My Routine To The Perfect Winter Cosy Night In!

Gosh! Winter should does come fast doesn't it? Christmas is right around the corner and with all the wonderful festivities the cold comes with it. Now I don't really enjoy getting up in the mornings when it looks like it could still be midnight outside but that's just how it is unfortunately. 

Frost bitten fingers, snotty noses and freezing long walks to the train station aren't very fun. Still though at least we can unwind once we get home by getting a nice warm, popping on the kettle with the marshmallows out at the ready and run a nice hot bath. 

So how I usually like to unwind is usually have a nice herbal green tea or a hot chocolate. I always go for Options since Cadburys does nothing for me anymore (I find it so watery!). 

Then I pop on a gallop of squirty cream, add some marshmallows and perhaps a few of my favourite chocolates on top just to pick at! Don't forget the choccy! 

I have to always have a candle on the go at this time of the year when I'm settled down or in my room. Not because of the dark but mostly because I feel really much more toastier with one lit and the room is absorbed with a lovely scent which makes me feel so relaxed. So light one and get your favourite playlist on then simply chill.

Some of my Christmas candle favourites are:

Yankee Candle's Snowflake Cookie

The White Company's  Winter

Primary's very own candle in Gingerbread 

Yankee Candle's White Cocoa

A long nice lovely hot bath always does the trick to heat you up. I enjoy throwing in my favourite bath cremes and watching my bath bombs fizz before getting in. 

Recently I have been loving the gorgeous Lush bath bomb "Twilight" due to its relaxing lavender yet extremely sweet scent. It is a mixture of rich, malty with a hint of floral perfume combined. It's probably my favourite bath bomb yet from Lush. It's been out a while but it is definitely a winner. 

Also Lush is currently doing a delicious body lotion called "Sleepy" right now and its truly beautiful. It smells exactly like their Twilight bath bomb too! So I ended up purchasing the pair of them together - the more the merrier right? 

Plus you can't not have one of the beautiful "Magic Wands" from Lush either! They're a definite Christmas must have when it comes to baths. Look at pretty and pink they are! They're perfect for a bit of bath time fun for those who like some magic in their lives. I know I do! Light up some tea candles, grab that glass of wine or a brew if you have to, then get the bubbles piling high and just snuggle down into the water, relieving any worries or pent up stress you may have.  

Tell me, how do you usually settle down on these chilly evenings? 


Want To Stick Around For A Quick iPhone 8 Review?

This is a fairly late post but I have decided to try out the new iPhone 8's camera for a little while before deciding to write a review about it. Just so I can fully get to know this phone and since it isn't much different to my previous phone the iPhone 6S I can say that this upgrade has definitely made a massive change to my Instagram feed and well blogging in general. 

Since the colour scheme has changed within the iPhone palette for this year's release, the only options for the iPhone 8 is grey, silver and blush gold. The rose gold is out of the window sadly and as much as I do adore Apple's rose gold iPhone 6s I have to admit I much prefer the gorgeous blush gold. I think it is much more mellow and feminine. 

The rose gold is too vibrant and bold but it is still pretty. However I think the new blush gold is far up my street this time. It has a mature appearance to it too, maybe that's just me though. 

  • The iPhone 8 is has the fractions of a millimetre larger in every inch than the iPhone 7. It’s also 10g heavier than the iPhone 7 and 5g heavier than the my iPhone 6S. You can't tell much of a difference apart from the the iPhone 8 is a bit heavier. That's about it!

  • This phone a lot more fragile as the iPhone 8 is glass, front and back. I can't really tell though but when it comes to this devices feel, the glass is a double-edged sword. I highly recommend buying a good solid hard case and a screen protector as soon as you get it. We don't want any accidents!

  • It's fairly expensive. 

  • As for the screen, it's bigger. Much bigger by a 5.8 display that stretches to the edges of the phone, with a very thin bezel around the edge and a tiny lip at the top to house the camera, a flash and the earpiece. Still it is great for an LCD and since Apple's tone system from the iPad pro, the colours are altered on the display based on the ambient light. It is said that Samsung and other competitors have had very similar systems too on their own smartphones for a number of years now, plus it makes the screen more appealing yet however the colour accuracy suffers. 

  • I have noticed the speed difference between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 is much faster than the other device. Also it is very handy to know that Apple has finally improved battery life for the 4.7in iPhone. So kudos to the bigger battery!

  •  The camera quality is a drastic change for me from my old iPhone 6S to the spanking brand new iPhone 8. Portrait mode is probably what I tend to use a lot now when I'm taking pictures and it's really handy to get those crisp perfect DSLR type of pictures. Since after shooting a good 100 or so portraits, I found that the Studio Light effects is one of my favourite. Emulating a good bounce of gold as if it literally popped outside the frame, it shines a good warm light on to your current object and within my selfies too. This enhances the face to stand out from the rest of the background without being too vibrant. 

  • Another handy camera feature being the hidden treasure as it is, Slow Sync is for the flash and it's amazing. It's said that photographic already know what this is, yet never everyone does and I'm no professional (haha! Nope) and I found through gaining some experience with Slow Sync that it is keeping the shutter open for longer and allowing natural light in when the flash is shooting. Resulting in the image being not only lit by the given light from the flash, instead it is banned with the light of the environment and creates a better balance shot with a natural appeal.

  • Screen: 4.7in LCD 1334x750 (326ppi)
  • Processor: Apple A11 Bionic
  • RAM: 2GB of RAM
  • Storage: 64/256GB
  • Operating system: iOS 11
  • Camera: 12MP rear camera, 7MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fiac, NFC, Bluetooth 5, Lightning and GPS
  • Dimensions: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm
  • Weight: 148g

I would recommend the iPhone 8 for those who probably want a better improvement within the camera department. It charges quicker and it's fairly similar to the iPhone 7 from what I've heard so far. So if you already own an iPhone 7 then I don't think there is much point upgrading. So far I am enjoying the new phone and I'm just so happy I have that longer battery life because my old phone actually had a fair few problems anyway. 

Have you upgraded yet? Do you want to? Let me know!


20 Things To Do This Halloween

So it's Halloween once again... the year really does fly quite quickly doesn't it? As a child I always wanted the big American Halloween with the knocking on doors for sweeties to the running around windy fields in my costume giggling with friends and scary ourselves silly from the hooting of howls near by. 

It all seems so fun when you're young and there is so much more available for you to do like Halloween themed discos at the Brownies or Halloween themed marathons on Cartoon Network. Not having to worry about work while munching down countless amounts of sugar because it's fine when you have no proper responsibilities. 

But times change and eventually you have to grow up. That doesn't mean the fun has to stop though, right? Of course not. That is why I have come up with a handful of ideas to do on Halloween whether it's a work night or not. 

1. Pumpkins! You simply cannot celebrate Halloween without a good pumpkin there to warm the household up on a cold Autumn evening. They're such fun to do and there is so many ideas out there you can choose from! Whether it's painting them, eating them or even just the old fashioned carving.

2. Horror movies are definitely my favourite thing to do on Halloween! I love a good horror with a pile of snacks on the side to munch from. However I always end up watching 'The Halloween Tree" first before anything else even though it's a cartoon. It's a Halloween tradition in this house!

3. A nice hot bath with your favourite bath bombs and cremes for that big bubbly mess! It sounds boring but it's not - Lush and Bomb Cosmetics have so many Halloween bath bombs available right now to pick from. 

4. Bake some delicious Halloween themed cookies or cakes! If you're based in the UK then places such as Poundland, Wilko or B&M have many Halloween baking utensils available for cheap which you can pick up! 

5. Drink pumpkin spiced lattes. Mmm!

6. You could always do some research and find where an actual haunted location is near you! I have always wanted to do this and one year I might. 

7. Go on a ghost walk! They usually do them on Halloween each year so maybe near yourself there could be one. Spooky! 

8. Look up some tasty recipes for Halloween inspired cocktails! Now this is one that I really, really want to try now (ha ha!) 

9. If you are not into celebrating Halloween by dressing up fully in costume then pop on some dark themed everyday make up such as i.e dark lipstick, eye shadow and heavier mascara! Go for that chic vamp look!

10. Scare yourself silly by reading some thrillers or even just browse online with a scary horror movie playlist from Youtube!

11. Visit a pumpkin patch! 

12. You could always just have a lovely little pamper night all to yourself - I might do the same as I am dying to try my new delicious body lotion in 'Perle De Coco' from Otherstories and just lounge around my room doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps pig out on some chocolate and popcorn until I get tummy ache! 

13. Throw on some cat ears!

14. If you're bored then perhaps you could always do some digging into history books or have a look online at some mysteries unsolved. Whether it's to do with space, murders, superstitions or just general history that is a little bit gruesome... It can be quite interesting!

15. If you're also a blogger - you could always get cracking on some Christmas content? 

16. DIY some apples and make candy apples! Melt some chocolate, grab some sprinkles and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Jobs a good'un! They're such a delicious treat. I usually love mine covered in chocolate rather than the toffee. 

17. Paint your nails but do them Halloween themed! Barry M has a good spooktastic selection going on right now for the nails. 

18. If you are buying a pumpkin and the day after Halloween maybe try to put your pumpkin to use rather than chuck it away! Here are some great ideas on how to recycle your poor pumpkin. There is no excuse!

19. Make sure you have some toffees and treats in for the trick or treaters! 

20. You could always grab all the sheets you have lay around or any left over bedding and make a massive den in the living room or even just over your bed! Even camping out in the garden telling ghost stories can be quite fun too! 


My October Goals! My Flaws & What Could Be Improved

The months just keep flying by don't they? Blimey. 

Well I think I am getting on just fine since the horrible happenings during summer and I going down a route where I can safely say 'I am getting there' thankfully enough. 

I have some good news! I can finally announce that I am going to Tokyo at the end of May 2018 and I am absolutely over the moon. I'm so incredibly happy, I have been wanting to go to Japan since I was eleven years old ever since my pre-teen otaku little self got into manga and starting learning more about the country. I'm super delighted! 

Also I will be able to meet friends from Japan I have had for the past six years or so! Pen pals and Skype friends who can finally meet me, we can grab a drink and perhaps hang out. It'll be an excellent experience. 

My aunt said it may be the making of me as I am going alone and the reason why I am going alone is because not all of my friends can afford it. Tokyo isn't a cheap place, it's actually slightly cheaper than London and Paris but it is still pricey. So look out for the spam of posts and all the recommendations I will be posting! 

Trust me. There is going to be a lot of pictures! Perhaps even a short vlog...

It's time to get stuck in!

When I say this I am talking about actually motivating myself to start my university projects, which I am finding incredibly difficult at the moment. I just cannot seem to concentrate on what I have to do! The most I have done is open up Adobe Indesign, create a series of pages to begin my journal and write the title of my essay. I'm in third year now and it's so much harder to make the grade apparently, I'm bricking it and stressing before the stress period has begun. 

Plus it doesn't help our deadline is super, super early too. We finish for Christmas far earlier though which is good but at the moment it's dire to get everything done to the best of our abilities. I don't know how I'm going to do this... I spend more time at home than I do university anyway which is no excuse really. I always feel really lethargic, sleepy or just need to do something else before starting my projects. Hopefully it can change.

Am I making an effort?

One thing which has been irritating me lately is my blog posts and I always think they don't contain the best pictures. I know, I know my last phone wasn't exactly the best and so therefore the camera quality was pants. Now I have upgraded to the iPhone 8! The camera is amazing, I love it so much and it's improved my Instagram feed drastically. You can really see the difference in an instant!

So I think what I must start doing is take my time with each post, make sure the photos are the best of the best before I hit that publish button.

But I love a good pig out! 

What even is a diet anymore? I can't even recall when my diet didn't include a hot chocolate on a daily basis, a pasta pot here and there or the odd block of chocolate at night. I'm terrible! I always have been to be honest. 

However I have noticed myself getting a lot more out of breath just climbing stairs up to New Look or even the train station. I'm knackered! I really need to get back at the gym and improve my fitness because it's bloody terrible right now. 

More than anything I need to get into a routine in order to balance university, work and going back to the gym together. I just end up craving... especially when I get stressed with the workload. 

Health and myself come first... right?

I know the whole mental health and self care thing is practically a trend right now, I do like how it is being highlighted a lot nowadays and taken into account so much more than it did when I was still at school that's for sure. But as I mentioned in my previous post featuring how I am dealing with slight depression and the current grief I am still going through, I am finding it difficult as well as trying to keep it together and continue with life. 

I'm kind of glad this is my last year of university because at the moment what I am earning isn't too great, I'd love to be on better money in a job I like and in a better place where I could meet new people too. Just being happy and moving on but with university although it's alright it isn't that great. 

It just feels really bland, antisocial and quiet most of the time. Plus I'm sick of the commuting to another town too because it's such a ball ache and when I do get to class I feel like I get more done at home as opposed to sat there listening to my tutor waffle on.

 I'm just getting restless really and craving the moment I get to leave so I can move on I suppose. I had high hopes for university while everyone gets super excited I found myself to be placed in a class where it feels isolated, boring and draining. But I guess I only have around eight months left until I leave. I'm going to start concentrating on me more and loving myself though, focus on my future and what has to be done. 

Do you have any particular goals right now that need doing this month? Let me know! 


Go Grab A Cuppa! This Is How I Am Dealing With Depression & Grief

Yeah so, this is going to be quite a deep and very long post... Recently the past few weeks have not exactly been the best and I will have to say that they've been the most difficult ones I have ever had to endure.

I do not think I have ever felt this alone before in my entire life really, I lost my dear grandfather around two months ago now and it still feels like yesterday getting those banging knocks on my bedroom door with mixed emotions in my grandmother's voice telling me the news.

All I can remember at that moment is feeling nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever. Well if you can take numbness being a feeling which I don't think really is because it is as if time is still in your body and you can't really breathe or when you try it kills. 

Thats kind of how it feels. With all the tears shed,  sleepless nights with the odd couple of panic attacks thrown in and all the pretty flower bouquets from those close we know - it just doesn't feel real.

You hear about it on the news, from a friend of a friend hearing how someone in their family has died or someone online. But when it happens to you it is a whole different story. The thing is, it can happen to anyone at anytime. The reality is that death can't be avoided. 

"Knowing someone isn't coming back
doesn't mean you ever stop waiting.”

I still can't let the fact that a man who raised me, who I saw every single day of my life and treasured had to leave us, be taken from us so suddenly without even as much as a 'goodbye' or 'I love you, see you soon love'.

I know for some people when you tell them a grandparent has passed away they simply think "Ah well they were old anyway..." or they don't understand the bond and probably only ever see their grandparents every couple of months despite them living around the corner in the next block of flats.

This was a lot different for me and my family though because of how much of a strong character he was.

It's taken me a fair while to get the guts to write this as the whole incident is pretty fresh still but I can manage to get through this without just bawling.

They say the grieving process requires five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and accepting the fact that your close one has simply been granted their time. The whole of this process is a structure to help us understand and frame what we may be feeling. But I have learnt that there is literally no right or wrong way when it comes to grieving.

You cry when you take a shower when you notice their old toothbrush lingering in the holder, you well up with tears walking the dog because you know the dog was always taken out by them and even your own pet is wondering what is happening.

Then you could be shopping at the supermarket when you remember what their favourite food was or may have just passed something they loved to eat.

Then the anger kicks in and you curse whoever it is above, you get angry just by looking at others happy on Instagram and think "Why do I have to feel like this? Why do they get to be so happy?!"

It's ridiculous but I have felt like this, even though that person who I am viewing could be going through a rubbish time themselves. 

We all know Instagram is a portal of the lives people only want others to see and never the true real deal. So with that knowledge I just brush my bitterness off the best I can.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one else can steal."

I think depression has come back to consume as of late too, it isn't only due to losing my grandfather either but just lack of confidence in myself as a whole. I have felt this way since I was around fifteen back when I was in high school. It was my lowest point - I would think about the worst ways possible I could hurt myself in and just dark thoughts consuming me. 

Anyone who knew me from high school would know I was very quiet, I still am but I am a lot more talkative now and open compared to my awkward teenage self. The reason why I didn't speak too much was because I was very overweight back then and I always worried incase I was made fun for my weight as I had over the years anyway. 

I lost the weight and not in the best way but I did loose it, I thought it would make my life a whole lot better and did it? Not really. I don't feel any better as a person or happier. My body isn't perfect either as the tops of my thighs still rub slightly, my arms aren't really toned and there is loose skin on my tummy but hey ho - there is bigger problems in the world. 

I think I have become too comfortable with disliking myself that it's now normal and I can never see myself in a positive life. I still do sadly, I am trying though. Some days I will wake up cheery, all smiles and throw on a short mini skirt with the brightest red lipstick on to make myself feel better for the day. 

Then the next I won't wear make up, instead I'll hide away in leggings and an old baggy t-shirt then not leave the house all day apart for work early in the morning where I can't be seen by the general public legging it up the high street. 

  "A friendship that can cease has never been real." 

I have also learnt this year that friendships don't always last. They don't and even the people you have known for years since you were in primary school can suddenly vanish out of your life. Not everyone is trustworthy either however you live and learn. Good friends will come eventually and when they do, you'll know.  

"Time heals what reason cannot."

So what is exactly the cure to all of this you are probably wondering? Nothing. 

The only cure is to keep going day by day and continue interacting with people because I have found previously that by completely introverting myself doesn't help at all. 

It never does and the best way is to wear your heart on your sleeve, open up and speak about how you feel. 

I have been doing this more and it has slightly helped me. I haven't gotten to the point where I may need professional help but for now I am stable. There is no shame in seeking therapy at all but I just don't think I need it. I'm still an emotional wreck but I am healing and finding solace within my own heart by moving on.  

But despite people saying that time is the best healer I think keeping busy or even just sat around your room listening to your favourite song can help a lot. Even if it is just any song, music helps a lot or so I have found. 

Also going for a walk can cleanse your mind whether it is by yourself walking the dog or with someone else listening to what they have to say. The small things such as cleaning out the bathroom or spending some time at the gym helps. 

Even now after two whole months I am still finding ways to deal with my emotions, some days I will be completely fine and think about him but then other days I will tear up or get annoyed easily over anything. 

At the beginning I wasn't sure at all how to even go about what I felt because I have never felt such pain before in my entire life but now I have and I wonder to myself if it is easier this because incase I ever loose someone else again. 

Well I will, we all will at the end of the day whether we like it or not. I suppose you just learn how to deal with the loss better each time but the sickening reality of their passing never goes away. 

Even though everything is still very fresh, I have opened my else to the fact that I will never see him again, that's it and I will have to deal with it. I think one day within ten or twenty years time from now I will probably walking my children to school, washing plates in the sink or driving to work and I will think of loved ones I have lost. I will be okay, I will learn to smile again at their memory and that will be enough. 

At the moment I can't imagine really doing so because how do you ever over something like that? The truth is you don't. 

I know that everyone I know who has died up to this point in my life would want me to continue living my life. It's difficult. I know deep down that it will get better though. 

I hope that anyone who is reading this maybe finds some kind of release whether they're going through a tough time themselves or has also lost someone very dear to them too. Fight on! 


Whats On My Homeware Wishlist? Have A Peek!

Welcome to this months homeware wish list, these are just a few things I have eyed and bookmarked for later when I am in the ‘treat ya self babes kinda mood’ you know that one, when something ends up popping into your shopping cart and before you know it you’ve somehow tossed all your details and checked out (my bank balance hates me). Right so, well well well, what have we here...

Marble Quartz Coasters: Neue Blvd

Aren't these pretty?! Gosh, I don't think I would ever even use these if I had my own place or even owned the for that matter. They are just too lovely to have any coffee spills on them. 
Pink Lamp: Oliver Bonas

How gorgeous is this?! It is a bit similar to my copper hanging lamp I have on my desk (for those who have seen my desk tour post you will know which one!) but this one is in pink, I'm screaming and it's at a good price too £36! It's just a shame I already have one... but here is to dreaming!

Golden Tray: H&M 

This piece would be lovely for my vanity or even in the bathroom actually for all my nightly creams, sprays and toners. I really just love copper and gold homeware items, they're so dreamy. 

Golden Hanging Mirror: H&M

I have seen this mirror popping up each time I go on the H&M homeware section, it always catches my eye again and again but I realise that I just may need it. Even if it's just for decoration!

Fluffy Pink Chair: MaisonsDuMonde

A little while ago my good chair which was this fancy studio white one practically fell apart on me and that was that really. I came across this chair on my online shopping spree venturing and I fell in love instantly. How cute is it?! I would love to buy it but the price is a bit steep... 

Copper Cutlery: Neue Blvd

These are so pretty! I would love to have my own place and invest in these though, every time I would have people over for dinner I imagine showing off with these! 

Faces iPhone 6S Case: Oliver Bonas

I recently purchased the new iPhone 8 though but luckily enough if the case is flexible you can pop it over an iPhone 8 I have found. I think this one is really pretty and unique though, I love this faces collection Oliver Bonas has released lately it's really artsy. 

Fluffy Pillow: Matalan

I am in need of a new pillow for my chair while I am sat at my desk on my mac, I have terrible back pain I suffer from and my current pillow is all ragged now. This one would be perfect! Also isn't the pale pink beautiful? It would fit in like a dream!

Inspire Gold Desk Decor: Zoella Homeware

I have actually already purchased this item but it is such a beautiful piece for anywhere around the house, whether it is your bedroom or living room it's gorgeous and such an eye-catching piece. It always cheers me up too! Bit funny how decor can cheer you up right? 

White Standing Mirror: Ikea

I really love standing mirrors and these ones especially! The one I have at the moment is pinned on my bedroom door, it's not very big either which is annoying. I can't move it around either compared to this one where I would be able to. I just find this mirror to be very fresh looking, it's simple and enough.

Spotted Mug: H&M

Now it is either this one or the pink version... I can't decide! Both the black and white plus the pink are so cute! They have matching bowls too, H&M is so tempting lately within their homeware range as they have such pretty things. 

Pink Clock: Amara 

I really do need a proper clock though, I keep putting myself off from buying one for god knows what reason and use my phone instead. I really love this pink clock, it's small and would mesh well with my room I know for sure. Whether I buy it or not is another thing. I just might...

Have you had your eye on anything in particular lately, for your home or even just your bedroom too? 


Beauty Bits You Need To Invest In This Autumn!

Now I don't know about you, but I for one certainly am a massive fan of Autumn! I just love it. I love everything about it! I can tell you now, I'm no summer fan. If you are like me who dreads the boiling hot sun, sweat-filled days and annoying insects then you also probably couldn't wait for it all to cool down.

Now we are back to the chilly mornings, piping hot cups of pumpkin spice lattes and cute snuggly scarves! I sound so old before my time, I really do but that is what I love about it all so much. 

I mean it is the perfect season really, not too hot or cold. It's like Spring but the complete opposite and with both seasons the amazing fashion trends begin! Where there is fashion - there is makeup. 

I have been quite fussy as of late with my beauty buys though because, despite some products going viral on Instagram with everyone raving over the latest Too Faced "I Want Kandee" eye shadow palette or Jeffree Star lipstick, I'm just not that interested, to be honest. 

I have actually become stricter with what I am buying now make up wise simply because I have bought products for the sake of it and barely used them. However here I have been lusting after these for a while and over the past couple of weeks got them one by one.

NYX Ultimate Multi-finish  Palette "Warm Rust"

I know this palette has been out now for probably a year but I still think it is super pretty and who cares if it isn't the latest product on the market? I think this palette in "Warm Rust" is incredibly fitting for Autumn with all its pretty nudes, browns and dusky pinks. I have been using it for the past few days and I am impressed by the quality.

This is the first eyeshadow palette I have purchased from the NYX collection despite the odd singular eyeshadow, so I am pleased how they literally last the entire day, the eyeshadows are very versatile where they are easy to blend, the pigment is alright but not amazing.

I will add that there is not too much shimmer which is what I like because recently I have gone off a lot of shimmery eyeshadows. I just feel that they are too vibrant for the every day sometimes. 

There are a fair decent amount of matte shadows here, I've been loving those much more and I have been using a small lick of shimmer over them which is enough. 

There have been some mixed reviews from what I have read about this palette though but I suppose it's up to the individual's own experience using this product. For me, it has been positive because for £16 this palette is basically giving me what I wanted and you get what you pay for at the end of the day. 

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment "Slow Ride"

Oh how I love this product!

Now I ended up actually buying only two of these liquid lipsticks from Nars, this one in this gorgeous burgundy brown and Walk This Way which is quite a dark pink which it looks amazing on. Slow Ride is hands down my favourite out of the whole collection simply because it is not only perfect for this season but this shade goes with everything. 

It has gone with every single one of my outfits, I have received a lot of compliments on it too and I feel really confident in this colour. Usually, I opt for just a dark red or pink but I have started switching over to browns nowadays, this one is by far the best I own.  

The quality of the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments is absolutely fantastic. Now usually I buy a matte lipstick and it crumbles on my lips throughout the day or never even makes it to the end of the day. However, this product has lasted me hours - a good six hours at the most before renewing it. The formula is very light, the coverage keeps its word and completely covers any bare inch of your lips. 

Gucci Bloom Fragrance 30ml 

This new fragrance is out of the world! It's my current favourite and the packaging is ever so beautiful, wouldn't you agree? It was released in August but I first saw this one over on Instagram as one of my favourite models in Japan was sporting it on my feed. 

When I saw it the day after over in Boots, I had one whiff and then I immediately made the reckless decision to purchase it. Any regrets? Nope. I'm glad I did! It's a very sexy, alluring and heavy floral scent. It would be ideal for any date or night out with your girl mates too! 

I would say this scent is slightly musky with a hint of citrus, heavy accents of orris root and Chinese honeysuckle too. There is the usage of white flowers being sambac Jasmine and tuberose there too which are very dominant. I suppose that is what makes it such a devilishly delicious scent. Definitely, have a try if you end up passing this in stores! 

Mac Matte Lipstick "Paramount"

Another Autumn lippy favourite would have to be this lipstick in the shade "Paramount" by MAC. It With it being a beautiful warm brown with a satin finish, I find it is quite a long-lasting lipstick and lasts usually around a good two or three hours before reapplication on your lips.

However I do find it a bit too dry sometimes and quite a stodgy formula, it is fairly decent for the price of £15 as the quality is good. It keeps your lips incredibly slick with its high-fashion texture, I would say it is a good value for money at the end of the day. 

I always love to pop this lipstick on with a black turtle neck top and a pair of my brown ankle boots. Paramount is an amazing shade for empowering yourself for Autumn! It's such a lovely shade and I wouldn't miss this one if I were you! 

I hope you found this small collection of my Autumn beauty favourites a tad interesting! What are you loving so far? Have you got that one favourite product you love to use during this season too? 


My September Goals!

Blimey... I can't believe it is already September! Where has the summer gone? Well, with what little summer we had of course because the U.K barely even ever has a summer. Even so though time really does pass quickly. 

Well now that it is September we should all know that it is already the lead up to a pile of occasions including the going back to university for myself, the workload and stress is already making my head swirl into an oblivion. I really am not ready for it all but I am going to just try and pace myself the best I can. 

Still we have to face things we don't want to sometimes and get on with it which is just life I guess but to make it easier for myself this month I have a few little goals.

 New body, new me:

Honestly I am out of shape and it is terrible. Around ten years ago I dropped the weight so easily in my teens from a size 24 to a size 10. Now I am probably around a size 12 which is not exactly big but I am just unhappy with myself. 

So I want to just do me and get back on track with my weight loss journey. It can be so difficult though especially when you are craving during the semester, live with your family still who tempt you with treats and always feel exhausted from working two jobs. Something has to change though even if it for at least an hour a day - it is better than nothing. 

Keeping on top of it all:

University is starting at the end of the month for me and thousands of other people, this however goes for school and college too since those can be as stressful as well. But it is best to try and get a head start with projects which will make it a hell of a lot easier for yourself in the long run. 

I find that I do so much better in my first semester compared to my second one. At the start of each one I am usually refreshed (not so much this year) but I always tell myself that I want to do extremely well and get top marks. Usually it works - I put in so much effort and the outcome is better. 

Yet in my second semester because it is after Christmas I am still in the holiday mood, so naturally I feel super lazy which isn't good at all. 

Maybe it is just me? When I asked my friends they said that it is the other way around for them. I guess we are all different but still I want to try keeping very organised since this is my last year. Everything has to go smoothly, I really cannot afford to fail. 

Self care is extremely important in this case so the odd day to relax and just breathe isn't a crime either. In my last semester I was so stressed to the point where I was crying most nights before bed because I was worried about my work and my grades did slip slightly which I was angry over.

However I learnt my lesson though because due to me not properly learning the software we were using for the projects I neglected my work and when the time cut short that was when I rushed everything. So this term - bum in gear. 


Honestly I am terrible when it comes to pay day or heck even before I get paid! I am constantly counting down the days where I can use "Pay After Delivery" on Paypal just so I don't owe any money until I get paid on the exact date! It sounds bonkers but I sadly do this. 

I think I spend more online than I do in the shops, reason being? I can never find anything I want in the shops or what I want they never have in either my size or specific colour I am after. I end up buying a pair of £50 shoes I wear at least twice and a jacket I spend £30 on which I wear only once then pull my face at the second time I pop it on because it doesn't match my outfit. 

God - I never used to be like this at all. There was a time where I wouldn't even care what I threw on and nowadays I just constantly worry if the colour goes with my shoes or bag. 

Sometimes I miss that about my teenage self where I could throw on my battered old converse with a pair of jeans and a top then that would be it for the day. I wouldn't even spend much on clothing either, I used to think £30 on a bag or top was a hell of a lot to spend back then. 

That was thousands in my eyes! Now it is nothing, then again I didn't work when I had that mindset on clothing and now because I work money is so easy to throw down the drain. Plus you are constantly being bombarded nowadays with new make up collections more than ever before because I can remember a time when contouring, highlight and what not were not even a thing back when I was still in school. 

Then there is keeping up with the blogging world where people can spend thousands on a new dress and bag without batting an eyelash. It is difficult to keep up these days, it can be pressuring to end up buying more clothes, make up, homeware items you don't even know! 

Yet buy it simply because it's trendy and something you can take a picture of just for another picture on your Instagram feed. Looking at it all it is a little bit sad really. I do the exact same and I am starting to get a bit fed up with it now. I opened my kitchen cupboard looking at all the Disneyland other branded mugs from random websites, I thought "What am I even doing with this lot?" and I ended up putting half on my Depop to sell off. 

It wasn't just the mugs but I realised how many clothes, shoes, bags I have which I barely use anymore. I was quite shocked and quite annoyed with myself if anything that I let my spending habits get the better of me like this. 

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you even need certain things and if you really are just buying things for the sake of buying them.  

Catching more zzz's: 

I really am the worst for getting an early night. I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before 10 or 11. I usually end up getting to sleep around 1 or even 2 some nights even if I have to be up at 7. I have always been this way and I don't know if I will change. I know I could probably but it isn't easy for me. So many thoughts clog up my mind and I end up either having another panic attack as I do suffer from them or getting up out of bed. 

I don't even have a particular reason for staying up so late! I am either on Youtube, writing or listening to music. The world is always so peaceful in the early hours of the morning, it can be so relaxing about to just listen to nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

I do need to start getting more sleep as the black rings around my eyes are worsening and I think the sluggish feeling I have throughout the day will go too. Yet some days I feel fantastic even if I have had little sleep. Even so I am going to try getting a better nights sleep.

I have heard chamomile tea is supposed to help and also lavender oil. I can't say I am incredibly fond of chamomile tea thought but I will definitely go with the lavender oil!

Engage, engage, engage: 

I feel like I have been lacking engagement with my followers on my Instagram and here on my blog. I do try to respond to messages when I can on here however on Instagram due to the absolutely  rubbish algorithm everything has gone to pot. It is so annoying! I cannot always see everyones posts! It is always the popular bloggers, celebrities or Youtubers who pop up which is really unfair.

I know so many people have moaned over it and at Instagram yet nothing is getting solved sadly. It seems they are ignoring everyone's wishes and just throwing on more face filters in on Instastories which is really not that great anyway. 

But I am trying to like and comment on so many other people's photos when they come up though because why should they be ignored? I feel like the only way we are really going to beat Instagram is mostly to try getting involved with each other more and more. 

Otherwise we as smaller bloggers will just be shoved to the side and that will be it. We really must stick together at this point. So my goal is to try getting involved a bit more within the blogging community and plus isn't it nice to make new friends anyway? I think it is lovely and personal. 

Some of the friends I have now have been made through blogging and Instagram, it is just a shame some of them live miles away though. I suppose that is the beauty of social media, we can all just come together. 

What goals have you got in store for this month? Are any of yours similar to mine? If so, please share!