Cutesy Christmas Picks! A Quick Gift Guide

18 December 2016


Well it seems Christmas is literally just around the corner now... it's getting closer and closer by the day but if you are a little bit stuck for some ultimate lovely gifts then there is still time! 

So take by all means just pop up your feet, settle down in your comfies if you have them on (if not then I reckon you should get them on!) and have a good read. As I've got a good handful of bits and bobs that may tickle your fancy! 

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch

Olivia Burton have recently caught my eye and ever since then I've fallen deeply in love with the jewellery and watches. Mostly the watches because they're all extremely classy and high-end looking. 

I adored this particular one in the Rose Gold with numeral numbers and it is the Olivia Burton Ladies Wonderland watches. It is also available in grey and black. But I found the rose gold much more girly and sweet. It would make such an amazing gift this year and would compliment any outfit!

Roses Diptyque Candle

Another item I invested in was this heavenly scented Rose candle by Diptyque. Its one of those "blogger must have' Items knocking around your bedroom and then once its gone transform it into a make up brush holder. 

The one I got is 70g so its a bit too small for making it into a holder... for its size the scent is overbearing and strong. Its not a bad thing of course, it smells wonderful and certainly is worth the money. I can't wait to get this lit!

Capture Your Style Novel

The book "Capture Your Style" written by Aimee Song who is a lovely blogger fashionista and interior designer. This book is an interesting read for anybody who is interested in either fashion, social media or photography as this book basically has it all. 

I have been dying to purchase this book for ages and I am glad I did actually because it does give you a good deal of tips in ways on improving your photography and Instagram feed such as how to create a flawless flat lay out,  making sure pictures are in order and edited to perfection. 

Maison Fossier Raspberry Macarons

Also I found these Maison Fossier Macarons in Home Sense but they can also be found in TK Max's food section. I tried them back in August and they're really good! I was pleased to find more and they were such a bargain too for just £2.49 as you get quite a good handful of tasty raspberry macaroons! 

They're very crunch and chewy too... mmm! They would make such a nice treat.

Dreamy Eye Mask

Now I have been wanting an adorable eye mask for ages too... not necessarily to use because I mainly use it for a prop on my dresser and in my photos just for that added girly touch. I couldn't find a nice one at all until I found this pretty pastel pink and white striped lace eye mask over on Missguided for a bargain price of just £5. 

Perfect as a stocking filler preferably for someone who either just loves their beauty sleep or someone like myself who would just flog it in photos! 

Christmas Tree Decorations

Oh and can you see those three adorable cake decorations too? These are from Accessorise! They're so cute and I am glad I got these because using just sparkly baubles on my tree can be a bit boring so I purchased these to give it a bit of flavour! 

If you get to Accessorise quickly you may still get 3 for 2! 

Mac x Mariah Carey Lipstick Collab

Ah yes.... Mariah Careys new make up collaboration with MAC has certainly caused up a storm this week on Instagram and my blog feed. I can't complain though because the products are beautiful, all of them but I found that I would only use the lipsticks at the most. I only invested in two out of the four shades which were Mcizzle and Dahhlinggg. 

The shade in the picture above is in Dahhlinggg and its so gorgeous on! The colour is a cremesheen pinky peach,  I find it very creamy and glossy. It's a lovely colour and just look at that butterfly?! As if the glitter wasn't enough to win us ladies over!

Baby Pink Roberts Radio

The Roberts radio there in baby pink is actually an early Christmas present of mine (I've been bawling on and hinting about wanting one of these lovelies for ages!) and is it one of those timeless beautiful pieces to have in your home simply to use as decoration if never to be used. But still they're handy just for turning on while you're getting changed or in the bath! 

Its so pretty isn't it?! 

I hope this little gift guide has been somewhat helpful. If do please let me hear your thoughts! 

Happy Holidays 



  1. Oh my gosh everything looks so dreamy and beautiful!

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. Awwww thank you so much sweetie! Im glad you like the post :) x

  2. Lovely gift guide and beautiful photos! I've got the Capture Your Style book on my Christmas list, so it was really great to read how much of a good read it is and helpful for getting more into photography etc xx

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you doll! I appreciate your kind words.

      Its such a good book and I am sure you will definitely enjoy it! Its helped me quite a bit in the last couple of days since Ive had it actually :) thank you!



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