December Through My Phone!

24 December 2016

So it's finally here! 

It's Christmas and I cannot believe just how quickly the weeks have flown by at this point. Honestly I could have sworn it was August and then September where I was starting up my second year of university. It's crazy isn't it?

I reflect on my life a lot when it comes to Christmas and New Year because I always think back to the easier days back in primary school where we could have these Christmas parties which would require mums and dads to bring in plates of sausage rolls, chocolates and sweets for you to share out just before the end of the day and instead of doing school work we would watch movies on the carpet! It was great. 

There would always be some kind of Christmas play with the early years doing the usual Christmas nativity and we would sing carols.

I do miss all that you know! Never thought I would but I do sadly ha ha. Back then I used to always think the coming up to Christmas dragged so much... now in university with deadlines, part time jobs and trying to maintain your social life time flies by. 

But I have learnt that those precious memories during Christmas at school, those I once knew who sat around our dinner table and stayed till New Years day, laughing with my family and dressing up the family dog in a party hat... you can't beat old memories. 

So this month I have been a busy bee doing my usual routine of work and university work trying to get everything done before breaking up for two weeks. I got my Christmas shopping sorted (gosh its hard work! I love shopping but Christmas shopping... it's just difficult and the masses of people overwhelm me!). 

But I got there and I hope everyone reading this has had a less stressful time doing their Christmas shopping! I think my family will be glad with what I've bought them (if not then it's just tough by now ha ha!).  

I'm glad to just settle down and put my feet up. I've still got quite a bit of university work to do but I'll get it done before the New year next week hopefully. 

I got all comfy yesterday by popping on my favourite bedding, white with ruffled edges, it's so gorgeous it makes me feel like I'm in some fancy Parisian hotel! Only except I'm not of course... hehe! I bought that new fluffy white throw from Primark the other week for just £6 and it's so snug I love it!

Plus I managed to grab some fairy lights too because my last ones broke I was extremely gutted because the Christmas season just screams: fairy lights so I practically needed them. 

The Christmas markets in Manchester have now gone but it was fun while they were here. I did often go for a cheeky Baileys hot chocolate, toffee waffle and a hot dog. They had some gorgeous features while they were up and rides! I didn't go on any but the carousel was so pretty. How cute is that?!

Speaking on hot chocolate... I've been addicted to hot chocolate like crazy lately as well. Honestly almost every day it's been: hot chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee or a latte, hot chocolate, tea, hot chocolate. I don't always have them with marshmallows either but I've been addicted to adding those too!

 I never realized in the past just how tasty hot chocolate was with marshmallows and I doubt I'll be breaking the habit either! I do love to add in a treat like a flake or chocolate finger too in some whipped cream to top it all off... 

Sounds so sickly doesn't it? Ha ha! 

Oh and has anyone else seen or invested in any of the new Mariah Carey x Mac Christmas products? If not then you SHOULD. 

They're bloody gorgeous and perfect for this season. I didn't write up a review about them since I added the in my Christmas Gift guide instead. But they are absolutely beautiful, smell amazing and look the part. Invest! 

Since yesterday I have been doing my last minute bit of Christmas shopping and I found these really pretty lights hung up over the town in Bolton. I haven't seen these ones before! I thought they were really pretty and magical. Christmas really is here!

I did buy a gingerbread man house kit the other week and I ATTEMPTED it but they seriously do not pack enough frosting in these kits. 

So I ran out half way through and I did try making more but it didn't go right... I am seriously no good at this baking lark but I still fun it fun just to decorate with the marshmallows and smarties. It's still kind cute though right?

I did invest in a gingerbread man baking kit too and thankfully those turned out decent! I'm not ashamed to flaunt these off! They're not perfect but they taste fantastic and I've eaten almost half (I'm so naughty!). 

One of my monthly purchases this month is no doubt these gorgeous rose gold brushes by Zoeva. I've been after some fairly decent make up brushes for ages since most I buy are just off eBay, they do the job most of the time but I don't own any professional branded ones.

I did some research and they have good feedback so far therefore I bought them in the hopes that they work their wonders! I've started using a couple of the brushes such as the eyeshadow, blush and brow brush and they're doing me proud! Best investment yet.

It's Christmas tomorrow and I want to just say thank you for reading this long post about me rambling on about well... myself! 

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow, eat lots, drink lots and receive lovely things. But most importantly spend it with someone you love and enjoy yourselves! 

Merry Christmas



  1. Have a happy Holiday, Cheyanne! Hot chocolate can get addicting, I remember there was a moment when I cannot stop drinking it and had to stop at some point because it was the only thing I consumed. Well, what can I say, it's delicious when done right ;)

    Selene Addicted

    1. Happy (Late sorry!) holidays to you too! Yes it can aha... really?! Oh my goodness haha! Well... it may do the body harm but its good for the soul x

  2. Hello Cheyanne! I just found your blog and I just want to let you know that I genuinely enjoy reading your blog and love the design! Everything is so pretty! <3

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Awwww thank you and hello there! Welcome to my blog. Awwww I am glad you like it, it makes me so pleased! Thanks! xxxx


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