A New Year Calls For A Good Start: January Goals

10 January 2017

I should probably start setting myself some goals each month (probably to make my life easier) but I suppose as a challenge just to see what I can get done and as a way to keep myself in line. 

Since I have time before the next semester of university starts I want to get as much done as possible. That begins with my wardrobe, it's an absolute mess and every time I open it I either feel shame or groan at clothes falling out. I may end up decluttering and having a good sort out for clothes I want to keep or sell.

I really need to get into a routine of only purchasing clothes I need or really like not just anything old thing I see on the hanger that I know I will probably hardly ever wear. 

Also I must start to take my time learning not to stress as much, less distractions and to keep away from toxic people. A good start to the year is to empty your mind of all the bad thoughts, keep positive with a healthy perspective and as I tell myself regularly when I feel hopeless just to "keep going". I'd like to think this year will be one of the best ones yet! 


  • Try to at least post blog posts on a regular basis, open up and express myself more in posts allowing others to get to know me as a blogger

  • Get back to the gym! (all the mince pies, baileys hot chocolate and chinese food won't burn off by its self!)

  • Rearrange my desk space - I'm getting awfully bored of it now and I feel as if I want to go down a much more girly direction

  • Remind myself to get a trim this month... start getting back into the hang of making hair masks from scratch again

  • Start using my diary more!

  • Finally sort out my make up collect properly and invest in a decent beauty organiser

  • Sell all the shoes I am no longer going to wear! They're clogging up underneath my bed and there is limited space left

  • Spend more time with my mum

  • Sort out my desk drawers (I own too many things...)

  • Create some beautiful pieces of typography for my desk space

What are your goals for the the start of the year?



  1. Good luck in all of your goals! I really get the wardrobe thing - I always buy things that I think look good but I'm not really passionate about, and seeing as I'm such a clothes hoarder I've now got an overflowing wardrobe that needs clearing out. Hopefully we can both overcome this!

    Lizzie Bee // hellolizziebee.com

    1. Thank you lovely!

      Me too! Its such a naughty habit isn't it?! :) Ehehe we can xxx


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