there is three separate palettes! It comes with three Christmas coffee scented palettes (Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Coffee, and Eggnog Latte!) for a total of 18 matte and shimmer shadows, two blushes, a bronzer, and a deluxe size of Better Than Sex Mascara. 

The price for all of these items is fairly decent –  £45 is worth it.

I have already read a few reviews about these palettes are they're mixed. Some people like them and others aren't really impressed. I suppose its down to preference and obviously not everyone is going to be pleased. I really am and I think the palettes are good! They're incredibly easy to work with and certain shades such as 'Sprinkles' blend well. 

However I am slightly let down by the fact that the scent is a bit weak. I find that each palette smells the exact same and there is little to no difference when it comes to determining which is which. The gingerbread palette smells more like mint rather than actual gingerbread.

The eggnog palette has a nice cinnamon scent and its only the peppermint mocha palette is the only one with the correct scent sadly. But its okay as it doesn't bother me too much however I think to some who really did have their heart set on each scent smelling like the palette claims... it's a bit of a let down. 

Also the palettes are not that great within the pigmentation department at all. The shimmer shadows are good but the others are much weaker. I have had to apply and apply multiple times for them to show up properly.

This edition isn't all bad though. I still think its worth the money even if it does not tick every box on the list because you can work with it (and its extremely adorable of course!). 

Palette: Peppermint Mocha

Palette: Eggnog Latte

Palette: Gingerbread Cookie 

Peppermint Cream: is the light creamy shade with a bright and faint undertone. Quite poor pigmentation and may have to re-apply. It's a soft, natural and very silky texture. 

Christmas Blend: a strong light brown, golden warm undertone is packed in and a bold sheen. Great pigmentation, good to even out and blending. This shade is also very neutral, I plan on using this during the Christmas period. 

Peppermint Mocha: a dominant shade with a delicate silk finish. Lovely to apply, it's smooth and easy to blend. It lasts around six hours. Very good so far. 

Candy Cane: very sheer with a slight supple undertone but I find it is not very pigmented. Smooth and lasts around two-three hours for me. I had to keep re-applying.

Sprinkles: a gorgeous glittery pink, bright and with a shiny aftermath. Very good to blend, silky and smooth. It lasts longer than six hours for me. 

Coffee Chip: It is slightly sheer, a bit dry however its easy to blend with. I think it is nice to create a smokey eyed look and I would use this as part of my everyday make up. It lasts around four-five hours for me. 

Santa Baby: is such a lovely warm baby pink but it is quite chalky. It is slightly sheer, a bit dry yet I find it blends out decent enough. Would need multiple layers to make it show up at its best. 

Ginger Cream: is again similar to Peppermint cream but Ginger Cream is less stronger. The shade alone is gorgeous with a bright and faint undertone. Quite poor pigmentation and may have to re-apply. 

Maple Syrup: I would say it would need to be re-applied a fair few times for it to show properly. I think this shade is semi-strong and however is still a beautiful coffee brown. It lasts up to four-five hours wore wearing away.

Gingersnap: a gorgeous sparkled orange, overpowering and yet gritty. Easy to blend and apply. It lasts around four-five hours for me. 

Winter Dream: a very pretty glittery pink which is pigmented, easy to blend with and apply. It shows easily and you would not have to keep re-applying. Lasts four-five hours. 

Cup Of Joe: quite a chalky colour, it is sheer and I had to re-apply it. The colourful itself is a dark brown and I think it is very weak. Pretty but weak. 

Black Coffee: dominant and again is as chalky as Cup Of Joe but a bit more pigmented I find it. Easy to blend with and has a sleek matte finish. Lasts four-five hours. 

Gingerbread: such a gorgeous colour but I find it weak. You would need to apply again until you got the full brown colour. It is sheer but has a glitz aftermath which is very attractive. It lasted me three-four hours. 

Frosty Nog: is a gorgeous light nude, easy to apply but quite sheer and would have to be re-applied in order to create a build up. Perfect for an everyday neutral look. It lasted me around four hours with a matte finish spray. 

Eggnog Latte: a creamy glittery nude which is easy to apply, pigmented and shows perfectly. Looks beautiful on the eyes and lasted me around four-five hours. I was very pleased with this shade. 

Iced Coffee: a lovely sparkly light brown, it is very pigmented and applies fine. Shows up great and lasts around four-five hours. 

Skinny Latte: is a nice matte shade, it would make a great base and is quite pigmented but would still need another coat just to make a fuller look. Applies very smoothly and lasts up to five hours for me. 

Cold Brew: strong, great pigmentation but a little bit gritty for me. Its easy enough to apply and shows up immensely. Lasts four-five hours at the most.

Central Perk: is a strong dark green, I found it very poor in the pigment department and not the best colour to work with on the eyes as I think this does not show up too well. Would need to re-apply and it is very chalky. 

Peach Cobbler: such a pretty peach colour but I find this colour not very pigmented and too sheer for my complexion perhaps it would be better with a lighter skin tone. Still very smooth to apply and light. 

Better Than Sex Mascara: The 'Better Than Sex' mascara that this release comes with is okay but its quite clumpy.

I am still adjusting to the brush but I think honestly its a hit and miss. Its just too messy for me and leaves my lashes looking like bats wings. Plus I find the mascara drying too. I do not like how its one of those small mascaras either as its hard to work with because I need the bigger version. 

But after doing research on this mascara many others found it too awkward and left them with clumpy lashes. Its a shame as it is cute since its tiny but it isn't the best size when it comes to using it. I think the mascara should have just been the normal large sized one instead especially for the price paid for this edition. 

Overall I am happy with with this years Too Faced Christmas release but I do think the palettes could have had a bit more effort thrown into their pigment and scents.

It would still make a lovely gift for someone and I do not think I wasted my money as I do use these palettes but I have pet peeves with some of the shades is all. 

I do hope for any of those reading this review who have only just heard about the Grande Hotel Cafe edition or have seen it around and had it on your wish lists that this isn't a let down review. It isn't meant to be but I just hope that this gives you more of an insight as to what you are going to be receiving. 

Once again thank you for reading and if any of you are interested in this item then what are your thoughts up to now? Please let me know!



  1. These are really pretty and sweet! Definitely wanna get the eggnog latte palette
    Kathy x

    1. Its so dreamy! I am sure you will love it dearie x

  2. I'm always attracted to the Too Faced holiday packaging but the questionable quality has always stopped me from purchasing any. You definitely do get a lot of product for the price! Even if every color didn't work out at least you got a lot of wear out of many of the colors :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. You really do! Exactly thats why its so good! :) Glad you like them xxx

  3. I got this for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I'm totally in love with it.
    The New Old Fashioned Girl

  4. AHH! Your skin looks like dessert with these shades. It's way too cute!

    1. Hahah! I felt like sweetie shop with all these on my arms! They are so lovely! :) x

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