What I Got For Christmas! 2016

28 December 2016

Ah so Christmas has finally gone. 

Well it's still the holidays and we have New Year to arrive yet so technically it is still the holidays! I hope everyone reading has had a lovely Christmas. My Christmas day was just quiet really with a few family visitors,  a good turkey dinner with some cheesecake pudding and finished off with nice glasses of baileys while catching up with the Christmas soaps on the telly. 

I'm just glad to see more of my family as we are so busy there isn't always time during the year. So it's lovely to see who's around the tree and it isn't always about presents. However it's always lovely and be grateful to receive gifts! 

As I have grown up presents lessen but I don't mind anymore. I actually enjoy Christmas more for the time off and being able to relax. I do know not everyone is into these "What I got for Christmas" posts from what I have seen but this is my first one and I just thought it would be nice to share with others!

I do enjoy having a good nosey at what other people have received too whether its on Instagram, blogs or Youtube. It's just a bit of fun really! 

I do love Philosophy and only because of my Auntie who is like a little miniature blonde Audrey Hepburn who loves to keep everything prim, pretty and graceful. Growing up I tended to look at the things she used to buy and wish to be more like her. She's gorgeous and she uses this particular brand which lead to me getting into Philosophy's products too. 

I have had perfume from them before which was this one Amazing Grace and Pure Grace. They do other ones such as Fresh Cream, Just Grace and Living Grace too. The scents are so beautiful and fresh plus they're very long lasting too. I would say Philosophy perfumes are quite inexpensive, they're truly worth the money. I always feel really sophisticated and lovely when I wear the scents. 

I remember seeing this one, Amazing Grace in this beautiful ballerina packaging just before Christmas and I asked my mother for it as a gift since she didn't know what to really buy me. I love it! How pretty is the packaging? The bottle is my own little sugar plum fairy! Usually Amazing Grace comes in a very minimalist pale pink box filled with simply just text. But I am happy to finally see an edition with some illustration on at least! 

I'll probably keep this forever. It's too nice to use! 

Also I did receive some Pink Champagne truffles by Charbonnel & Walker. They're so delicious! They come in this light pink powder too, they're really thick and creamy mmm! 

Debenhams have recently got in this new line called "Pretty Little Thing" which is amazing for blogger tier items and they have some beautiful home decor. Everything is really affordable too and well worth investing in if you are starting out blogging, if you need those props or just want a cute little home. 

But I asked for this gorgeous trinket holder with "Enjoy the little things" on it because I usually use a jewellery box. 

However it's just too bulky and I don't buy that much jewellery anymore. I only ever really use certain pairs of earrings, bracelets and I thought it would be nice to have this piece for my little treasures! It's easier than rambling my way through a three tier jewellery box and smaller too. 

These have been out quite a while but I have never actually owned any designer tier nail polish? I am quite a big fan of YSL too and I decided I would like some of their nail polishes to try. 

I've been using the Rose Abstrait colour and it's lovely! The nail polish is good quality but I find it does chip fairly easily still. I think it's a hit and miss at the most. Do love it still though! 

I also got some Champneys bath products (how adorable is the bag with its little bow?!) and a gorgeous big set of teas. 

Oh I absolutely love tea! So I cannot wait to start getting these out and trying each of them. I'm usually a coffee drinker but slowly I am reverting back to my teas now so this is really ideal.

I love how it is set out like a pretty Parisian style cafe with each part in little drawers. Again really pretty illustrations on packaging. I'm loving it!

I ended up also receiving some Miffy Pyjamas and cute pink loafer slippers off my mother. Also a Miffy dressing gown off my grandmother too. I have a thing for cutesy characters like this! Hello kitty, Bambi, Miffy ect... they're all my favourites!

I was so pleased to get such pretty pjs and I'm actually desperate for some. I didn't realise just how low I was on pyjamas up until last week where I was in my wardrobe and looked around for some... without holes or stains. I practically live in my jimmies when I'm at home so everything and anything can happen! But I will try to be good to these... (I'm wearing the just as I am typing this up by the way...  just so you know...). 

I think my most favourite gift is this lovely rose gold heart bracelet from James Warren my mother got me. It's got some little swarvoski crystal on and it's so tiny! I love delicate jewellery like this and it's in rose gold! I couldn't be any happier! 

Thank you for reading and I do hope this post isn't seen is bragging or anything like that. Honestly I'm not! But I wish everyone well, I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and that you enjoyed yourselves! 

That's what Christmas is really about: just spending the day happy and having a good time.



  1. You had such wonderful gifts, the miffy dressing gown is the cutest thing ever! Lovely post, 8 love the look of the Ysl polishes too☺️ I just blogged about what I got for Christmas tonight too xxxx


    1. Thank you sweetie! Isn't it adorable?! I fell in love with it weeks ago when I first saw it! Awwww I will check out your post too sweet. Thank you! xxxxx

  2. I love all your gifts are so 'you'. The YSL polishes look pretty with their pastel shades.

    Selene Addicted

    1. Ehehehe awww thank you! They are gorgeous, if you can please try then! They're fab and YSL have new colours at the mo too! x

  3. Beautiful post and blog. I love the girly pink style, it’s so pretty! I agree with your thoughts about Christmas present posts, they are fun to share although Christmas is about being around loved ones. Those pink slippers are gorgeous, and would love a similar pair. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you ever so much lovely! I'm trying to get my blog a bit girlied up now. Exactly! That is what Christmas is mostly truly about, it's partly for Children really but its nice to have a good break, nice food and drink with the family at the end of the day. Gifts are just the extras... not needed but nice to receive!

      Awww thank you and a happy New Year to you as well! xxxxx

  4. Everything is adorable ♥♥♥!!! Loved the Miffy Pyjamas!!!
    Happy new year!!!!


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