A Few Of My January Favourites & Repurchases

30 January 2017

So I thought I would make a post based on some of my current favourite finds this month as I have been looking around at some new things to try while keeping within my budget and some items I've repurchased because I just love them so much. I would recommend trying certain products out as they are old favourites and worth the money. 

Revolution's Ultra Palette Golden Sugar Version 2

I really love the gorgeous blush, bronze and highlight Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar in the second version. 

It's absolutely perfect for my everyday make up routine and I originally had the first version too but I opted for the second this time to give this one a try since the colour palette is fairly similar but this one is more neutral in comparison to the first with the wild highlights. I have already tested out this palette's colours and I am extremely pleased with the results.  

The palette itself is highly pigmented with bronzers, some merged bronzers and blushes also highlighters are included too. The quality is brilliant and I found that they last hours on end. 

All the products from the Revolution collection are all reasonably priced and this palette was only £6 which is a total bargain! 

Milani's Rose Shaped Blush

Now I know these Milani rose shaped blushes have been out for a while now and I am a wee bit late investing in one but it was more of a whim type of buy. I just bought it for the sake of it and I have used it a small amount - I was surprised the colour chosen is "warm petals" and it's such a lovely toasty hue. 

I do not really want to keep using it because I love the pattern so much but it's great quality and brings life back into my cheeks. It's perfect for a more natural glow and suitable for all skin tones in my opinion. The blushes come in other shades too and I purchased mine off Beauty Bay for just £9. 

NYX Matte Finish Spray 

I've grown fond of the NYX matte finish spray ever since I saw it in one of ItsMyRayeRaye's videos over on Youtube. She has such flawless make up all the time and when she said that she used this product as the final finish to her looks I knew I had to invest. It's only £7 and can be easily bought online or in Boots. 

I do own other finish sprays from such as Barry M, Avon and the powder versions from Maybelline, Too Faced and Rimmel London too. 

But I am set on using the NYX version instead as I find it does the job far better than the other products I own and when I apply it with just a couple of squirts it does not make my foundation run compared to Avon's version which always made my foundation blotchy afterwards which was so annoying. So I think I will definitely continue stick to NYX's finish spray! 

Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

I usually bounce around back and forth with primers since I can never really decide on a favourite. But I recently repurchased this one from Revolution (yes another Revolution product!) as I really like this one, it's cheap and I find that it gives me good results with my make up. 

It's a fantastic primer. It's silky smooth, I really love applying it actually as it feels so nice and creates an excellent base for foundation to look amazing for an extended period. My skin is naturally quite oily and this primer works very well. 

With this one my make up stays on the whole day looking surprisingly fresh. However I dont like and it is the fact that this product is pumped up with paragons.

Protip: apply in small circles to blur any out pores.


I am over the moon for the new Valentines day collection by Lush! All the products are so beautiful. I went in the other day and was in awe at the new gorgeous bath bombs, I was going to buy a ton of them but honestly I decided I probably wouldn't even use them all and I just decided to buy this beauty called "Cupid". 

The scent is a mixture of rose and violets but I can smell possibly a hint of raspberry in there too. To me it smells more like bubble gum than anything else. It's very sweet but the smell is quite dusky and light so it isn't that overpowering. I can't wait to use this! 

"All In Good Taste" - Kate Spade Novel

I kept seeing this novel "All In Good Taste" floating around online and with me now being a total Kate Spade fan I thought I best buy this book. I love reading anyway and it is nice to have a break away from the screen everyday and again. Reading was one of the key things I did growing up, I never stopped reading and it's nice to get back into the habit again. It's a change. 

I found this novel to be quite a fun, inspiring book. Each page is more beautiful than the next! I adore the photography and quotes. It's very chic. I'd recommend this for anyone who loves traveling, photography and fashion. It's perfect for graphic design inspiration and it makes quite a pretty prop for my pictures too. 

Although much of the content was gravitated towards big-cities, such as Chicago and New York. It's still worth a read though. 

There are so many lovely, easy and fun ideas in there. As to be expected from Kate Spade, there are great quotes, great book reading suggestions and overall this book is so visually pleasing.

What are your favourite beauty favourites this month? Have you tried any of these products yet?


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