Patisserie De Bain Just Got Better! New Year, New Scent

8 December 2016

Patisserie De Bain did it again. 

Once more we have been blessed with a wider variety of gorgeous products with four more new scents available to us. 

Have you tried Patisserie De Bain before? If not then I highly recommend that you should especially since it is the glorious Christmas season and this line would make such wonderful gifts! Your loved ones will not be disappointed and if they are they're lying! 

If you have already tried these products then you should know where I'm going with this. But if you haven't then you are in luck as Patisserie De Bain have some new scents which may tickle your fancy.

As we have now been introduced to the scents such as Lemon Bon bon, Cranberries & Cream, Strawberry Cupcake, Rhubarb Whip, Sweet Cherry Pie and Sugared Violet. 

Patisserie De Bains products can be found over on their website or here from Superdrug. 

I was kindly sent the gorgeous Strawberry Cupcake products to try and when they arrived in a big box I was absolutely excited! Aren't they lovely? 

Everything by Patisserie De Bain is so beautiful and I am really grateful that I was able to have the chance to try their some of their new products. It's such an honour and I am thrilled! 

Aw... the gorgeous pastel striped box the products arrived in is so pretty, all of them were packaged extremely carefully ensuring none were damaged. 

Also I love how "Which Sweet Scent Are You?" is featured on the front. It sure does gives the package some mystery before opening it up to reveal the goodies! 

" Keep your heart and mind cheerful with happy scent of Strawberry Cupcake from Patisserie de Bain. A pink and girly swirl of cuteness, Strawberry Cupcake is carefree laughter bottled with sunny scents of strawberries and cream. " - Patisserie De Bain

I really like the new Strawberry Cupcake cake slice soap addition to the Patisserie De Bain line! It even looks as if it could be slice of cake too. I love its scent... when I took this out of its wrapping I was sat there sniffing it and couldn't bear the thought of putting it under the shower yet. 

Eventually I did and wow! I was surprised to find how moisturising it is and sweet smelling. 

Now personally I am not really that into soap bars because they slip and slide everywhere, they're a little unhygienic and I just think using shower gel is easier. Not only that but bars of soap looking at them are quite a traditional and old fashioned product. I doubt they will ever truly go out the window but nowadays many people just tend to go out and buy bottled products. 

However I think these cake themed slices of soap give Patisserie that old school Parisian cafe vibe. They give the brand a good variety to choose from and the bars of soap are attractive and presented in such a cute way, so I still think they would be just as popular as everything else. 

These Strawberry Cupcake mini bath bombs are probably one of my favourites as they come in a traditional sweetie jar and actually look like little bon bon sweets! 

You get a great deal of them packed inside, they're quite small and fizz up almost immediately when dropped into water. But they smell amazing! The scent is a mixture of fresh strawberries and perhaps a tint of rose added in there as one of the notes. Its very perfumed when you take them out and smell the bath bombs however I found that they aren't as strong in the water. 

There is a scent but it isn't heavy as it would be with for example a bath bomb from Lush or Bomb Cosmetics, but again these are quite small anyway still they're lovely just add for that bit of moisture. 

The Strawberry Cupcake hand cream (50ml)  is on the top of my list from this collection mostly because during winter time I get such clammy cold hands but I also have a problem with one of my hands with the skin and I go through hand cream like no tomorrow. 

So this product is very useful for me as I slather it on in the morning, afternoon and evening. Its a great little size for popping in my pocket too when I'm on the train to university and just need that little bit of sweet hand hydration on my travels. 

This product isn't very greasy either which is great because sometimes some hand creams can be too much and make your hands feel like you've just dipped them in melted butter. But this one is great leaving your hands silky smooth in a rich lovely glycerine strawberry coat for the winter!

Plus it just smells so heavenly.... 

As for the Strawberry Cupcake hand and body lotion I found it is probably just as similar to the little hand cream but in a bigger bottle. You get a good amount of it too and I have been using this product mostly as a skin treat on a friday night or a sunday where I just want to relax after a nice hot shower. 

Its gorgeous and so perfumed too leaving you smelling like a strawberry for hours after you've used it. It's rather thick too as you may only need a bit to rub in on your skin and then leave it to soak in. 

The Strawberry Cupcake bath and shower gel isn't as strawberry scented as the rest of the products. I found this one to be quite bland in the scent department but there is traces of strawberry there it just isn't as strong.

I have been using this as a shower gel mostly and its really nice actually. But if you are into shower gels or bath creams which are lightly scented and don't lather up then this is probably ideal for you.

For those reading what do you think of the products so far? Impressed or are they not for you? Please share your thoughts! 


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