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27 December 2016

Japan Candy Box has kindly sent me some items to review from their wonderful little store and it is here incase anyone is interested in having a look! 

How adorable is this lot though? Now I have always been on and off with certain products from Japan because my language level is probably enough for me to get by over there with the basics and midway conversation but I still have trouble understanding things. 

Luckily I was able to suss out most of the names for these products but Japan Candy Box also sent me the list so it was all made easier for me thankfully! 

So I was sent a pack of these adorable 'Kinoko No Yama' biscuits which means Mushroom Mountains  as they're in the shape of little mushrooms with a stem. Very cute! 

They don't take long to set but I left mine for over a couple of hours before going back to the and they were fun to make. I think these are mostly ideal for children but it's still a bit fun doing something childish and making your own chocolate! It makes it taste that extra bit special in my opinion.

The white chewies or "Hi-Chew" are super delicious too! I think these are great for just keeping in your handbag for on the train or walking around the shops. They come in other flavours too such as strawberry, cupcake, apple, peach ect! They're worth trying.

Now usually my friend over in Kobe sends me bits and bobs mostly sweeties from Japan so I have had the before today. Most of these products send I have tried but in various other flavours so it was interesting to new some new flavours instead for a change. Those being the sweets in match green tea by Milky, I've had those in the original milk flavour and strawberry before today. They were lovely and creamy! 

These green tea ones don't have much of a taste apart from maybe an added juicy leafy flavour and a hint of citrus in there too. They're very nice but I think I prefer them mostly in strawberry where they're sweeter!

The strawberry Koala biscuits are very tasty! But I really have to be in the mood for these on one of my sweet tooth days otherwise they come across really sickly. They're a nice little treat though, crunchy and you get quite a good amount of them inside too so they don't come packed stingy either. 

I liked the Umaibo corn snack too! It tasted like a giant big crisp but all in one big bit! Super crunchy, the flavour of the one I was sent is corn soup which you can't really taste because it does have some spiciness to it but it's nice. I have not had this Christmas edition flavour before so I was glad to be able to try it. 

Awwww.... I love the Pudding sweeties by the company "Furuta' because I have never had these before and they actually do taste like pudding! Well mostly custard. In Japan they have what is called 'Purin' which is technically custard pudding with a slight layer of caramel laid on top. I have not tried a Japanese purin before but I really want to! They look so nice and they're all wobbly like jelly too. So far these are my favourite! 

The Umai Christmas chocolate stick was as unusual like the other corn soup flavoured edition. But this one had the same crispy texture inside however the coating was chocolate instead. Great for sweet tooths! 

The Daisy Duck Tsum Tsum biscuits were delicious! I loved these. They had chocolate embedded inside as well and this hazelnut crunchy shell around it. I liked how each biscuit had the imprint of Disney characters on them too! You had Pluto, Mickey, Daisy, Donald ect... adorable! The first one I got was Bambi (One of my favourites! I squealed with joy and then gobbled him whole). 

The milk biscuits with the cute little character called Virus were also nice but a bit bland for my taste. They are only really just little milk biscuits more than anything, nothing special but still made up for being a nice snack while watching the telly or blogging. However I wouldn't buy these. Just not for me. 

The strawberry chocolate pop was tasty too! But you don't get even a mouthful of the thing! It's far too small and it is literally a bite. One bite and its gone. Again I wouldn't buy this product but I think it is more ideal for a little child rather than a grown adult.

Japan Candy Box is definitely worth visiting if  you are looking for a gift for somebody who really enjoys sweeties and chocolate or just cute things in general! You will not be disappointed from such great service and fast delivery. 

Oh! Also for a chance to win some adorable goodies Japan Candy Box are holding one of their wonderful giveaways. So pleased enter! 

If you are interested then you are able to enter here:

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Thanks for reading and if you have entered then good luck!


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