Beauty Bits You Need To Invest In This Autumn!

Now I don't know about you, but I for one certainly am a massive fan of Autumn! I just love it. I love everything about it! I can tell you now, I'm no summer fan. If you are like me who dreads the boiling hot sun, sweat-filled days and annoying insects then you also probably couldn't wait for it all to cool down.

Now we are back to the chilly mornings, piping hot cups of pumpkin spice lattes and cute snuggly scarves! I sound so old before my time, I really do but that is what I love about it all so much. 

I mean it is the perfect season really, not too hot or cold. It's like Spring but the complete opposite and with both seasons the amazing fashion trends begin! Where there is fashion - there is makeup. 

I have been quite fussy as of late with my beauty buys though because, despite some products going viral on Instagram with everyone raving over the latest Too Faced "I Want Kandee" eye shadow palette or Jeffree Star lipstick, I'm just not that interested, to be honest. 

I have actually become stricter with what I am buying now make up wise simply because I have bought products for the sake of it and barely used them. However here I have been lusting after these for a while and over the past couple of weeks got them one by one.

NYX Ultimate Multi-finish  Palette "Warm Rust"

I know this palette has been out now for probably a year but I still think it is super pretty and who cares if it isn't the latest product on the market? I think this palette in "Warm Rust" is incredibly fitting for Autumn with all its pretty nudes, browns and dusky pinks. I have been using it for the past few days and I am impressed by the quality.

This is the first eyeshadow palette I have purchased from the NYX collection despite the odd singular eyeshadow, so I am pleased how they literally last the entire day, the eyeshadows are very versatile where they are easy to blend, the pigment is alright but not amazing.

I will add that there is not too much shimmer which is what I like because recently I have gone off a lot of shimmery eyeshadows. I just feel that they are too vibrant for the every day sometimes. 

There are a fair decent amount of matte shadows here, I've been loving those much more and I have been using a small lick of shimmer over them which is enough. 

There have been some mixed reviews from what I have read about this palette though but I suppose it's up to the individual's own experience using this product. For me, it has been positive because for £16 this palette is basically giving me what I wanted and you get what you pay for at the end of the day. 

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment "Slow Ride"

Oh how I love this product!

Now I ended up actually buying only two of these liquid lipsticks from Nars, this one in this gorgeous burgundy brown and Walk This Way which is quite a dark pink which it looks amazing on. Slow Ride is hands down my favourite out of the whole collection simply because it is not only perfect for this season but this shade goes with everything. 

It has gone with every single one of my outfits, I have received a lot of compliments on it too and I feel really confident in this colour. Usually, I opt for just a dark red or pink but I have started switching over to browns nowadays, this one is by far the best I own.  

The quality of the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments is absolutely fantastic. Now usually I buy a matte lipstick and it crumbles on my lips throughout the day or never even makes it to the end of the day. However, this product has lasted me hours - a good six hours at the most before renewing it. The formula is very light, the coverage keeps its word and completely covers any bare inch of your lips. 

Gucci Bloom Fragrance 30ml 

This new fragrance is out of the world! It's my current favourite and the packaging is ever so beautiful, wouldn't you agree? It was released in August but I first saw this one over on Instagram as one of my favourite models in Japan was sporting it on my feed. 

When I saw it the day after over in Boots, I had one whiff and then I immediately made the reckless decision to purchase it. Any regrets? Nope. I'm glad I did! It's a very sexy, alluring and heavy floral scent. It would be ideal for any date or night out with your girl mates too! 

I would say this scent is slightly musky with a hint of citrus, heavy accents of orris root and Chinese honeysuckle too. There is the usage of white flowers being sambac Jasmine and tuberose there too which are very dominant. I suppose that is what makes it such a devilishly delicious scent. Definitely, have a try if you end up passing this in stores! 

Mac Matte Lipstick "Paramount"

Another Autumn lippy favourite would have to be this lipstick in the shade "Paramount" by MAC. It With it being a beautiful warm brown with a satin finish, I find it is quite a long-lasting lipstick and lasts usually around a good two or three hours before reapplication on your lips.

However I do find it a bit too dry sometimes and quite a stodgy formula, it is fairly decent for the price of £15 as the quality is good. It keeps your lips incredibly slick with its high-fashion texture, I would say it is a good value for money at the end of the day. 

I always love to pop this lipstick on with a black turtle neck top and a pair of my brown ankle boots. Paramount is an amazing shade for empowering yourself for Autumn! It's such a lovely shade and I wouldn't miss this one if I were you! 

I hope you found this small collection of my Autumn beauty favourites a tad interesting! What are you loving so far? Have you got that one favourite product you love to use during this season too? 


My September Goals!

Blimey... I can't believe it is already September! Where has the summer gone? Well, with what little summer we had of course because the U.K barely even ever has a summer. Even so though time really does pass quickly. 

Well now that it is September we should all know that it is already the lead up to a pile of occasions including the going back to university for myself, the workload and stress is already making my head swirl into an oblivion. I really am not ready for it all but I am going to just try and pace myself the best I can. 

Still we have to face things we don't want to sometimes and get on with it which is just life I guess but to make it easier for myself this month I have a few little goals.

 New body, new me:

Honestly I am out of shape and it is terrible. Around ten years ago I dropped the weight so easily in my teens from a size 24 to a size 10. Now I am probably around a size 12 which is not exactly big but I am just unhappy with myself. 

So I want to just do me and get back on track with my weight loss journey. It can be so difficult though especially when you are craving during the semester, live with your family still who tempt you with treats and always feel exhausted from working two jobs. Something has to change though even if it for at least an hour a day - it is better than nothing. 

Keeping on top of it all:

University is starting at the end of the month for me and thousands of other people, this however goes for school and college too since those can be as stressful as well. But it is best to try and get a head start with projects which will make it a hell of a lot easier for yourself in the long run. 

I find that I do so much better in my first semester compared to my second one. At the start of each one I am usually refreshed (not so much this year) but I always tell myself that I want to do extremely well and get top marks. Usually it works - I put in so much effort and the outcome is better. 

Yet in my second semester because it is after Christmas I am still in the holiday mood, so naturally I feel super lazy which isn't good at all. 

Maybe it is just me? When I asked my friends they said that it is the other way around for them. I guess we are all different but still I want to try keeping very organised since this is my last year. Everything has to go smoothly, I really cannot afford to fail. 

Self care is extremely important in this case so the odd day to relax and just breathe isn't a crime either. In my last semester I was so stressed to the point where I was crying most nights before bed because I was worried about my work and my grades did slip slightly which I was angry over.

However I learnt my lesson though because due to me not properly learning the software we were using for the projects I neglected my work and when the time cut short that was when I rushed everything. So this term - bum in gear. 


Honestly I am terrible when it comes to pay day or heck even before I get paid! I am constantly counting down the days where I can use "Pay After Delivery" on Paypal just so I don't owe any money until I get paid on the exact date! It sounds bonkers but I sadly do this. 

I think I spend more online than I do in the shops, reason being? I can never find anything I want in the shops or what I want they never have in either my size or specific colour I am after. I end up buying a pair of £50 shoes I wear at least twice and a jacket I spend £30 on which I wear only once then pull my face at the second time I pop it on because it doesn't match my outfit. 

God - I never used to be like this at all. There was a time where I wouldn't even care what I threw on and nowadays I just constantly worry if the colour goes with my shoes or bag. 

Sometimes I miss that about my teenage self where I could throw on my battered old converse with a pair of jeans and a top then that would be it for the day. I wouldn't even spend much on clothing either, I used to think £30 on a bag or top was a hell of a lot to spend back then. 

That was thousands in my eyes! Now it is nothing, then again I didn't work when I had that mindset on clothing and now because I work money is so easy to throw down the drain. Plus you are constantly being bombarded nowadays with new make up collections more than ever before because I can remember a time when contouring, highlight and what not were not even a thing back when I was still in school. 

Then there is keeping up with the blogging world where people can spend thousands on a new dress and bag without batting an eyelash. It is difficult to keep up these days, it can be pressuring to end up buying more clothes, make up, homeware items you don't even know! 

Yet buy it simply because it's trendy and something you can take a picture of just for another picture on your Instagram feed. Looking at it all it is a little bit sad really. I do the exact same and I am starting to get a bit fed up with it now. I opened my kitchen cupboard looking at all the Disneyland other branded mugs from random websites, I thought "What am I even doing with this lot?" and I ended up putting half on my Depop to sell off. 

It wasn't just the mugs but I realised how many clothes, shoes, bags I have which I barely use anymore. I was quite shocked and quite annoyed with myself if anything that I let my spending habits get the better of me like this. 

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you even need certain things and if you really are just buying things for the sake of buying them.  

Catching more zzz's: 

I really am the worst for getting an early night. I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before 10 or 11. I usually end up getting to sleep around 1 or even 2 some nights even if I have to be up at 7. I have always been this way and I don't know if I will change. I know I could probably but it isn't easy for me. So many thoughts clog up my mind and I end up either having another panic attack as I do suffer from them or getting up out of bed. 

I don't even have a particular reason for staying up so late! I am either on Youtube, writing or listening to music. The world is always so peaceful in the early hours of the morning, it can be so relaxing about to just listen to nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

I do need to start getting more sleep as the black rings around my eyes are worsening and I think the sluggish feeling I have throughout the day will go too. Yet some days I feel fantastic even if I have had little sleep. Even so I am going to try getting a better nights sleep.

I have heard chamomile tea is supposed to help and also lavender oil. I can't say I am incredibly fond of chamomile tea thought but I will definitely go with the lavender oil!

Engage, engage, engage: 

I feel like I have been lacking engagement with my followers on my Instagram and here on my blog. I do try to respond to messages when I can on here however on Instagram due to the absolutely  rubbish algorithm everything has gone to pot. It is so annoying! I cannot always see everyones posts! It is always the popular bloggers, celebrities or Youtubers who pop up which is really unfair.

I know so many people have moaned over it and at Instagram yet nothing is getting solved sadly. It seems they are ignoring everyone's wishes and just throwing on more face filters in on Instastories which is really not that great anyway. 

But I am trying to like and comment on so many other people's photos when they come up though because why should they be ignored? I feel like the only way we are really going to beat Instagram is mostly to try getting involved with each other more and more. 

Otherwise we as smaller bloggers will just be shoved to the side and that will be it. We really must stick together at this point. So my goal is to try getting involved a bit more within the blogging community and plus isn't it nice to make new friends anyway? I think it is lovely and personal. 

Some of the friends I have now have been made through blogging and Instagram, it is just a shame some of them live miles away though. I suppose that is the beauty of social media, we can all just come together. 

What goals have you got in store for this month? Are any of yours similar to mine? If so, please share! 


A Few Of My August Favourites

So what is on the agenda for this month? Well I have been trying a fair amount of different products from ranges but I think I have a new addiction to the beauty products from And Other Stories. The And Other Stories store opened in Manchester a couple of months back and I decided to properly have a look inside. 

I have already heard a great deal about it from other bloggers, Youtubers and Instagramers - personally I just thought it was going to be another one of those overpriced minimalist stores that are all the trend nowadays where you practically need a mortgage just for buying a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. 

Despite them having some actually lovely sleek pieces in store I also managed to find my way to the beauty product section and I have a jolly wonderful time trying out everything.

I ended up purchasing four things to try which include the Devore cleansing lotion, Natte Anti-stress Seeping masque plus both the Punk Bouquet hand lotion and body spray which are my favourites. The And Other Stories beauty range is not tested on animals thankfully although it being 100% vegan friendly may differ. 

The gorgeous 'Body pudding' body cream from the new Zoella Beauty range for just £8.00 is deliciously thick, with tiny pink beads embedded making it resemble sprinkles in an ice cream pot!

With a splash of elderflower and pomegranate this cream gives you such beautiful skin after it has been massaged in. It's lovely to use and I just think the smell is delicious.

And Other Stories hand lotion in 'Punk Bouquet' is an absolute god send for me - I think I've used almost all of it by now. Due to a skin condition I get with my hands and with the job I do I can get really dry hands. 

But the scent in general with frothy vanilla, tiger orchid and lotus is a heavenly mixture.The macadamia oil in this gives your skin a luxurious feel and there is sweet almond oil inside too for a booster in the vitamin E department and leaves your hands extra soft. I love it!

Now NYX brought out their new 'Professional Total Control Drop Foundation' around a month ago, I was fairly interested in trying it out as I have quite a large handful of their products already. I was impressed by the large amount of shades NYX had from pale tones to darker ones and I thought this was a good step within the make up industry to finally start catering to all shades. 

So I gave it a try and the applicator is a dropper-tipped shades (almost resembling a medicine bottle). I found the application quite easy enough because I do use a blender for my foundation anyway but this may not suit everyone's tastes. However the in the product's name "Control Drop" should give it away immediately that this isn't your regular foundation. 

As for the formula I found that it was incredibly runny,  I will be honest by saying I wasn't taken at first but the more I continued to use this product it became easier once I figured out how to properly deal with it in my own way. 

I do love the velvet matte finish it gives, it comes across as very natural looking too and the formula is extremely lightweight too. It does not leave your skin cakey or heavy either which is always a plus when it comes to foundation.

However you need more than 4-5 drops to get the full coverage. The bottle is fairly small for the amount you pay for though and I do think you should get more for £14. 

The 'Devore cleansing lotion' is quite small and the way it all comes out reminds me of hair dye bottles at the most. The product itself is very milky, smooth with a tint of hazel leaf but it does an excellent job at purifying your skin and removing all the excess day's grime. 

As for 'Natte Anti-stress sleeping masque' I find that it's lovely to pop on after a nice shower before bed, it's extremely moisturising and a good boost as an overnight mask.

The product contains arginine and a touch of oat to help relax the skin and give you a much more radiant look in the morning. I only use this product every now and again not so much everyday due to not wanting to clog my pores too much. So far I find that it's quite decent. 

Primark have been upping their game recently as well and almost every blogger knows this nowadays. 

Primark has been catering to everyone of all ages from their wide range of Disney products, the unicorn and mermaid fad, copper homeware which is very blogger tier and all the other latest on trend pieces that are out there these days. 

Its just that Primark does everything for a much cheaper price however compared to other stores where the most simple items can amount to a small fortune. 

But I found that within Primark's beauty section they are now doing many other new things I have never seen Primark sell before. These include body oils, face masks, hair masks and foot care products. While everything was incredibly enticing I decided to just leave it off for now and I ended up buying this 'Sleep, Pillow and Body spray' from their new collection. 

It's actually really refreshing! You give your pillows in bed a quick squirt and it leaves them smelling lovely. It's nice to snuggle down in bed and fall asleep with a long-lasting floral scent under your nose. I will be going back for more Primark beauty products very soon! 

As for the And Other Stories body spray in 'Punk Bouquet' it was a favourite from the get go when I had a quick squirt of it while I was stood inside the shop. It's a very light scent with tiger orchid and a tad of dewy lotus flower added in for good measure. There is a spark of almond too and tangerine. It's such a beautiful scent!

What beauty products have you got on the agenda for this month? Have you been raving over a particular beauty range like me too? If so please share!


The New Zoella Jelly & Gelato Collection!

So by now I am assuming most of you have already found out about the new Zoella Jelly & Gelato collection Zoella released a week ago? If not then where have you been!

Products from the new collection have already been scattered everywhere on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat which of course is to be expected in this day and age. 

But honestly though her Jelly & Gelato products are totally gorgeous from the pretty packaging design with the lovely splash of pastel and gold mingled together for that beautiful summery mixture.

To the actual product themselves which I have been using and I am being honest by saying that they smell absolutely amazing! 

So far I think this range and her previous one Sweet Inspirations have been total hits as they have both been introduced so beautifully in their packaging and have smelt brilliant. Inspired by fruity jelly sweeties and lovely gelato, I would say that this collection is perfect for summer. 

Also everything is animal cruelty free and nothing has ever been tested on animals from Zoella beauty which makes me love her even more!

The gorgeous 'Body pudding' body cream for just £8.00 is deliciously thick with tiny little pink beads embedded making it appear like sprinkles! 

It contains the scent of elderflower and pomegranate alas giving you beautiful skin after it is massaged into the skin. It's lovely to use and I just think the smell is heavenly.

I immediately had first dips on the shower shake as I saw it on Instagram and I knew I just needed it. It's so cute! I love how it's in the shape of a straw popping out at the top too! I just think it's really unusual yet so trendy. 

The scent is extremely fruity with citrus undertones and leaves you feeling refreshed after a good scrub for just £6.99!

The Gelat' Eau body mist is £8.00 and is also very fruity - I can only describe it being as if you were to squirt an entire pack of Starburst on yourself. It is quite a prominent scent but it isn't sickly though. 

Again it is mostly citrusy as well but it does have a dash of elderflower jelly undertones plus some rich cream added in it too. 

It's lovely for just throwing on when you're off out on a hot day! 

So far these are some of the products I have purchased from the Jelly and Gelato collection which is available now on the Superdrug website, instore and in at FeelUnique

There is plenty of other items too but these are just what interested me the most and I felt that I wanted to share them! 

What do you all think of Zoella's gorgeous new collection? Will you purchase anything too?


What I Wore: The Little Blue Dress

So this is probably my first outfit post! I usually define my style as incredibly feminine with perhaps a vintage twist and classic feel. I do enjoy my Adidas kicks, a pair of tight black jeans and a cute baggy top on from time to time too. 

But when I get the chance I love to go all out and dress as pretty as possible! I am really loving lace and all these beautiful ruffles at the moment too, I continue to see them pop up each time I head on to Instagram or in stores. You can never have enough ruffle and lace in my opinion anyway! 

The fabric is woven with broderie anglaise too with at least three layers of frills,  a frilly front and back too, the waist is gathered seam and the skirt flared with lining included. 

I had my eye on this gorgeous blue dress from H&M and I thought it would be perfect for this summer. It's baby blue which is a colour I don't own as much so I thought the switch from my usual white and black was a change.

A good one though! I'm glad I did buy it because this dress as received so many compliments. It was a little pricey... but it is a dress which would look lovely on occasions too as well as the odd sunny day out.

Plus the quality is fairly decent too and I would rather pay for a dress which compliments my style, rather than a cheaper dress that miss the mark and fall apart in the wash after the first wear. 

The sizing for this dress only goes from S/M and M/L so I would advice anyone around a size 10/12 to just go for the smaller size because it's incredibly loose. It's like a tent! Its super loose and comfy though which is a bonus! 

The cut is just up my street too which lands just above the knee - I'm 5'8 and for me it feels perfectly fine. I love how the ruffles on the shoulders look when wearing the dress as it makes me feel like I am being whizzed away to Wonderland... it feels classical and cute

To finish off I paired the dress with these black double strap shoes from ASOS which gives the outfit a slightly dolly but retro kind of vibe. I added my trusty pink watch on too (I never go anywhere without it!) and topped the look off with my cat eye leopard sunglasses. 

I like to imagine this look stirs in the cutesy direction but with a grown up appeal applied to it as well. I am all for dolly and adorable but I don't like to overdo it too much. 

However I am pleased with this first outfit post! 

Dress: H&M
Bag: Ted Baker
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: Oliver Bonas
Watch: Olivia Burton


Featuring 'Classic Petite' Daniel Wellington's New Collection!

I am very pleased to announce that the beloved and well known watch brand Daniel Wellington has recently released their newest collection "Classic Petite" which is a gorgeous range of elegance you are able to wear daily on the go. 

Daniel Wellington was extremely kind enough to send me a beautiful Classic Petite Bondi watch in the rose gold edition. How amazing is that?! I would say pretty bloody amazing. 

I'm head over heels in love with it too! It's just stunning and I have been wearing it ever since I received it. 

I adore how it has a timeless appeal to it but the rose gold brings the watch into modern day. 

The Classic Petite Bondi comes in the colours rose gold and silver however I ended up going with the rose gold. For those who read my blog you all probably know I am just obsessed with rose gold and couldn't pass up that opportunity! 

It's very delicate and tiny which is what I treasure about this watch as it is simply just enough and not one of those huge bulky watches. 

The smaller the better in my opinion when it comes to watches - plus I think the sizing makes it very stylish as does the colour white that meshes perfectly with the rose gold. The white gives the watch a fresh appearance and since the collection was released this summer - personally though I think it's the best colour scheme

In terms of the quality I find that the watch is excellent with an extremely firm band and buckle with loops through without struggle. I also find it very endearing to see the "DW" engraved there too. It's just a sweet little personal touch. 

The strap is genuine leather as well so I expect great wear out of this watch and I hope that the white doesn't peel within time too quickly. I have had other watches before today and they have gone really quickly on me or the strap has eroded after a few wears which is no good. So only time will tell with the new Classic Petit Bondi watch. 

It works perfectly fine as well and I have had no trouble when it came to operating the watch. 

So far so good! 

For those reading who are interesting and would like their very own Classic Petit Bondi watch you are able to get a discount of 15% by using "CHEYANNE15" but hurry! It only lasts until the 15th of July 2017. 

What are your thoughts on the new Classic Petit Bondi watches? Impressed? I most certainly am! 


Introducing Pretty Vulgar! The Prettiest New Cosmetics Brand Going!

So we are already aware of the existing cutesy brands such as Too Faced, Revolution, Etude House and other various ones but now there is a new addition to that variety which is Pretty Vulgar

Around a couple of months ago I was messaged about Pretty Vulgar by another blogger friend of mine and I had a look around at their Instagram page where all their new items were being advertised.   

I was just amazed by how gorgeous everything was because everything literally meets my taste from the dippings of rose gold applied to their products, the gorgeous floral prints and vintage theme Pretty Vulgar has going on. I instantly had heart in my eyes and I craved everything. 

Sadly Pretty Vulgar are only based in the US at the moment however you are able to purchase on their official website as they do offer international shipping. Also Sephora is holding the brand at their stores and online store too so you are definitely able to get hold of Pretty Vulgar's items. 

Hopefully Beauty Bay may eventually begin to get in some of the Pretty Vulgar products as well since they do sell a lot of international beauty products too, making it easy in terms of cheaper shipping and dodging customs completely. Luckily I did not have to pay any custom fees and the products came straight to my doorstep. 

I would definitely say this brand is slowly becoming one of my favourites from the pretty packaging to the quality of their products - it has all been fantastic. 

The Feathers - Mascara 

I just absolutely adore this mascara I think it's so unique and beautiful! I have never seen a mascara like this before either. Its a birdcage and the little bird at the top just makes me squeal everything I get it out of its box! So cute! 

Pretty Vulgar's mascara "The Feathers" is of decent quality I would say although like any mascara at first it is bounce to be slightly blotchy. Eventually the formula will even out so you won't end up with bat wings for eye lashes. It's a very high volume mascara I would say and the brush is curved in a way which will lift you eye lashes, enhancing a high volume, lengthy and curled appearance. 

I find it very easy to apply as I do tend to use these type of brushes fairly often, however it may not be to everyones taste depending on the types of mascara brushes you are usually comfortable with. 

The forumla is combined with vitamin B5 including sodium hyaluronate helping moisture and thickness of your lashes. But due to this blend the outcome you get from this mascara is a blotch-free and long lasting finish. 

Once I have finished this mascara I think I would probably re-buy it but mostly for the design more so than anything else. I use this mascara sparingly most of the time though simply because I just find it too beautiful to keep using! So I would rather save it if anything.

Bury Them With A Smile Lipstick - Shade "Back Stabber"

This lipstick is by far my favourite at the moment and must have for anyone out there who is after a new shade! I haven't stopped using it since I purchased this either. Every single day I've been using it - long gone the usage of my Mac lippies in exchange for this baby! 

The quality is incredibly good and it has surprised me because I was a bit unsure when I bought this that the quality may not meet my expectations. But since the launch was over in America originally and there was no way to really see these lipsticks in person apart from Youtube videos or just basing what I see in the adverts online. 

It isn't always easy to distinguish what you see in photographs and videos as the product may be completely different in your own hands. So I went in for the kill and just ordered one (not because the packaging is beautiful... okay maybe that too!). 

In general I find that their matte lipstick's formula incredibly firm but it isn't dry and it's very high definition. Due to it being matte as well Pretty Vulgar's lipstick is also super saturation too which accomplishing long lasting coverage on your lips. Also delivering hydrating oils and butters so that your stay fresh and beautiful. 

There is also 7 other shades available and I purchased "Back Stabber" which is this lovely dark red with a tint of fuchsia thrown in for good measure. It's a bit darkeron your lips compared to the photographs shown on their website I think but it's near the same colour.

I love this shade either way and I think it goes amazing with all my current summer outfits. I feel extremely confident and gorgeous every time I apply this colour. I just think it's perfect. 

I would definitely repurchase this lipstick and probably a couple more from Pretty Vulgar now that I am aware their lipsticks are great quality. Plus I have been eyeing their liquid lipsticks too and I really want to give those a try! Hopefully they are just as decent as their matte lipsticks. 

In terms of the price range for Pretty Vulgar's items is fairly good I think especially for what you get in return. I would say it is no more expensive than Mac and NYX at best. 

Mascara - £18.50

Lipstick - £18.50

Now I would like to know what do you think of Pretty Vulgar so far? Would you buy anything from this brand or not?  Thank you for reading!


Here Is Why You Will Adore Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer!

If you are already a hardcore Benefits Cosmetics fan then perhaps you already know about the new launch this month featuring three different concealers. 

But for those who don't you are in for such a treat! As Benefits Cosmetics have released their Boi-ing concealer with a whole new pretty pink packaging design along with the Boi-ing Hydrating concealer and lastly the product being the Boi-ing Airbrush concealer which is new to the Boi-ing Benefit Cosmetics family. 

Now this is actually the first concealer I have purchased from Benefit as I usually just opt for their eyebrow products if I am honest. But since I was running out of my favourite NYX concealer I thought I would give something else a try and after seeing other bloggers reveal the new Benefits Cosmetics concealers - despite falling in love with the adorable packaging, I thought I would give the new Boi-ing Airbrush concealer a run for its money. 

My skin tone is always a bit of a nuisance when it comes down to foundations because not only am I fussy with the formula as my skin type is very oily in general. But then there is matching and my skin has a yellowish tinge so sometimes I find products look either too light or dark on me which is annoying.

I already knew right away that I would have to get this product in the No. 3 since No. 2 after trying a swatch of it in store was a bit too light.

I thought that No.3 was far more ideal and I am glad I went with this choice in the end actually. It's a perfect match!

So I have been using this past week during my usual morning make up routine, I find the formula extremely creamy but also holding silky tinge to it as well. It's fairly light which is what I really like about it and smoothing some under my eyes I noticed that it isn't as dry looking compared to other concealers I've used in the past. 

Some I have used from brands such as Maybelline or Sleek but they have been either too patchy, flakey with bits of crumble coming off or chalky. You can imagine how pleased I am with this concealer though... 

Although due to the formula's coverage being only subtle it won't cover amazingly huge circles but just enough to make them not as obvious.

Also having tried some on my blemishes over on my forehead and chin I find it does the job fairly nicely which is exactly what I am after when I purchase a concealer. I like them to be not too cakey but just enough to make my flaws look minor at best. 

So for the price of £17.50 I do think that the new Boi-ing Airbrush concealer is worth the money but only if you would use this on pretty much an everyday basis more or less.

It's handy for work to keep in your handbag for when you need that quick top up in the loo or at university on days where you have those killer early morning lectures but perhaps you don't want to give away the obvious to your tutor that you stayed up all night partying. 

Then there is if you are like me and can't be bothered to put on a face of make up so a dap of concealer over your tired is the way to go for when you want to just nip to Tesco! With the way I'm going with this concealer it will probably be gone by the end of next month... 

You can purchase here on Benefit Cosmetics official website or over at Boots where they retail it there as well. 

But what do you think of the new Airbrush Boi-ing concealer? Would you give it a go? Let me know! 


Want To See Whats On My July Beauty Wishlist? Come See!

Ah so here we are again... make up, more make up and even more make up. But can a lady really have too much? Nah, not really! 

So what exactly is on my July wishlist this pay day? Well for one there is so many gorgeous new products out right now that it was very difficult for me to even choose. Also is it me or is make up packaging just becoming cuter and cuter these days? Compared to a few years ago there was still lovely packaging around but nowadays everything is looking better than ever!

Still though I have managed to narrow my pickings down and here I have popped up my favourites from different brands. 

2. Mary Kay - Baked Heart Blush

3. Nailsinc - Unicorn Face Mask

4. Miss Patisserie - Rainbow River Bath Bomb

5. Pixi - Peel And Polish 

6. Estee Lauder - Double Wear Foundation 

7. Too Faced - Hangover Setting Pray

8. Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat Glow Shot

9. Ciate - Bamboo Bronzer

10. Becca Cosmetics - Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss

I really adore these themed face masks by Nailsinc! They even have a bunny and deer one too but the unicorn one has my heart. I'm slowly starting to love the unicorn trend thats going on at the moment as well. I usually buy my face masks from Skin Food or Tony Moly which are Korean brands and they do cutesy type of masks too. 

Plus I have yet to even try the hangover primer by Too Faced but the setting spray is more ideal for  me I think because I tend to use them more. 

Also Miss Patisserie has definitely caught my eye in these passing weeks, everything I go into Boots I always have a nosey at the range. I love how they're vegan and all their products are made with natural based ingredients. They always smell amazing! I reckon they will possibly compete against Lush in the future too. They're within the same price range too so it isn't too bad. 

These are just a few things I'm craving but I would like to know what it is you currently want too! What are you lusting over this month or planning to buy? Please share!


The Prettiest Surprise! Introducing Patisserie De Bain Body Mist Sprays

It was a lovely shock when I received this adorable package from Patisserie De Bain the other day containing four of their new body mist sprays. For those who do not know Patisserie De Bain is a British brand located in Yorkshire where they creating wonderful unique bath, shower and body care products with a very Parisian bakery touch to their products. 

I have written a few other posts regarding Patisserie De Bain previously about their new hand creams and other new releases late last year for those who are curious about this brand. 

The new sprays come in the scents "Sugared Violet", "Strawberry Cupcake", "Sweet As Cherry Pie" and "Cranberries and cream". All of them smell beyond incredible too! My favourite is probably Strawberry cupcake and Sugared Violent as the Strawberry Cupcake scent is very sweet which is my preferred scent.

But the Sugared Violent reminds me of those old sweeties Parma Violents you would get in a pick n' mix as a kid! It just brings back a lot of memories - sweet old nostalgia (literally!). 

How gorgeous is that packing though? It's super cute! I love the pastel rainbow theme which links in perfectly with the products. 

As for the product itself within the bottles I find that these sprays now having used them over the weekend since receiving them.

They last probably around two-three hours in total which isn't too bad for a body mist as I do expect them to wear off quicker than a regular perfume. 

These are quite ideal after getting out the shower or just to refreshen yourself up during the day more so than anything. 

These body mists retail for £6.99 each which is an ideal price for the amount, long lasting delicious fragrance and can be purchased from the official Patisserie De Bain online store or at your local Superdrug